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Excerpts of what people have said and written about Murli M. Lohia

David N. Farr, Chairman and CEO of Emerson, St. Louis, USA on 29-Aug-2011
“Your strong vision, energy, passion, commitment and dedication to creating the Emerson Process Management Engineering Center in Pune has had an enormous impact on this company’s global success in expanding and serving our Process Management customers. I know that we would not be where we are today without your enormous passion and commitment to make EEEC the best engineering centre in the world…”

John Berra, Former Chairman of Emerson Process Management, Austin on 23-Aug-2011
“You can also reflect on the countless engineers whose lives you have touched. You not only gave them a good place to work – you gave them valuable coaching and mentoring.”

Jack Frazier, CFO of Process Systems and Solutions in Aug-2011
“Murli, over your tenure, you have touched so many lives and brought so much value to Emerson. We are indebted to your perseverance, leadership, work ethic and astuteness in business.”

Dr. Randall Ledford, CTO and Tom Snead, President PSS, Emerson USA expressed in Nov-2003
“You are truly an inspiration to us all.”

T.K. Misra, Director Siemens Ltd, Mumbai wrote on 26-June-1997
“Besides his technical knowledge and expertise he displayed a very sharp business acumen with a commitment to customer satisfaction and bottom line for the Company. He has a long range vision of the business and has the zeal and dedication to motivate his team….”

Mr. Hebestedt, Group Director of Siemens AG, Germany told of him to J.R. Birla, Managing Director of Birla Corp. in 1980’s
“You have awarded to us a prestigious order for a very new technique of process automation and we, in turn, are putting for your comfort our pearl to manage it.”

Rudolf Zins, Senior Director of Siemens AG told industrial audience in a seminar at Hyderabad, India in 1980’s
“He is the Pope of Cement Industry process automation and control.”

Devendra Dixit, Director Human Resources, Emerson India Corporate wrote on 8-Dec-2011
“In a broader sense you live the life and win the souls of whoever comes in your contact and you almost controls your own destiny as against our chasing and confronting the life, at every moment and on each turn. How do I describe you? A visionary or person with wisdom of life or philosopher at best or excellence at par or may be living legend or a successful professional living Bhagvatgita… I don’t know. And it is not only me but my wife also thinks the same way.”

Posted by Arun Sadhashivan, Consultant in Holland, at Tom Peters’ site on 27-Aug-2005
I learnt some of my best lessons in business from my first boss – a man called Murli Lohia in India, when I worked for Emerson Electric.
He once told us that we in the company – a startup division of Emerson – were a family. At the time I thought it was BS (I was 21, cut me some slack!! 🙂 ).
Now I realise that that lesson – treating employees like members of an extended family is probably the most sublime truth and requirement of any organisation that wants to achieve success.

Murli M. Lohia – Bio

Murli M. Lohia is a core corporate management professional, business and human behavior analyst and scientific researcher in physics. His diverse expertise emanates from his experience of more than 44 years with leading multinational organizations, extensive travel around the globe, direct interactions with people from diverse culture and creed, host of industries and institutions in more than 30 countries and relentless research work.

He is the founder of 2 companies:

  • Enterprise Management Consulting Co (EmC2)
    It is engaged in Corporate and Social development and reforms, giving a new dimension to Leadership and People Management.
  • Scientific & Human Research Academy (SHRA)
    This is dedicated to path breaking research to unravel secrets and mysteries of nature, universe and human life & behavior.

From July 1997 to early September 2011, Murli M. Lohia was Head and Vice President of Emerson Export Engineering Centre (a unit of US multinational corporation – Emerson, St. Louis in USA) in Pune. This unit is the 1st global best cost engineering centre of Emerson outside of USA and was set up by him from scratch. He had driven hard for its substantial horizontal and vertical growth. This centre has achieved about 39% compounded annual growth (CAGR) during his tenure of 14 years. It has now more than 1000 employees and is serving major customers across the globe in the fields of Oil & Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Pharma & Biotech and several others.

He introduced entirely new techniques of leadership development, mentoring and people management at this centre, which turned to be highly successful and effective. Looking at astounding success of this centre, Emerson Corporate Management asked him in 2002 to set up another centre in Pune for product design, development and engineering. He planned and commissioned this centre in record time. This centre is now known as Emerson Innovations Centre and is also very successful.

Prior to above, from Aug 1978 to June 1997, he served German multinational giant – Siemens’ Mumbai headquarters. During his stint as General Manager Projects, Murli M. Lohia brought in substantial growth for process control & automation business and introduced several new control techniques in a number of domestic process industries. He was instrumental in establishing Siemens India’s relationship with Engineering and Project Contractors (EPCs) and Process Machinery Manufacturers in USA and Europe.

Besides above, he spent first 7 years of his career, from April 1967 to August 1974, with Digvijay Group of Companies having manufacturing units near Jamnagar, Ahmadabad and Mumbai. He innovated and introduced several new process control techniques at this unit to improve product quality. He also brought in a new order of relationship with factory workers and improving their lives. Within a short span of 2 years of joining, he became head of Electrical and Instrumentation departments in the group’s unit near Jamnagar. In Aug 1974, a Swiss multinational company – Holderbank (now known as Holcim) invited him to become head of instrumentation department in their Indian consultancy offices at New Delhi and Patna. He served this company for 4 years, during which time he promoted entirely new concepts of Process Automation and Centralised Controls of several cement plans in India.

Murli M. Lohia is a graduate electrical engineer with Honours class from M.B.M. Engineering College at Jodhpur, Rajasthan in India. In 1962, he developed great passion for physics and strong desire to unravel the secrets of nature. Therefore, he wanted to pursue full time scientific studies and then research; however, under family pressure, he agreed to go for engineering. Nevertheless, his passion did not diminish. Since then till today, he has devoted nearly all of his time other than official duties and family matters, to carry out extensive study and research of quantum mechanics to cosmos.