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  • What drives you – Incentive or Inspiration?

    What drives you – Incentive or Inspiration?

    Instantaneous response of majority would be that Inspiration is at the back of their drive; but in reality, it is Incentive! Lot of people loves game of tambola (housie). If prizes of cash money are taken away, who would then like to play this game? Probably, none! So, is it liking for tambola or love […]

  • Is your future or fortune predefined; can same be predicted accurately?

    Is your future or fortune predefined; can same be predicted accurately?

    Biggest worry of a man is his future – what would or can happen to me or those dear to me! This worry converts into curiosity. Deep desire in predicting future or fortune has led to development of several subjects or techniques like astrology, palmistry, numerology, zodiac signs, tarot reading and several more. Practitioners of […]

  • Why majority fails at finishing lines!

    Why majority fails at finishing lines!

    Higher the stakes, higher are the possibilities of failing to strike! Increase the expectations, increased would be the probabilities of exceptions and errors!! World Cup 2014 for football is over; but regrets for missed chances of Lionel Messi, one of the top most rated players in the world, to strike against Germany in the final […]

  • If your New Year resolution fails to fructify, it is borne out of a ritual or fashion!

    At the stroke of 12 midnight of 31-December, we want to show our affinity to what is good, our passion for what is positive and rebellion against what we perceive as bad! Once euphoria of the event ebbs, our penchant for pious and positives wanes. Our routine rigmarole and rituals resume. We start alternating between […]

  • Your Notions, Perceptions & Traits could be Crippling, unless….

    13th day of a month falling on Friday or 13 as a number is ominous and sends shrills and shivers to many across the world. Many aircrafts do not have 13th row of seats! But, 13th Friday or 13th number has often worked for me and many more! People, who believe that does not work […]

  • When your taste is for Success, why your recipe is for Failure?

    Everyone wants to be successful at work, career, professional or personal life; but few get it and others not, despite their best intentions and efforts. Often, we relate success and failure to stroke of luck or destiny. We have innumerable examples of many CEOs or top managers riding high and then gliding down. We tend […]

  • 7 Mistakes most CEOs make!

    When going is good and company is on growth trajectory, CEO is like a God. His/her word or action is sacrosanct and beyond challenge. Board of the company, shareholders and media are all praise and plus for him/her. And, then comes the down slide. This is the story of most CEOs worldwide. There are very […]