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  • Secrets behind why happy-go-lucky people are usually healthy!

    Secrets behind why happy-go-lucky people are usually healthy!

    By happy-go-lucky people, I don’t mean those, who are thick skin, carefree, care-the-less or who appear to keep themselves aloof from pain but not from pleasure! I am referring to those people, who keep themselves happy and able to manage their stress well! I am sure that you know some happy-go-lucky people. To understand what […]

  • How can you tame and translate your troubles/problems into opportunities!

    Without exception, all leadership disciplines and discourses delve and coax you to see opportunity in very problem. You agree and resolve to do so; yet, you keep getting troubled and overwhelmed by problems. You helplessly watch one problem bringing another and make you more frustrated! Why is that all leadership, sane or saintly advices keep […]

  • Perfection promotes Problems!

    There is something seriously wrong about our ideas for Perfection. Not sure how many are conscious or clear what to attempt, when they suggest or swear to be perfect! Also, be cautious to understand rationale behind the above caption – it does not imply “imperfection is to be inculcated”. This applies to companies, institutions, and […]