Is your future or fortune predefined; can same be predicted accurately?

Biggest worry of a man is his future – what would or can happen to me or those dear to me! This worry converts into curiosity. Deep desire in predicting future or fortune has led to development of several subjects or techniques like astrology, palmistry, numerology, zodiac signs, tarot reading and several more. Practitioners of such techniques claim accuracy of these. They believe future of every individual is already defined from the time of birth! Leave alone individuals; they include company, community, city or even country in their forecasts for future e.g. date and exact time of a country’s independence plays a key role in determining its progress or perils!

Would it not be a wonderful idea, if a scientist can know in advance outcome of his/her research; a student can know in beginning of a year the result of his/her examinations or a company can know how would its balance sheet look like 5 years from hence!

Fallacies around foretelling!

If anything can be predicted accurately, it does mean that it has been predefined. If that be the case, then a student foretold about his success should get it, even if he does not study. But, that would not work! If a businessman has been told that he would make lot of money in the running year, then he should earn it without even doing business. Again, that looks impossible.

It clearly implies that your future is not predefined. All of foretelling techniques demand that you make efforts as usual – sweat, toil or take risks. Whatever you would do, outcome would be either success or failure. These techniques seem to just pick one of the 2 probabilities.

Few years back, one of my relatives told me about a doctorate scientist, who also practiced astrology as his hobby and made very accurate predictions. I requested my relative if he could arrange my meeting with him. When I met him, I requested him to tell me what exactly is behind astrology and is it really scientifically sacrosanct?

He told me confidentially that when he meets his client, in first few sentences of conversation, he is able to, by his gut feel or instincts, figure out his/her strengths and weaknesses. From astrology, he has learnt how to relate some tendencies of events, which happens to a person, by positions of planets. He was not sure whether there is any scientific truth behind that. From these 2 aspects, he arrives at his best judgment (or guess) and conveys it to client as forecast of his future!

Technique of “future or fortune telling” seems more about the way of telling it!

Does it sound weird? But, it is true!

If you closely observe, you would find 2 characteristics invariably in what you are foretold – (a) one who tells does it very confidently and (b) language used is such that it can be interpreted more than one ways.

Eagerness or anxiety to know future is a mental weakness. So, above way of foretelling is most likely to go down in your head firmly and easily become your belief. If you are told that this year is not good for your health, you would start noticing how often you are falling sick, forgetting how often you are feeling well. Your conviction in what has been foretold makes you conscious and that becomes the onset of more issues. Even if you are not falling sick more often than prior years, you would tend to believe it so!

You fail to fathom what is “Now or Present”; so how can you figure out future?

Now, this is for real! This is scientific!! Be open to believe it.

No one can ever state what is “Now or Present”! “Now” can only be experienced; but cannot be told!! By the time you get ready, however fast, to tell what is now, it becomes past!!

Everything that you tell is actually a past. So, where comes future from? Science i.e. physics has not been able a get any grip of future so far. All mathematical calculations, astronomical observations or thoughts about future that we contemplate or comprehend are permutations and combinations of past images or information!

Here is a new revelation from my research – “There is nothing like Future that exists at this moment or now!” None of scientific experiments has been able to find future. Yes, it can talk of current trends or tendencies and compute what and where an object would position as the time passes by. Note that it is a computation by mind or math.; but not a future by itself. Feeling of future comes when we migrate from present event to next event; but it does not mean the said next event already pre-existed as future!

Classified Conclusions

  • There is no place in Universe, where “Future” is located or has been predefined.
    Therefore, to claim that future can be foretold is not correct.
  • 100% of what we talk or discuss is “Past”!
    Past is nothing but images or information stored in our brain.
  • Now or present tense can only be experienced.
  • Past brings pleasures and pains; highs and lows!
    But, it is present that makes you happy and hopeful!!
  • There is nothing like future.
    It is just a term, which we use to define our thoughts which did not exist in our past; but we use our past to create such thoughts!
    One can only assess or compute probabilities and trends for upcoming events, which we construe as future!!
  • What we think, do or experience now determines what would happen next, which we call as future!
    Nearly all of us have very coarse knowledge of what are we thinking and doing now!!

So, we need to live by and know “Now” to fathom the “Future”.


4 responses to “Is your future or fortune predefined; can same be predicted accurately?”

  1. Vibha Jain Avatar
    Vibha Jain

    Dear Sir,

    In Jain religion, it is defined that everything is predefined, and since it is predefined, our mind thinks in that direction only what is going to be happened. So our thoughts and actions together gives outcome what is predefined.

    For e.g. my reply to your article was also predefined on this date and time. so I opened my email account, and from your email I read the article and then I decided to reply you.

    It doesn’t tell someone to try to know your future or believe on astrology. It tells to do your “karma” and rest all we should leave on our destiny.

    Since it is contradictory so I would like to know your opinion.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views!

      I highly appreciate the point you have raised. Before I share my thoughts on this point as requested by you, I must state that I have deep respect for freedom of everyone to choose and follow a particular faith or religious beliefs. I would not like to challenge the same.

      If everything is predefined, including say your above views, it would imply that you have no control over your thoughts or decision to do Karma; something else like destiny or else is controlling the same and guiding. I assume that you might have had some views on my last or some previous articles, though you did not write. But, to this article, you are kind enough to decide and write. Does it mean that some thing else is prompting you to write some times and not do that another time; you are not allowed to have any choice?

      Yes, it is correct that we should do our Karma; but leave the rest to destiny means what? What is the rest after Karma? Does Karma not cover the most of our life? What perhaps it means is that do Karma; but do not be concerned or anxious of results! Please refer to 3rd para of the article. If things are predefined, then those should happen without doing anything or Karma; but that never happens!

      No one including science has so far found any evidence that how, where and why fate or destiny has been predefined. To my knowledge, most faiths do say or imply that good or bad result is a direct consequence of “what you do”. It does clearly mean then what matters is “what you do” and your mind has a role in determining that, which is good and sensible!!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    Well, at-times it appears as if everything is planned, predefined… and then sometimes it seems we got to carve our own destiny!!

    If you think positive (future), positive will happen and vice-versa. Yes, it very much depends on the way of telling or thinking the ‘future’. I think we can replace the word ‘future’ with ‘result’ here. Good deeds, good thoughts will reap you good result and hence good future and vice-versa. Again, it’s all what you think or want to think… (State of Mind??)

    Your past determines your present and your present will determine your future, isn’t it?

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views, which have triggered my additional thoughts! You have a good way of thinking!!

      Fact that future or fortune appears predefined or planned sometimes but not at other times is nothing but our own illusion.

      Post talks of future as “time to come” – what science calls it as flow of time from past to present to future and establishes that at this moment, “time to come” does not exist which would appear and become what we would visualize and experience as “present”!

      It does not look like that present is deterministic only from past and future from present. Past has influence on present but it is possible that one may not allow any impact of past through his/her thoughts and action.

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