Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

This could come as a surprise to you; but research reveals that caption statement is not a mistake! This is not a rule, which applies 100% of time; but does apply most of the time. Action of masses being on wrong side is a high tendency and perennial probability.

Look at the examples, which prove the Truth of the Moment.

What masses tend to do

  1. Triangular love n hate
    1. If you are not happy with your boss, you would start loving his bête noire.
    2. If you get hurt by someone (even when you are at fault), you lean towards one who gives you healing, even if he/she fakes or falsifies.
    3. If you see flaw, right or wrong does not matter, in the party in power, you would flirt with another sitting in opposition.
  2. Masses getting swayed by superstitions.
  3. Person with power, position, popularity and/or prosperity gains prominence among public and press, even if his persona is poor!
  4. Fiery and flamboyant communicators are always construed by companies and communities as leaders!
  5. Everyone loves those companies giving handsome salary hikes, shops giving hefty discounts, governments giving tax exemptions, even if it means these establishments going bankrupt and everyone paying a higher and heavier price later!
  6. Majority does not like to prevent or pre-empt, since it wants to experience pain before it could recognize problems!
  7. Facing a setback; find a scapegoat first.
  8. In grip of surprise and suspense? Hold the breath to become breathless!
    Why not exhale the breath to enjoy much more?
  9. Hopes and happiness are matters of external forces. So, hopes of most are on God and happiness on spouse or bosses!
  10. One, who could touch your pain point/s and suppressed sentiments, becomes your role model, even when he has no model solution or charismatic character.
  11. One (gentle) man from a crowd start throwing stone or bottles at public property, rest would follow suit, with no clue or qualm why they should do that!
  12. “Number of tweets admiring a Beauty” can only be outnumbered by “a wave of tweets unleashed by complains of a twitter friendly netizen (net citizen) on defects in a (beauty) product”.

There are many more examples on what masses do across the globe!

Why mind of masses tends to go wrong?

Mind is not always right, especially when it comes to collective effect of minds of masses. The paradox is it is the masses, at the same time, which has power to make or break countries, communities and companies.

  • In 90% of cases, first reaction of mind is never right, since it just a reaction, without rationale, to an action, which mind experiences. It is analogous to Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion! Masses tend to act of 1st i.e. spontaneous reaction of mind!!
  • Majority of individuals has insecure feeling, as it lacks inherent strength of character and intellect. This makes most individuals to look at neighborhood i.e. they are overwhelmed by Neighbor’s Syndrome.
  • When emotions get evoked, it is very easy for our mind to get engaged and polarization of opinion happens at fast pace.
    These emotions + polarization of opinion thereby lead to what is known as “Mass Mentality”. It also, now, makes it clear that what masses follow is not based upon any logic or rationale!

How to keep your mind on right course?

  • Watch out for mass hype, hysteria or heroism. Most of these would be hypocrisies and lure you, because of illusion; these are able to create in your mind. Wise thing would be to shun these.
  • Roads most traveled look tempting; but these would not be free from rough patches and erosion! Your fear that you would miss something by not following those roads is false.
    So, be bold to follow routes, less traveled. You would discover new experience and confidence.
  • The world that you see starts from you and would end with you. So, why should others drive and impact you and your world? You need to drive them. You must observe, listen or hear and learn from others; but develop your own conscience and consciousness.
  • There is one aspect, which you need to tread carefully –
    The faith you follow would always have elements of masses and mythology, dogmas and doctrines. But at the core, all faiths favor “Help everyone; but hurt no one!” Disregard its adulterated version, if you come across. If you keep this simple principle at the apex level of all of your responses, you would do very well.

With above, you can master the Mind and Masses; not the other way round!!


12 responses to “Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!”

  1. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    Martina Scholtzova has sent you a message.
    Date: 3/07/2013
    Subject: RE: Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

    Very well written & a very nice blog, thank you for sharing Mr. Murli 🙂

    Keep doing the great job!

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am enthralled and encouraged by your valuable feedback!

      I am inspired by your message. Thanks a lot!

  2. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    From: []
    Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 9:35 AM


    Subject: RE: Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

    Dear Sir,

    Very Good morning.
    Wonderful articles straight hitting on the nails….
    They have tremendous power to address issues, give directions and help. Thanks a lot and words cannot appreciate it enough Sir!

    I feel myself fortunate to get grooming precisely on these deeply thought lines. It’s only my personal ability to bring those in practice in true sense and I am there! No falsification, just the truth.
    I am sure it is a long way to go. I wish you witness something along with me I have been experiencing and see the things ahead of just limelight, and you will be surprised to see that we are on the same lines.

    Best regards,

    Shirish Ratnaparkhi | +91-20-67047423 | +91-9890093439 |

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very impressed and inspired from what you have expressed. Your views are valuable and thanks a lot for the same.

      I am pleased to know great strides you are making. I do wish that you grow a lot and be a distinguished individual! Your dedication and diligence would pay you rich dividends.

  3. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

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    Amol Pande has sent you a message.
    Date: 3/08/2013

    Subject: RE: Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

    Very true Sir,

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your confirmatory note! I greatly appreciate your interest.

  4. Bhushan Shinde Avatar
    Bhushan Shinde

    Pin Point !!!! its more a Life coaching then a management one …thanks ML sir ..

    1. Murli Avatar

      Very illustrious views! I am very thankful to you!!

      Could I share one thought which is crossing my mind at this time? Management is part of Life; but most don’t view it that way because of narrow focus. Addressing Management aspects alone would and has never helped!

  5. Rudra Avatar

    Well, it isn’t a surprise at-least to me!! I never seem to like or follow what the Mass likes, be it a personality, life-style or anything. But at the same time, I do think that if a big bunch believes in something, it’s got to be correct at-times. Majority wins as they say!!

    I also somewhere believe that if a mistake is consistent and constant, it doesn’t remain a mistake anymore. I am sure you would like to correct me here!! 🙂

    One thing here though that hit me is – your this very post says “In 90% of cases, first reaction of mind is never right” and consequently we should stop reacting quickly. Whereas, if I remember correctly, one of your earlier posts “Amazing-facts-behind-1-2-3-go” stated – “If you want to achieve success and make a difference, you have to be 1st time doer most time and follow this rule very faithfully!”. It also stated that if you react immediately to a situation, that would be the best and efficient reply.

    I personally believe both theories help – both situations, but need a confirmation and guidance from you.

    What I think is if it’s your domain, within your bandwidth, you can take your own sweet time and respond efficiently. But if it happens to be out of your scope, just react to your very first instinct and do it. Doesn’t really make sense to waste time on something that’s out of your realm…


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your thoughts and comments!

      The result of research presented in this article has not surprised you; but is has surprised many or most! So, who is right?

      Some parts of your thoughts indicate that you are on one side and also believe the opposite might be true. That’s what masses do, though truth or right has only one side! Your thoughts that “majority wins; what is consistent and constant is not a mistake anymore” is what masses follow. Then, please evaluate 12 examples in post on what masses do on and on (there are innumerable number of more examples). Which one you believe at least out of these 12, where masses are right? Please advise.

      It may be a good idea to go thru earlier post dated 15-Dec-12 “Amazing facts behind 1-2-3 & Go” on home page of If someone hurts you, your 1st reaction of your mind could be let me beat him up! If you really want to beat him, you would do it at 1st instance and you may later discover it was a bad idea! If you go to 2 –> 3, most probably you would have started thinking that it is not a good idea to beat and decide to let go with warning or advise not to do it in future. So, this rule works. But, the essence of rule or law in this post and earlier one referred here are very different. Here we are talking of 1st reaction of mind, which is never a conscious choice and therefore, 90% of cases, it may be wrong. Earlier one talks about action at 1st instance – remember action is always a conscious decision! So, the both rules can’t be put in same bracket.

      As regards last para, “things not being in your domain, react to your 1st very instinct” is not likely to be a good idea. One then needs to learn or seek guidance, before choosing to react!

      1. Rudra Avatar

        I think the more I read it, the more its getting clearer to me… 🙂 there are certainly some differences between the two posts!! 😛

        But anyway, something to learn from each of them… something different. But it’s not going to be clear enough until we face these situations personally or been through it… we learn by experiences, don’t we!! And I am yet to experience a lot of things.

        And while I am writing this, I am again going through your post, deeply…

        Thanks for your incessant sharing!! 🙂

        1. Murli Avatar

          Thanks a lot for your very candid comments! The deep interest, which you have, would indeed help you to learn a lot!

          One thing for sure I can say. All of us are going through examples related to these 2 posts, on a routine basis, daily. You are already experienced enough. You would be able to observe these!

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