How to save and make your day!

There are days, when you get up in morning with weird feelings and cannot figure out what is wrong. Events, which unfold on such days, keep you on the edge. You do not see most things going right; get a feeling that time is slipping out and opportunities being squandered by you!

There are other days, when you wake up excited. Looking outside through your bed room window, you find grass is greener, sky clearer and things looking brighter! Suddenly, optimism dawns on you.

What exactly changes on above 2 sets of days? Most people falter or fail to fathom; consider it as part of life or luck!

What can you do, when things and time are slipping from your hands!

You would commonly observe one or more of following happening, when you believe is a bad day:

  1. Your mind is pre-occupied with some disappointment, distress or delusion.
    May be that you had a bad dream early in morning.
    This state is purely because of your past emotions. Stop doing anything for few minutes, move away from other people and go deeper in your thoughts to find out what thought is bothering you. If you can do something about it, do it now or fix another time when you would do that. If nothing can be done, drop it from your mind. If may reappear; drop it again.
    Learn one thing, past emotions are no more than a newspaper, which you have read and its value is no more than a scrap! Initially, you may find it hard; but eventually, you would get a grip.
  2. You are over-anxious to get something; but it does not come through.
    So, you feel irritated or infuriated.
    You need to accept the fact that what makes you anxious cannot be an asset for you. So, why bother if it is not with you, irrespective how dear it may be to you. Actually, you should correct your perception that it is dear to you; you are actually obsessed with it. More obsessed you are more obstacles you would face.
  3. You commit one mistake after another and hence, getting very frustrated.
    This can only happen, if you are mired with past. Take a break, shake your head and observe that you are doing only what you are supposed to. Be clear with your past – good or bad, that these are images recorded in your mind. Playing or replaying these images is absurd. What actually bothers you always is emotional part of these images. Give importance to only information part of these images; because that is your knowledge. Use it only when you need!
  4. You are under fire from your beloved or boss.
    Just take the fire, return smile and tender apology, even if you were right, for doing something he/she did not like and putting him/her to inconvenience. You may find this difficult to accept and do. But, try by heart and see the miraculous impact. What people see as a loss would be your win.
    It would be divine, if you do this with your sub-ordinates. Don’t fall prey to belief that you would belittle yourself; you would actually boost your image.
  5. You are in a rush!
    You cannot imagine gaffes you commit, while in rush or huff!
    You can only do certain no. of things in a given time. If time available to you now is shorter, look at what you can cut down or do it later, rather than compressing too many things for the last lap and then skip important ones like your meal, prayer or saying bye to your beloved, if you are rushing for work only to discover you have forgotten something or too many red signals on road!
  6. You do not get what you desire!
    This is bunk!! Learn one fact of life – you would always get what you deserve; not what you desire. Accept to what you get and then you can delve for more by becoming more deserving.
  7. Your efforts failed!
    You can fail, only when your efforts are not good enough. May be that you don’t know what is good enough; don’t hesitate to take help of someone, who can mentor or guide you.

Now, to make your day!

Can you convert following as your 7 habits?

  1. Set a goal, which you want to go for.
    Even if you are not clear now, set something and modify it, as you go further. A life without goal is like a day without sun!
    Every day, wake-up to one resolution that whatever you do, it would be in direction of your goal and an incremental step, however small that could be.
  2. Make “being happy and healthy” as mission of your life.
  3. Believe in self; but never blame yourself.
    You can do what others on earth can; it is just a question of finding right way to do it.
  4. Be focused and never give up what you chose or are given to do.
  5. At least do one thing each day, which would be a cause of joy to your boss and bête noire alike.
  6. You are bound to slip; but that would make you sound.
    Detect your slippages as early as you can and be flexible to plug.
  7. You have been gifted with unlimited possibilities; unleash some now!


8 responses to “How to save and make your day!”

  1. shreya Avatar

    Amazing article Sir! Found it really helpful.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback! I am glad that it’s useful for you!!

  2. Neepa Avatar

    I really liked your sentence “Past emotions are no more than a newspaper, which you have read and its value is no more than a scrap! ” and Make “being happy and healthy” as mission of your life” . If you get the first right happiness may follow and followed by health.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Excellent pick from the post!

      Your understanding is hitting bull’s eye. Yes, if you can manage your emotions correctly, it would make you happy and health would then follow!!

  3. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury Avatar
    Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

    Dear Mr Lohia,

    An absolute gem of an article. Resuming your series of life changing discussions, this helps when your chips are down!

    1. Murli Avatar

      You are very welcome! I can’t thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and views!!

  4. Rudra Avatar

    hmmm… interesting post… and it would be exciting to apply this in real life scenario.

    You penned down a lot of precious suggestions and one would be more than obliged to follow these word by word!!

    I just wish if I can at-least follow half of the points to its core… it would do wonders for me!! 🙂

    I will… thanks!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      I admire your views and feedback. I can’t thank you enough, as these are inspiring for me!!

      I am sure that since you have will to make endeavors, you would get there for sure.

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