Beauty beneath Managing Conflicts

Managing conflicts external to you

  1. Have a Heart, not hammer to manage.
  2. If a conflict shows up, do not shoot it down or resist; but accept.
  3. Use restrain and not reaction. Analyze and understand genesis of conflicts, with no biases and prejudices.
  4. Work to extinguish emotions behind conflict.
  5. Open line of communication with all, listen everyone and blame no one.
  6. Desist from making any personal remark.
  7. Focus on issues beneath and not personalities you face.
  8. Persons or entities involved would always have either same or different attributes out of 12 mentioned in earlier post, at conflict. Identify those attributes in relation to each party. It would be then easy for you to drive a compromise or evolve a consensus.
    Example 1 – Your spouse Desires to buy jewelry and your Goal is to save. Compromise could be that spouse scales down amount to be spent and you to save less. Or, consensus could be one of you to postpone what you want.
    Example 2 – Customer’s Priority is to reduce his cost in purchases and your/company Priority is to improve margins. Way out of this conflict with same attribute is either compromise by both to bring down how much to save and make or one of the entities to give in.
  9. Celebrate compromise or consensus to put everyone at comfort; but never do that for win of one over another! If you do later part, conflict can resurface in its new form.

Where are rewards from Managing Conflicts?

  1. The best management training comes from Managing Conflicts successfully in real life and real time!
  2. It gives great insight of people’s behavior and beliefs.
  3. It unleashes hidden talent.
  4. It actualizes the attitude of “Live and let Live”.
  5. If conducted correctly, it can open new opportunities and directions.
  6. It can bring paradigm shift in people management and new perspective to relationships among people.
  7. “7x Golden rules to resolve” could make you a groomed and grand person.
  8. “8x Golden prescription for prevention” would make you immune to surprises and stress.
  9. “9x ways to manage” would mean you could be a great Leader and Mentor in the making.

To conclude, conflicts are realities or rather routine rituals. Willingly and effectively you accept, understand and manage (not just face or deal) these, remarkable would be your rewards.

This is the beauty beneath!


6 responses to “Beauty beneath Managing Conflicts”

  1. Mandar Thosar Avatar

    I really liked the concept of addressing conflict ‘real time’. This will cease that conflict to get loaded in list of ‘past experiences’.

    1. murli Avatar

      Correct; you have picked up one of the keys to manage conflicts well. Thanks for your comments!

  2. Harish Alwani Avatar
    Harish Alwani

    Awesome analysis, Mr. Lohia!! Specially about focusing on the core issue rather than on the personalities.. understanding the genesis.. and keeping personal issues out..!

    1. murli Avatar

      I am very delighted to have your feedback! Thanks for picking up some of the key points.

  3. Maria Avatar

    very well written and true, i could so relate with “use restrain and not reaction :)” true. nice post..

    1. murli Avatar

      Many Thanks! I highly value your feedback. You have have picked up one of the important points from this post!!

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