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  • Change under crisis or constraint is compelling; but it is costly n chaotic!

    Change under crisis or constraint is compelling; but it is costly n chaotic!

    “Change” is the most celebrated term in corporate life, leadership circles, professional and personal lives and even in country governance across the globe. Most people take pride in speaking for change, but fall short is imbibing and implementing it. Many talk about it but don’t know what to do with it. An aspirant gets a […]

  • Monumental Mistake many make by not quitting at correct time!

    Humans are infested by inertia and love to do what they have been doing. One fine day, they start facing issues, crises, stagnancy and decay. Often, the cause their troubles is that they had stuck around the place way too long and ignored the signals their surroundings were giving to quit and seek change! It […]

  • Why Common man to Companies go into Cycles of Success & Failure, Rise & Fall…!

    One of the most common phenomena, which common man to companies and countries all over the world encounter is cycles of success and failure, rise and fall, economic upturn and downturn, high and low in growth/business/personal life or even moods, good and bad, comfort and discomfort. Duration and intensity of such cycles may vary; but […]

  • Your Barriers mainly come from your Notions, Perceptions and Traits

    In Corporate and elsewhere, we always talk of barriers and the need to overcome these. But unfortunately, in none of the debates, discussions or development programs it is brought out what makes barriers to surface and how to manage those. The main source for barriers is your own Notions, Perceptions and Traits (NPT). Are you […]

  • Nothing can be as rewarding as Managing Conflicts!

    You are getting late to leave home for an urgent appointment and get a call from your close friend in distress. Your team member has a serious difference of opinion with you on how to solve some problems in a project in hands. Due to eroding bottom line, company management has declared lower than expected […]

  • Beauty beneath Managing Conflicts

    Managing conflicts external to you Have a Heart, not hammer to manage. If a conflict shows up, do not shoot it down or resist; but accept. Use restrain and not reaction. Analyze and understand genesis of conflicts, with no biases and prejudices. Work to extinguish emotions behind conflict. Open line of communication with all, listen […]

  • When your confidence starts to shake..……

    Often you may find your confidence level going down or shaking. This can dent your efficiency and effectiveness, comfort and composure. If you can find the reasons, it is then possible for you to address. You would discover that some of these could be very trivial and some are terrible! Look at what can tamper […]