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  • Deep impact of media, machines and medicines defining you more than your mind!

    Deep impact of media, machines and medicines defining you more than your mind!

    Mantra of modern times, which most of us are apparently unconscious of, seems to be that media, machines and medicines have a dominant role in man’s life and role of his mind may diminish! Various forms of media (social, TV to print), machines and medicines (3Ms) have taken a place next to only divine and […]

  • Creativity and Innovativeness come, when we kill fear and create freedom!

    Creativity and Innovativeness come, when we kill fear and create freedom!

    All of us need to be a good manager, supervisor or go getter; but that alone is not be good enough to keep us going. After a certain point, we experience a level of saturation, things appear to have come to a plateau or we face a knot. What was motivating becomes monotonous; excitement ebbs […]

  • (de)Merits of Multi-tasking!

    (de)Merits of Multi-tasking!

    Source: http://www.flickr.com/ Most believe that multi-tasking is more efficient than doing single task at a time. General perception is that you can do it faster through multi-tasking and quality can still be achieved. Human mind is such that it is always loaded with multiple thoughts. It is rare that only one thought is crossing our mind […]

  • Can Intuitions or Instincts make our judgments free from errors?

    Everyone relies on what we call as our intuition, instinct, inner voice or gut feel and act on same. But, is that a right thing to do or there is better way to make judgments or decisions? This is the question, which impacts everyone in everyday life! Critical moments and crucial decisions put everyone on […]

  • How can you tame and translate your troubles/problems into opportunities!

    Without exception, all leadership disciplines and discourses delve and coax you to see opportunity in very problem. You agree and resolve to do so; yet, you keep getting troubled and overwhelmed by problems. You helplessly watch one problem bringing another and make you more frustrated! Why is that all leadership, sane or saintly advices keep […]

  • Why we confuse Coincidences as Calls of Heaven!

    I started my career in a cement manufacturing company. There was a major breakdown of main electric motor of a kiln, seriously impacting production. My department head was very upset, because all investigations done did not reveal the possible cause. Within few weeks, there was a fire in electrical sub-station. The head suddenly noticed that […]

  • Why 360 degree Evaluation has more Pitfalls than Prizes!

    Everything has its pluses and minuses; so does 360 degree evaluation system! Feedback is always good and welcome; but the systems and methods of giving the same do not necessarily serve us well. It is also not that its pluses and minuses would be equal in number or magnitude. 360 degree evaluation or assessment has gained mass […]

  • Like to be a real Leader? Create Contemporaries & not Followers!

    Not sure, which subject is as extensively covered worldwide as “Leadership”. There are floods of articles by acclaimed to amateur people, development programs by management gurus, spate of theories, case studies and jargons on leadership. That shows its enormous importance and emphasis of top order. However, all of these have only created euphoria and excitement; […]

  • Mind Boggling Law – State of our Mind shapes State of things to come to us!

    Don’t be surprised, this is indeed one of the greatest laws of nature! Scientists, philosophers, faith/community/corporate leaders or Gurus have yet not been able to get a grip of this law. Therefore, you would find sporadic mention of same but no systematic explanation and description through all means and media!! Very often you would read […]

  • Color of one’s Blood does not change to Blue, simply because he/she comes from Famous Family, Company or College!

    Look at the people of Companies, Communities or Countries; one common thing that one would notice is lot of hype and awe for those, who come from well-known families, companies or campuses! Is that justified? Is there any rationale behind? Answer is big “No”, if we talk of 100% of cases; probably valid only in […]