Why majority fails at finishing lines!

Higher the stakes, higher are the possibilities of failing to strike! Increase the expectations, increased would be the probabilities of exceptions and errors!!

World Cup 2014 for football is over; but regrets for missed chances of Lionel Messi, one of the top most rated players in the world, to strike against Germany in the final match are not over. Imagine the burden of extremely high expectations not only of his own country Argentina but whole of Latin America Messi was carrying on his shoulders, when the final was kicked off! Look at the hype and high pitch, which are raised for players and their preparations in the preceding stages of any important sport’s event!! But, when the D-day  or D-line comes, dreams of many don’t come through!!!

I have witnessed several projects and initiatives in corporate world, where team manager and members make a great beginning; but bugger it up towards the end. My observation is that errors which are found in any work normally are introduced during last 10 to 20% part of such work! “Finale fatigue syndrome” seems to bug nearly whole world.

So, despite best of intentions and implementation, it is usually difficult for most to cross finishing lines free from faults! However, let us not forget there is always one winner among many losers!

Faults at the finishing lines

Phrase that “Way you start would also be the way you would finish” does not seem to be true at least in present age. Both phases of start and end are crucial to emerge winner.

Here below is what seems to happen to most during finishing stages:

  1. Complacency
    When the end is in sight, we think relaxing a bit is right! We start to take things as granted. Some become over-confident that it is now bound to pass through successfully. This is when most mistakes are committed.
  2. Cold feet
    Many projects, initiatives or competitions are accorded high priority, top importance and are closely monitored. Performers and new faces are generally more under pressure to perform.
    Often, people develop nervousness or cold feet during concluding stage either thinking about consequences of failure or missing the deadline or day-dreaming of rewards from their success.
  3. Hypocrisy from hype
    What is hyped invariably invites hypocrisy!
    There are programs or events, which are highly publicized and hyped by media. It has been seen that such attention and coverage swing minds of participants or performers towards either under confidence or over confidence and even arrogance. This does result in accidental but fatal flaws.
  4. Loss of focus
    When the work is arduous, repetitive, long or high profile, people develop fatigue especially towards final stages and hence lose focus. Their performance deteriorates and is nowhere near how they began.
  5. Lack of awareness
    It has been observed that lot of people don’t appreciate the importance of finishing or concluding well. There are many, who plan execution well but are casual or callous on testing, checking, documentation or finesse in finishing!
  6. An element of quantum theory, strangely though, at work!
    There is one of the elements of quantum theory and its remarkable Copenhagen Interpretation advanced by famous scientist Neil Bohr and 2 others, which states that any process or event gets disturbed from its original state, when it is under observation.
    So, if there are many eyes watching an event or work at the finishing lines (it can also be other stage of event or work; but we are normally more excited about finishing lines), the ability of participants or players would get impacted and results would alter compared to what it would have been, in case it were not be observed or watched by those many minds! This may sound weird; but it is very subtle, solid and sacrosanct!! Nature indeed works that way.

Overcoming stigma of finishing

As mentioned before, there is always one winner among many losers. It is best to emulate what he/she does. A winner obviously does it differently; that is why he/she wins.

  1. Though every stage of work or event is important and should be well thought and planned, put maximum emphasis on finishing. You need to detail out what all you would do during finishing, visualize possible surprises at that stage and your strategy to tackle. Don’t ignore your weaknesses or limitations while at crucial stages and resolve to overcome the same.
    Once you have done planning on finishing, simply focus on same.
  2. Though you should be motivated at all stages of work or play, save your extra energy, euphoria and enthusiasm especially towards end.
  3. Regardless of publicity, prestige or price at stake, it should be life as usual for you! Never flow with the pitch of external sources. Focus on your job to deliver a fault free performance.
  4. Very important to remember is – “work is worth doing, only if you are able to deliver satisfactorily and you can do that only if you conclude or close it right”.
  5. Believe that winning is not an end; but a stepping stone for subsequent wins! Make winning as an obvious and not an option for you!!

So, what do you think? Would above not make you to always finish first, without fault but with flavor?


6 responses to “Why majority fails at finishing lines!”

  1. Ashwin Aher Avatar
    Ashwin Aher

    Thanks a lot sir, once again…!!! I can relate it to several incidents I have experienced. Ofcourse your suggestions would help to overcome it now.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I appreciate your precious views and ability to relate this post to your actual experience!

      I am sure that with your initiative, you would do very well.

  2. Venuka Deshmukh Avatar
    Venuka Deshmukh

    Thank you sir for this article.I was always thinking that I have some problem and have never finished any work with same enthu as I started but I was very happy when i read “Finale fatigue syndrome” seems to bug nearly whole world. I am not an exception in this …

    I am working on a very important project right now and your suggestions will surely help me to FINISH it sucecssfully.
    Your suggestions have always been of high value to me .and as always try to learn from every article of yours.
    Thanks Sir.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views and kind words!

      I would be very happy, if points shared in this article could be of value to you. When you are focused and determined to finish it well, you would surely do it! Believe that you have great amount of energy!!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    Yes, “Fatigue” is the word!! Could be the physical fatigue, emotional fatigue or ‘State of Mind’ fatigue, and the winner eventually I think is one who faces less amount of weariness relatively.

    I think it’s better to bifurcate your work/project/goal into small targets (not too many), and then take and finish one target at a time – with same enthusiasm, same passion.

    Winning is surely not the end. Win something, and then use that thing as base to win another thing – and repeat.

    Assuredly, I am always gonna finish first now, and that too with flavor!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your complementary views!

      Fatigue comes from conflicts of thoughts. Unless people reduces conflicts of thoughts, they would bot be fresh or focused.

      Wish you the best in your endeavors!!

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