How can you tame and translate your troubles/problems into opportunities!

Without exception, all leadership disciplines and discourses delve and coax you to see opportunity in very problem. You agree and resolve to do so; yet, you keep getting troubled and overwhelmed by problems. You helplessly watch one problem bringing another and make you more frustrated!

Why is that all leadership, sane or saintly advices keep going for a toss?

No one wants to live with problems; but everyone keeps them alive!

Let us face the bitter truth – nearly all of us live with large gap between our lip and life! Knowingly, no one wants to prompt a problem; but unknowingly, nearly everyone ends up promoting one.

I know of several people, who have unwittingly started liking the company of problems and troubles. On a given day, if they have a smoother ride, they feel uncomfortable or unusual and get itch to involve in some ruckus!

Perfectionists see problems in most things; picky ones get troubled by a drop from their hat! And majority does not have patience to pursue problems further. So notwithstanding complete dislike, people resign to live with problems. I would attribute such scenario to 3 main reasons:

  1. Living in comfort zone of either sympathy or excuses, which people elicit when in trouble.
  2. Inertia to change.
  3. Lack of definition of the problem or inability to do so.

Do not be surprised, majority falls in 3rd category! We like to live in gray zones and make ourselves believe that we are not part of the problem!!

Sources of major troubles/problems

  1. Non-acceptance of things or people as they are; in other words non-acceptance of realities
    Most people are perpetually engaged in questioning what is real. They would not accept what has happened. If an employee has performed poorly, boss would nag and needle.
    By such attitude, you only throw suspicion or make a person feel guilty, instead of encouraging a remedy or resolution.
  2. Miscommunications
    Many people suffer due to inadequate or inaccurate communication. If bias gets developed between supervisor and sub-ordinate, you and your spouse or beloved, first casualty would be communication!
    If we sit to analyze, we would be aghast to see troubles, communication causes!
  3. Being judgmental
    We are best lawyer for our mistakes and best judges for others’ mistakes. Then, mistake or no mistake, we derive pleasure in passing comments.
    Vast majority has tendency for presumptions and creating perceptions, which could be often false or bereft of facts.
  4. Desires disproportionate to what you deserve
    Simple fact of life – you don’t get what you desire; you can only get what you deserve. Yet, we would put our greed above God!
    It is very easy to create wants; but you also create worries in same proportions at the same time!!

Paradigm shift a must for how you perceive a problem!

Despite all advancements in education systems, knowledge areas and management programs, there is one fatal flaw – coaching for how problems should be perceived. Here below is what needs to be understood:

  • It is good that a problem surfaces; otherwise, it can cause damage beyond repair! Hidden problem is like body ailment, which if remains undetected can turn out to be much more problematic with associated side effects.
    So, never get put-off or panic when problems crop up.
  • Do not defer a problem or trouble that you face to heavenly hands!
  • Problem must be defined! If you cannot do that, take help of a mentor or doctor, a teacher or preacher.
  • Neither like nor dislike a problem! This is most crucial.
  • Just observe and be conscious of problem or trouble that exists.

When you follow the above, you would automatically discover a good or effective solution. It is a mystery; but at the same time a reality! Try it; but do this sincerely. Never fake around it.

Normally, there is illusion that by breaking head, you can break open a solution. You do not; you do it when you become just an observer, even when you are the affected person! Biggest benefit from addressing your problems is that you definitely emerge as a better person!

Opportunities are created, when you reach root causes!

When you recognize, define and observe a problem, you can find its solution. Moment you find a solution; you can and must take one further step – to understand causes at its roots.

Root causes are where your opportunities lie! You are losing in stock market or on your investments; know the reasons and you can create a winning streak. That is how Warren Buffet has risen to be one of the wealthiest persons. All areas related to remedies or resolutions of root causes constitute your opportunities. Pick any or all and you can design your destiny.

Is the necessity mother of inventions? Think over! Necessity creates an unfulfilled urge, which is nothing but seen by us as a problem. So, necessity is mother of a problem!! And problem is the mother of inventions or innovations!!!

If we dive into depth of how internet and wireless technologies have evolved as an example, we would discover that it is passion to solve one problem after another, which has led to such innovations and created unprecedented opportunities for all of us.

So, if you have problems or troubles, then you can know root causes and if you know root causes, you would discover an ocean of opportunities!


6 responses to “How can you tame and translate your troubles/problems into opportunities!”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    I think we should deal with a problem as if it’s not there… just try to live the situation and the problem tends to take care of itself. I know it will be difficult but worth giving a try!!

    I’ve usually experienced that most of the things we term as “problems”, don’t last too long!! But when you allow yourself to get into these minor problems, it then aggregates to a major one!!

    But yes, for few of those actual bigger problems (should not be many in a normal lifetime), we have to deal with those the way you suggested… 🙂


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your views!

      Most problems or troubles that people face are because of mishandling of a situation or their own deficiencies. If you live as if problem is not there or allow it to disappear on its own; would that not be a very passive way? How would you improve and emerge better? How would you take advantage to convert problems into your opportunities?

      We do need a paradigm shift how we view problems or troubles!

      1. Rudra Avatar

        Hmm… yeah! That’s correct as well! But I didn’t mean mishandling of the problems, what I meant was you should not give unnecessary worth to a comparatively minor problem, which you know is going to lose its existence in near future. If you start thinking seriously about each and every so-called problem (which could have been solved with minimal efforts), you might end-up in a bigger problem, which was not actually a problem in the first place!!

        For e.g. very insignificant cases like your car broke down — it’s a minor maintenance and its done, you weren’t able to finish your work today — you come back tomorrow and finish it, you forgot your friend’s birthday — apologize and clear it… these for me, in a perfect world, are not problems at all. But if you keep thinking and cribbing about these minuscule mistakes, you may end up in BIGGER problems in which case, your post would be a real eye-opener… 😀

        1. Murli Avatar

          Many thanks for your additional views!

          Correct; one should not take problems unduly seriously. It is important for us to know that problem would be small to begin with and then become bigger. So, it is good to be conscious whatever they are and address. As an example – if you have forgotten friend’s B’day; heaven will fall on earth but if you discover that you don’t have good memory or system to remind you of events, then chances are that you may forget to be first to greet your spouse on marriage anniversary or miss an important appointment with your management. So, even small problem does create an opportunity for you to emerge better!

  2. Neepa Avatar

    I totally agree that problem is a mother of innovation, Many a times I think world moves due to problem. It is a main driving source for many of our activity, May be with a positive mind frame word problem changes to challenge or opportunity.

    Many a time if you see very closely it looks rally jumbled and can not find the way out to solve the problem but if you have birds’ view the perception of the problem is totally different and may become easy to solve.

    1. Murli Avatar

      You have got it very well! I appreciate and thank you a lot!

      Yes, a positive frame of mind changes the whole perspective and gives you power to resolve.

      It is also true that if you remain part of a problem, then you can’t solve it. You have to put yourself apart and then tackle.

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