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  • Materialism always matters to man, since at its root is mathematics!

    Materialism always matters to man, since at its root is mathematics!

    Do you know why sane and saintly advises to shun materialism have proved to be futile always? It is plain and simple – seed of materialism had been sown by mathematics and mathematics is integral part of our life and therefore, it can’t go away in practical life; in ideal life – possibly! Money, modern […]

  • Why majority fails at finishing lines!

    Why majority fails at finishing lines!

    Higher the stakes, higher are the possibilities of failing to strike! Increase the expectations, increased would be the probabilities of exceptions and errors!! World Cup 2014 for football is over; but regrets for missed chances of Lionel Messi, one of the top most rated players in the world, to strike against Germany in the final […]

  • Everyone wants to be Short and Sweet; but how to be!

    Universally, everybody agrees being short and sweet works well; but he/she often lands up being long and lingering! There are 2 schools of thoughts – one believes in being comprehensive and second puts its faith on being concise. Former invariably tends to become complex and then, people generally repel or react. Latter, when overtly conscious […]

  • Why same medicine works but in new wrapper!

    Don’t mistake that meaning of title is same as “old wine in new bottle”; it’s much more! I had recommended one of my relatives a medical doctor to get treatment for her IBS problem. The doctor did not appeal to her and as things would have it, she did not find medicine prescribed to her […]

  • Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

    This could come as a surprise to you; but research reveals that caption statement is not a mistake! This is not a rule, which applies 100% of time; but does apply most of the time. Action of masses being on wrong side is a high tendency and perennial probability. Look at the examples, which prove […]

  • Monumental Mistake many make by not quitting at correct time!

    Humans are infested by inertia and love to do what they have been doing. One fine day, they start facing issues, crises, stagnancy and decay. Often, the cause their troubles is that they had stuck around the place way too long and ignored the signals their surroundings were giving to quit and seek change! It […]

  • Color of one’s Blood does not change to Blue, simply because he/she comes from Famous Family, Company or College!

    Look at the people of Companies, Communities or Countries; one common thing that one would notice is lot of hype and awe for those, who come from well-known families, companies or campuses! Is that justified? Is there any rationale behind? Answer is big “No”, if we talk of 100% of cases; probably valid only in […]