Tag: Perennial

  • When were good leaders in good number?

    If good things were to be in good number, that would go against the rule of nature! This could be surprising to most; but is real! If we turn any page of history, we would discover that there were always calls for better leaders, as the ones present in societies or companies were not good […]

  • Paradigm shift needed in Roles & Responsibilities of Bosses for better employee relationship

    Bosses or supervisors are usually bête noire or disliked class in eyes of most employees. Everywhere you would come across phrases like – an employee does not leave a company; but leaves because of boss or supervisor! On the other hand, there is lot of material, training, coaching and development programs across world to improve […]

  • Truth of the Moment – what Masses follow is mostly a Mistake!

    This could come as a surprise to you; but research reveals that caption statement is not a mistake! This is not a rule, which applies 100% of time; but does apply most of the time. Action of masses being on wrong side is a high tendency and perennial probability. Look at the examples, which prove […]