Why same medicine works but in new wrapper!

Don’t mistake that meaning of title is same as “old wine in new bottle”; it’s much more!

I had recommended one of my relatives a medical doctor to get treatment for her IBS problem. The doctor did not appeal to her and as things would have it, she did not find medicine prescribed to her effective! She switched over to a better known doctor. She got impressed with the manner new doctor attended to her and new medicine prescribed to her started working wonders. Later on, I discovered that composition of new medicine was exactly same, but manufactured by another company under different brand name!

Above is a literal example; but there are innumerable examples with similar implications in corporate and civic lives.

Why “what works for you” falls apart!

It is a common story that companies start or sponsor new initiatives with fanfare. Initially, there is euphoria and excitement and good result. However, over time, these lose sheen; start to give poor or negative results. That is the time, company management would think of recasting these initiatives, restructuring or some may even rename these (hypocrisy though; but true) and give them a new lease of life!

Here below are reasons why “what works for you today” do not work tomorrow:

  • Fractured ownership
  • Overdosing, leading to reaction and resistance
  • Monotony messing up your interest
  • Loss of confidence
  • Conflict of interests

In above situations, it would be futile to hang around with current practices or prescriptions; a change becomes inevitable.

When things fall apart, you become fragile and feeble

Under crisis, companies, communities, countries and common men become gullible. Everyone under crisis is in a state, when lot of proprieties or prudency is thrown to the wind!

When you are sinking, even a straw coming in your hands creates hopes.

History shows that it is usually under crisis, be it economical, social or cultural, new themes, theories or jargons surface and catch fancy of most, even when these are derived from same good old ideas but repackaged to give a new look!

So, when you lose confidence in face of a crisis or conflict, even namesake change would be very convincing and help you to bring your conviction and courage back!

So, ever green prescription of “Be Conscious in what you think or do and bring continual Change” was newly packaged at one stage to trigger everyone’s imagination to “think from outside of Box”, then to “think out of the Box” and now “think from edges of the Box”! Most management and employees are unable to fathom real difference in 3 reincarnations of same box; but, new terms are exciting to them!

In the face of current global economic crisis, a leading consulting firm has coined importance of term “Ambidexterity”, which means your ability to manage 2 opposite aspects or situations – internal and external environments of a company, managing today and tomorrow, handling from left and right….When you are gullible, you would not even ask – is “Ambidexterity” not valid even without crisis, so as to avert a crisis?

Some management experts are talking now survival of Fastest rather than of Fittest. On the face, it would appeal to those facing problem of survival! But, then why Fittest would also not be the Fastest? If organizations are fastest but with weak fundamentals, these would falter in any case! So, when there is trouble around, new slogans would keep propping-up! It is intellectual bankruptcy of those who put icing on same idea and then present it as new idea to the concerned people!!

What can make prescription work most times!

Suggestions and solutions work on most either by their cosmetics or contents. Best strategy is to blend both!

When it comes to cosmetics, which works as a new wrapper, follow following 5 Ws:

  1. Way it is told
    Manner in which it is told makes a huge difference! So, always say it with sincerity and simplicity but with conviction!
  2. When it is told
    Timing is of terrific essence. Coincide it with events overtaking people and match it general moods.
  3. Whether one can relate
    Best of ideas and advises fail, if the recipients cannot relate. Translate what you want to present or implement in practical and physical terms, rather than making it abstract. People must be able to relate these to their real life.
  4. When it is needed
    It is like giving water to thirsty or striking iron when it hot.
  5. What can create impact
    One needs class or charisma to create instant impact. What also stands out is credibility with audience. But, don’t be surprised that position or power of one can influence or impress (unfortunately), even when ideas are idiotic!

Now for Contents which can remain constant, device or do what would:

  1. Be a minimum energy and effort model.
  2. Break comfort zones and conventional ideas.
  3. Build excitement and engagement.
  4. Bring customer delight and employees’ drive.
  5. Build flexibility and frugality.

With above Bs+Ws, you can always have best of Both Worlds!


4 responses to “Why same medicine works but in new wrapper!”

  1. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    Dilip Saangle

    Director Engineering at Forbes & Co Ltd wrote on Sunday, August 25, 2013 5:08 PM

    Thank you for sharing the blog, really apt to current situation.

    1. Murli Avatar

      It is my pleasure! Many thanks for your feedback!!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    Really liked the 5 Bs and 5 Ws (power of ‘B’oth ‘W’orlds) 🙂

    I also have had some literal medicine experiences that I’ve come across… so I think wrapper does make a difference… 😉

    Interesting post… thanks!

    1. Murli Avatar

      It make me happy that you liked it!

      Your literal experience only supports the realities and illusions, we face in our day-to-day life!! Many thanks for sharing your experience.

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