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  • Our Comfort Zones not only create Inertia; but also inhibit Efficiency & Growth!

    Psychologically and biologically, we are always tempted to create comfort zones at work as well as in personal life and our natural tendency is then to live in those! Our comfort zones are actually the cause of our inertia, inefficiency and inadequate growth. When individuals, management included, in companies start creating comfort zones, the result […]

  • When your taste is for Success, why your recipe is for Failure?

    Everyone wants to be successful at work, career, professional or personal life; but few get it and others not, despite their best intentions and efforts. Often, we relate success and failure to stroke of luck or destiny. We have innumerable examples of many CEOs or top managers riding high and then gliding down. We tend […]

  • Beauty beneath Managing Conflicts

    Managing conflicts external to you Have a Heart, not hammer to manage. If a conflict shows up, do not shoot it down or resist; but accept. Use restrain and not reaction. Analyze and understand genesis of conflicts, with no biases and prejudices. Work to extinguish emotions behind conflict. Open line of communication with all, listen […]