When your taste is for Success, why your recipe is for Failure?

Everyone wants to be successful at work, career, professional or personal life; but few get it and others not, despite their best intentions and efforts. Often, we relate success and failure to stroke of luck or destiny. We have innumerable examples of many CEOs or top managers riding high and then gliding down. We tend to believe that as inevitable.

So what is behind such bizarre situation, most of us face? Why do we face varying degree of wins and losses?

Here are blatant facts:

Your recipe is seldom compatible to your taste

Your focus is always on the end result; but hardly on the route to get there. How many of you plan and choose your ways, mend your methods mid-way and change your course to come on the road which leads to what you want? I have not come across more than 3 to 5% of people, who would really take this seriously.

It is not that what you select initially would give you necessarily intended results. Therefore, you must constantly evaluate, talk to your seniors or well-wishers and be flexible to mend mid-course anything that is needed, rather than clinging on.

So, never be afraid of making mistake; but be agile to make amends or even take a U-turn.

You concentrate more on spices than recipes

Your natural leanings are for thrilling and glamorous yet easy jobs. You often suffer from “neighbor’s syndrome” or “follow friends” and believe that others have it easy and exciting, having no clue of their real story. In the process, you unsettle your mind and find it difficult to enjoy what you have in your hands and translate into a success.

You believe that having being qualified (and experienced), your path to success should be simple, straight forward as well as spicy, which is rare and hence you resent, rather than being resilient!

Your patience could be poor or pathetic

What are fashionable now are fast fixes and fruits! If you do not get these, you would be quick to throw the towel. Your thin patience is a sure source of your troubles.

Unless you go through drilling and building your fundamentals, knowledge and insight, be tenacious and toil at work, you cannot get success or even if you get it, same would not be worth it!

You may have Wishes; not Will Power

When it comes to wishes, you would have a plenty; but your will to execute these is scanty!

Is not a simple plain fact that unless your Doings match your Desires and Dreams, how would those become realities? It is unfortunate that more than 90% of people have too wide a gap between Wishes and Will. Their intentions are sacrosanct; but implementation is sordid!

You have loads of Perceptions; but lack of Convictions

Most of us have lot of ideas on what we should be, what can be done, what would make us click, what is good, what others should do…. and all sorts of opinions, based upon our perceptions. But, we are generally empty in conviction and courage to carry these forward, convert into execution and deliver results.

Many of us are painfully poor to deliver what we perceive and promise. We tastefully think that things would come on a platter to us.

Your Mind can drive you Mad

Our mind tends to react spontaneously, when something goes wrong or awry. Decisions based upon 1st reaction of mind are normally negative. At the time of crisis, we mistake such mental reaction as our gut feeling or instinct. This can lead to problems. Journey to success would always have ups and downs, pleasures and pains. People often fall prey to their mental reaction and that messes up what you have accomplished that far.

So, whenever you face an issue or a barrier, just observe reaction of mind; but do not act. Take a pause and analyze – is that a part of process or an error of your earlier judgment. If it is former, counter and if it is latter, correct.

Also, your mind would always drive you on road of least resistance and most comfort. Beware; it can indeed be a bad road and hence, shun it, if your consciousness says so. Do not be afraid of hardship and hard landings; these may eventually land you on healthy success.

Your role may differ; but most rules to success not!

Except for local irregularities, our world is flat. So, do not think that what applies to successful personalities like Bill Gates, Carlos Slim or Michael Dell will not apply to you and vice versa. Rules for securing success are same universally to the tune of 90 to 95%. Learn what is the recipe of theirs or others, including your boss or leader, if they are successful. This is very crucial for you. You cannot fail, if your recipe is right.

Therefore, you need to be daring n doer and don’t be in defeatist or denial mode or mood.

You be the Master (Chef)

You can follow your role models, idols and learn; but remember, you have to eventually cook your own recipe for success; no one else can! While you follow others, avoid temptation to become slave and not master. One of the most serious problems with us is that we know we should drive and we perceive also that we are driving; we are actually not! We are slave to our habits, notions and traits. We will allow events to overtake and overwhelm us; perceive that we are dolls in the hands of destiny and refuse to understand that actually destroys us!

So, you need to be your own Master!

To conclude, nature has given man only 2 choices – Succeed or Fail in whatever you do. No one sensible would like failure. That leaves you with only one option – Learn the recipe and cook your success to relish n rejoice!


12 responses to “When your taste is for Success, why your recipe is for Failure?”

  1. murli Avatar

    Transferred from Facebook – Ashwin Aher commented on your link.
    Ashwin wrote: “Sir, It is wonderful to read all articles on this website. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.”

  2. murli Avatar

    Transferred from Facebook – Maria Gandhi commented on your link.
    Maria wrote: “very nice 🙂 true… thank you for reminding :)”

  3. Rudra Avatar

    Well, just when I was in a kind of dilemma about how to respond to this awe-inspiring post of yours (:D), the last para – “You be the Master (Chef)” solved all my predicaments.

    Many would not want to agree but I myself don’t quite believe in following others whatsoever (that will definitely turn ME into doing some slavery if not for others) instead, believe in cooking my own food with my own recipe… doesn’t matter if I succeed or not, but at-least I’ll be happy that I followed myself and nobody else… but with a little bit of flexibility of-course rather than being stubborn in my thinking!!

    “you need to be your own Master!” sums-up the post in the most prolific manner!!

    Another good one… please carry-on!!

    Cheers!! 🙂

    1. murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate and thank you for sharing your views. It is great that you are self-confident and have faith in yourself. It demonstrate your potential to cook a recipe for your success!

      Just remember one thing – a real Master learns all the time. Keep learning from successful and well-meaning people from past or in the present. Success would chase you!!

      1. Rudra Avatar

        Yes, agree! There’s no harm in learning from others or getting inspired for that matter… problem arises when you try to imitate somebody and try to be like them without knowing your limitations – do best what YOU can, and not what OTHERS can…

        Thanks for your exhaustive responses! 🙂

        1. murli Avatar

          Very true! Imitating others is actually not a learning; it is just an illusion!!

  4. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn
    Devaraj Jawahar has sent you a message.
    Date: 8/29/2012
    Subject: RE: When your taste is for Success, why your recipe is for Failure?

    An excellent post … best is I like the title a lot – how well fitting it is!..
    Keep it up …


    1. Murli Lohia Avatar
      Murli Lohia

      Your feedback is very illustrious and important!

  5. Anup Mazumdar Avatar
    Anup Mazumdar

    Dear Sir,

    Hope you are doing well.
    It is very nice to see an endorsement of my belief “Never be afraid of making mistake; but be agile to make amends”.

    It is a very difficult to belief to live by when in a leader role, but also something which a leader should impart to the subordinates so that they become successful in their current and future roles.


    1. murli Avatar

      Many thanks! I am doing well.

      It is great that yr belief stands vindicated!! If yr belief is true, you would not only fill yr own role; but also make your sub-ordinates to do same.

  6. Kaushik Avatar

    Dear Mr Lohia,
    Although these are oft repeated golden words but are often forgotten by most of us. So they have come at the right time and place.



    1. murli Avatar

      I indeed appreciate your valuable views! Thanks a lot.

      By the way, you have brought out an important aspect – “Forgetting what is good for us is part of that recipe for failure!”

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