Deep impact of media, machines and medicines defining you more than your mind!

Mantra of modern times, which most of us are apparently unconscious of, seems to be that media, machines and medicines have a dominant role in man’s life and role of his mind may diminish! Various forms of media (social, TV to print), machines and medicines (3Ms) have taken a place next to only divine and being incrementally developed and designed to influence/control human mind!! Ironically, you are using your mind to do it only to lose control on very same mind!!!

What does this trend mean to all of us?

How Media, Machines and Medicines (3Ms) are redefining our life!

Past 20 years or so have seen exponential and explosive growth of 3Ms. Strides made in these 3 fields have armed us with voluminous data/information, vast connections with known or unknown people in every nook and corner of world, variety of means to communicate and express our views, enormous computational and analytical abilities and extraordinary diagnostics and medical treatment of most ailments. Advancements made are really remarkable!

Silently but solidly, 3Ms have and would redefine most aspects of our lives. These have crept in our routine like a duck entering into water and most of us are either oblivious of the same or have not even tried to figure out what it means to us and our future.

With no bias, let us objectively understand how past 20 years have redefined us:

  1. Human touch has been largely replaced by screen/key touch.
    Look around at airports, public or private places; more than 80% of people are busy with their mobile phones or notebooks. A very small percentage of people are engaged in conversation.
  2. Our life style and slang have undergone a sea change. Physical values are more predominant than moral values.
  3. Qualitative aspects have been steadily losing to quantities, when it comes to information/data, friendship, relationships, communication etc.
  4. We spend more time in virtual world than in real one.
  5. We rely now more on external monitoring and controls of all sorts of our body functions than internal understanding and management.
    Already, we have several wearable electronic devices for above and several more are on their way. There is no data on what happens to human mind and body, if such devices malfunction.
  6. Images and texts are incrementally clouding our ideas and thoughts.
  7. Media is shaping our perceptions; machines and medicines are shadowing our personality.
  8. Machine calculations and analysis have perished our mental math and analytical abilities and short cut to medicines has cut short our natural body immune system!

Predictions for how things would reshape in next 30 years

Several organizations are working hard to crack new dimensions in fields related to 3Ms. Leading scientists and technologists are predicting and promising to reshape human life in next 30 years. The most notable among them is Director of Engineering at Google Inc. Ray Kurzweil, who is also a well-known inventor and futurist. Here below are the projections:

  • In 2020s – Most diseases would disappear from our planet. Nano bots would become smarter than medicines and normal human eating would be replaced by Nano systems!
    Driverless cars would take over the roads.
  • In 2030s – Virtual reality would start to look real. We would be able to upload our mind/consciousness.
  • In 2040s – Non-biological intelligence would become billion times stronger than biological intelligence.
  • Around 2045 – We would be able to link neocortex of our mind, where our intelligence in believed to reside, to synthetic neocortex in the cloud and enhance its power billion times!

Intensive R&D for above is being carried out in the back drop of few hard realities. No one or science seems to know – where does mind reside in our brain/body; what is consciousness; a disease free world would mean much longer life span (How long – 100 years, more or endless?), in that case what happens to social and ecological balances; what can we accomplish by billion or even million times more intelligence and to what level we want to push our life eventually?

Unanswered questions!

Technological and scientific advancements have been leaving trail of unanswered questions:

  1. By and large, primary agenda of those funding such R&D and advancements is to gain power, popularity and/or profit through business under pretext of improving quality of life and creating new opportunities.
    How far it is prudent to undertake such activities, whose prime movers are power and profit but implications are overwhelmingly social, psychological and environmental?
    Gullibility of public to exotic dreams and devices offer excellent market to businessmen and politicians. Is it not being exploited with no consideration to moral and ethical values?
  2. How few minds could decide and develop something to be put in public domain, which can potentially impact few million minds?
  3. Should the blue print of scientific and technological advancements for public domain not debated and deciphered by a larger group of thinkers and scholars, after evaluating all side or after effects?
  4. How can we tinker with nature and mind, without understanding what these are and how do they function?
    Blatant truth is that science is riddled with fundamental puzzles and paradoxes and does not know what is space, time and life!
  5. One suspects that we are in a vicious cycle of solving a problem only to create another!
    Is direction for new developments right?

So, one thing is very certain – 3Ms have deeply influenced our mind and we have mindlessly compromised our originality and consciousness! It is high time that we become very mindful of what 3Ms can do or undo!!


16 responses to “Deep impact of media, machines and medicines defining you more than your mind!”

  1. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    How about predicting man women interactions? Gratification needs met through tailor made androids . The female androids may have an on board DNA analyzer that uploads the information to a bio factory where the original or enhanced version of the information can processed and created on local bio printers that prints out the babies in your home with the printer singing Happy Birthday and Congratulations music in sequence!!

    1. Murli Avatar

      Very interesting question and information!

      Yes; this is one among many more exotic predictions. Imagine the consequences, when emotions and free-wills are mechanized!!

      I am very thankful for your observations.

  2. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury Avatar
    Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

    It seems to be summing up the thinking of my generation and older people in general about the way human life is being affected and in fact being exploded with 3Ms.

    We have already known that everything comes at a price and then the question is How much price should the average human pay to keep up pace with this explosion of 3M? Also Is it worth paying the price for when it is conceived to have so much psychological, environmental and social effect?

    My opinion is all the sane people of this earth should combine with all their wisdom at multiple forums to discuss the issue and possibly a way to stop this 3M from further degrading moral values and both mental and psychological health.


    Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your observations and suggestion are very significant! Thanks a lot for the same!!

      I fully share your views and hence have also mentioned in the post about critical necessity for a larger group of people to evolve a consensus the future direction of 3Ms and prevent reckless development. Else, such predictions can only bring perils. It is impossible to avoid misuse of what is useful and negative aspects of what is otherwise considered positive!

  3. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    How about composition of conscience? Intelligence and quick decisions will ever lead to creating conscience. Sci fi is rampant with scenarios where the intelligence of machines exceeds human intelligence. Would ambition , power and control be a natural outcome of this intelligence in machines? Would it lead to conflict and battles and threaten the very existence of humans?

    Asimov’s laws would gain new dimension in creating Robots.

    Ethics of mechanization would be an emerging issue in UN.

    At one time pollution of earth was a lofty question too distant to give a second thought.

    Today the intelligence of machines appears to be at a similar cusp.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your additional comments!

      I am not sure whether conscience can be created by combination of intelligence and quick (or any speed of) decision. Fact is that science or technology has no clue what conscience of humans is! It looks to be ambitious or illusive thinking of scientists and technologists that machine intelligence can ever exceed human intelligence. Yes, power of computing and mathematical analysis in machines can exceed that of humans. But, do computing and mathematical analysis alone constitute of intelligence? No one can say for sure! One thing is very certain – the day machine intelligence surpasses that of human, there would be eminent threat of extinction of human life.

      Nature or God has not allowed anything without its positive and negative aspects. Even best of the medicines for the worst of ailments has its pros and cons. This is what scientists and people from various faiths and disciplines often fail to understand!

  4. Rudra Avatar

    Well, but eventually the 3 Ms you mentioned are controlled by the fourth M – Mind, so there is no question of mind’s role getting diminished. I’ve seen people screwing-up either of these Ms if they don’t use the fourth M precisely!

    Change is inevitable and however or whatever the world has changed due to these 3 Ms, it has happened for good. I still think it’s up-to the individual how he wants to live his life – real or virtual or as you want to call it – a ‘balanced’ life.

    I am a big social networking / virtual world worm but at the same time I make sure I don’t lose that ‘human touch’. In-fact, social networking, virtual world, technology has improved my way of living/thinking drastically and we all can relate to it in some way or the other. The virtual world is a big ocean, it’s up-to you how many little drops of water you need for your well-being!

    I can’t wait to see how things gonna reshape in next 30 years… maybe I can go for a World tour and be back home by evening!! :-O

    Well, it’s always been like this, isn’t it? Few minds deciding and developing things and putting in public domain?

    The human mind is a very powerful entity and it will find the remedy first before evolving a problem.

    We are few lucky people to have traveled around the world and the kind of inventions I have seen everywhere only amazes me to the core. The World is changing Mr. Lohia and how!! 😉

    So the direction for new developments is evidently right, trust me!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks for your interesting comments, which reflect impact of 3Ms!

      If 3Ms predisposes your mind in certain direction and then your mind works in that direction, would you call it mind controlling 3Ms or 3Ms controlling the mind? Please think it over.

      The problem of perception or rather illusion is that we would always believe what we are thinking and doing is right. How is that possible by being a virtual world worm, you can have same touch with real world as before? Both are mutually exclusive!

      To my knowledge, human mind has hardly so far found remedy before a problem evolves; actually it has been generally other way round. Environmental, social (including terrorism), newer and newer strains of diseases etc are clear pointers to deficiency in the approach.

      1. Rudra Avatar

        Well, yes… if you know something has changed or upgraded your life, you would definitely weigh those things high.

        Of-course in this case the 3 Ms are controlling or rather inspiring the mind to go in that direction, but eventually it’s your mind that took the decision. Mind could have easily said ‘No’ and prefer to stay in the stone-age. For e.g., there are so many innovations, techniques available in the market today, but I prefer to choose what suits me best. I choose which media to follow, I choose what machine to use, I choose what medicines are best and good for my health. I am not a very big fan of CNN, TOI, Apple or a Honda – their news and innovations never allure me, so I’ll not use those.

        So while I am using the 3 Ms in my life to its fullest, I let my mind decide how to deal properly with this advanced world.

        You see, it’s only because of one of those 3 Ms we are sharing our ideas today and sharing it fast, aren’t we?

        I think these 3 facets are very much correlated – MIND defines 3 Ms —> 3 Ms define YOU —> YOU define MIND… a vicious circle as they say.

        Excess of everything is harmful, so as long as things are balanced, we are all good!

        Just my perception of taking things… but surely something new to learn from your posts… 🙂

        Thanks!! 🙂

        1. Murli Avatar

          I highly appreciate your additional comments and sharing thoughts how you are making best use of 3Ms.

          It looks like that somewhere I have done the mistake and given you impression that I am against 3Ms. As a matter of fact, I welcome every effort for developments and change! It is not necessary that outcome of every development or change would be good only; actually, it is not possible. Purpose of this post is to evaluate the impacts and implications of 3Ms.

          I am glad that you use 3Ms to the fullest, best and balanced ways. I am sure that you are reaping the rich dividends!

          Just a point to ponder – we often say – I and my mind. Are these 2 separate entities?

          1. Rudra Avatar

            Thanks for your response Mr. Lohia! Looks like we are on the same page now. 🙂 This latest response made things clear…

            Well, many times we have found ourselves in situations where we are present but our mind is absent (or roaming in some other territory), so may be 2 separate entities, may be not?? 🙂

            Thanks again for the candid response!!

          2. Murli Avatar

            I can’t thank you enough for your valued response and understanding!

            I wish you always the best!!

  5. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Lohia,
    Saw you refer to nature of God. Your past writings have not favored the use of the term God as is used in ritualistic context.

    Inevitably as we step out of the known to the unknown we quite naturally talk about a single creator : God. I am presuming the use is like using X in Algebra for an unknown quantity.

    I venture to think that even as we explore our being with elements like Conscience, Ethics , Love when we take an exploratory walk in “outer space” we always need the entity X or God.

    These notions will adopt new focus almost with the same zeal as finding new elements in the Periodic table. When machines approach intelligence equal to all of mankind creating this new Existential Periodic Table would require new Universities and students who would have to learn religions, human nature and its criteria for defining what is right.

    Your blog appears to me as one of the first few pioneering attempts in finding virgin territories.

    Understanding life is a journey requiring evaluation of the past and visions of the future. Little hypothesis that need experiments to create theorems in the process of understanding.

    I am glad you see a Continuum between Management , Human Behavior, Ethics and Absolutes.

    Thanks for the stimulation.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very grateful for your precious thoughts and observations! These are very significant with deep meaning and awe-inspiring!!

      Your observation is very correct – I use the term God, nature or destiny cautiously. Yes; what is unknown, people defer it to God or nature or….Whatever we want to understand of God, I believe if God is everywhere, then God is inside you. Hence, everyone has same power and therefore, be able to research and relate what happens or can happen. In real world, most of us are unable to believe it and hence, we deprive ourselves to experience the real power that resides in us. Mine is a small attempt to bring out and share what seems to be the most probable and can serve as missing links (or virgin territories, as you have called these) in our knowledge of life we live.

      Your drawing parallel with X in Algebra and new elements in the periodic table is mind blowing!

      I agree with you that every discipline or aspect that we encounter has a continuum; nothing actually exists in isolation!!

      I can’t thank you enough for your kind words.

  6. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Mr Lohia,
    The content of the blog is deep and fires my passion.

    I appear to discover myself as much as the subject.

    Again thanks for waking me up from paralyzing stupor of the mundane.



    1. Murli Avatar

      Your views reflect your grace and thoughtfulness! I indeed feel gratified by your kind words!!

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