About Site

On the most of public or private platforms, we keep hearing “Change”, “Importance of Change”, “Change is life” etc. Celebrities would proudly say “The only constant in Universe is Change”. But, majority of the people do not have an idea, any clue what they need to do to change to go from where they are today to where they want to be!

This site “Change Your Ideas” is about giving you ideas to transform your thinking, changing your ideas, changing your perspective to bring you nearer to what would actually work for you. You might be amazed to see how you crave for success; but in many cases, your recipe is for your very failure.

Most of us know what is good for us; but very few actually follow or follow it partly. Why? This site would reveal to you WHY it is so. It would create a natural choice for you to do what you know as good.

Majority of leadership programs across the globe have a big (black) hole. These tell you what you are and what you should be. The most attendees of these programs are unable to fathom what exactly they need to do to change or enhance their leadership qualities. The results often create more euphoria than leaders. This site would share ideas and thoughts with you what exactly you need to do to get there, be an effective leader.

Keeping the foregoing to the foremost, the site is:

  • For YOU
  • To fire your imagination
  • To make you see what you don’t, though it is all under your own nose
  • To help you understand your immense strengths
  • To unleash the hidden – both good and bad
    Unless the bad is also unleashed, it can’t convert to good
  • A recipe for your success as
    • Leader
    • Professional
    • Technocrat
    • Individual
    • Artist
    • Author
    • or any other
  • You don’t want success or failure; o.k., it would tell how not to go down, decay or degenerate!
  • To carve out your growth and development
  • To show you path to rediscover your talent and redefine your priorities
  • To help you accomplish what you desire
  • To unravel secrets and mysteries of nature and life