What can bring you in Limelight?

Let me quote real life example of Peter M. (name changed), who started his engineering career 23 years back with a multinational company. He was ambitious, technically sound, sincere and diligent. His qualities saw him growing well in the organization for first 12 years. He was happy the way he was and with his accomplishments. He was put through leadership development programs. These did create impact; but limited. He used to be too busy with his routine duties and did not find time or could not fathom what he can do to bring incremental change in his qualities and character.

From 13th year, Peter’s growth started to taper down and 2 of his peers surpassed him to take up key management positions. He did not align well with his management assessment of these peers, though he knew that they are more visible, better respected by management and employees alike. He became very frustrated; however, determined to figure out how to come in the limelight and achieve a faster growth. But, his preference to focus more on his routine work brought him only limited results. Though he is now holding a management position; but his grouch is growing on being treated at par with rest of peer crowd and gap is widening with his earlier 2 peers.

Do you want to be like Peter M. or be Different and Distinguished?

Hopefully, you do not want to spend 9 to 5.00 p.m. stereo life and do desire, dare and dream to stand out. You do aspire to leave a legacy behind you, which generations would remember and revere?

10 myths and misconceptions to be discarded

  1. It is destiny, which determines my destination.
  2. I cannot influence others.
    Although we ignore how we are constantly getting influenced by others.
  3. I am not gifted like great people, who have/had God gifted talents.
  4. I cannot be very different than what my Zodiac sign suggests.
  5. I know enough; why should I break my head to know more.
  6. I have no choice, but to live with my limitations and inhibitions.
  7. If I am happy with what I am and I do; I do not need to change or take initiatives.
  8. It is more important to work for comfort than to work on constraints.
  9. It is impossible to solve all problems.
  10. I cannot drive my seniors.

10 point resolution

  1. I need to be in limelight not for popularity; but for a purpose.
    When you get it, popularity would come as an automatic consequence.
  2. If I want to be different than the crowd, then I ought to do things differently.
  3. Ideas should not remain merely in mind or as words on lips; but should become way of my life.
  4. I have immense possibilities to explore.
  5. I would have hopes for myself and heart for others.
  6. I would help; but not hurt anyone.
  7. I would not be judgmental or develop any prejudice against anyone.
  8. I would be positive.
  9. It all starts from me and ends with me.
    Hence, successes and failures are all mine.
  10. It is foolhardy to assume that my path would not be rough; but I would remain on course.

10 points to come in Limelight

  1. Be in limelight for right reasons and not for wrong ones.
    You may get tempted to be visible by raking or engaging in controversy, conflict, crisis or culpable acts; you would get thrill but troubles also!
  2. Be aware that whatever you do, it is always possible to do it differently and more efficiently. Keep exploring these possibilities; you would find one and share such info or knowledge with all stakeholders.
  3. Best differentiator for you is to innovate or create values in what you do!
    You may feel inertia or inhibition to do that; but push yourself and pursue till you get it. Set a goal for yourself that be it small or big, you would create at least one value in your work in one week. It can be as small as changing format of documentation partially for better clarity. Once you do this, you would automatically feel motivated to do more and more.
    It is important that you share and spread these with your seniors and colleagues. It is desirable that you reach wider audience through publication of these ideas and public speaking through media and other forums.
  4. Be consistent and credible in your behavior and care about comforts of your colleagues.
    It matters a lot and gets noticed.
  5. Be ethical by choice and not by fear.
  6. Bring elegance and élan in how you carry and present yourself every time!
  7. Be interactive and helpful to as many people as you can.
  8. Be composed, when you face conflicts or setbacks. Use your emotional intelligence and not emotions or ego to manage and learn from these.
  9. Be a problem solver; not a problem creator or narrator.
    People have natural tendency to do the later part; trash it.
  10. Be efficient by giving more for less – more output in less efforts or time, more meanings in less words, more love even if you get less and so on.

Believe it that if you wish to be different and distinguished, it is within your reach and realm! It is just 3×10 – 10 I’s to Ignore, 10 I’s to Imbibe and 10 B’s to Implement!!

This would be a sure shot to hog in and hug Limelight!


18 responses to “What can bring you in Limelight?”

  1. Arun Avatar

    Dear Mr. Lohia…

    I agree with all this, but how do you do this?
    “Bring elegance and élan in how you carry and present yourself every time!”

    There are two more things I would like to add:
    “Focus your work and your messaging to your coworkers and managers – on one thing”.
    “Limit your activities to one focus area”


    1. murli Avatar

      I am very thankful for your comments and adding 2 more things for the post.

      When you trash 10 myths and take 10 point resolution seriously, I believe a new confidence and hopes would emerge in you and reflect in your body language. If you can blend it with your ethical character, consistent and credible behavior, these make you much more polished. If you now plan, organize and prepare yourself well (including personal grooming), elegance and élan would appear as a natural consequence!

  2. Ajay Nichit Avatar
    Ajay Nichit

    Very true pitcure of real life professionals. I thorughly agree with all the points..Just wanted to add my bit not just for come in limelight but help you to be better & true yourself person..below are some tips:
    1. Don’t compare your life to others’. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
    2. Don’t have the negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.
    3. Don’t over do; keep your limits
    4. Don’t take yourself so seriously; no one else does
    5. Don’t waste your precious energy on gossip
    6. Dream more while you are awake
    7. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.
    8. Forget issues of the past. Don’t remind your partner with his/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.
    9. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t hate others.
    10. Make peace with your past so it won’t spoil the present
    11. No one is in charge of your happiness except you
    12. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn. Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.
    13. Smile and Laugh more
    14. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

    Thanks once again for your inspiring thoughts..

    1. murli Avatar

      I am highly appreciative of your comments and sharing valuable 14 thoughts! These thoughts are very illustrious and inspiring. I am sure these would additionally help the guests to CYI site.

  3. Shreya Avatar

    Very informative post Sir !!!

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks! If you now believe in 3×10 scheme, make full efforts to come in limelight.

  4. Suraj V Avatar
    Suraj V

    Dear Mr. Lohia,

    This is the best article that read about to change your attitude, improve the behavior and make a good approach towards what we have. These points that you identified are very simple to understand but quite difficult to implement. But of course it again depends upon how you take it.

    Thanks for your kind guidance!

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your comments and feedback.

      Please read 10 Myths carefully- if you have understood these truly, you would hesitate to say it is difficult to implement. Unless we close the gap between understanding and implementing, all these would mere words and writings in black!

      Make a beginning; nothing is difficult or impossible.

  5. Abhay Avatar

    This is very important lesson for longtimers, it should be otherway round for youngsters. Only visibility can not help. Base has to be established first.

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks for your comments!

      What is mentioned in this post is applicable to as much to youngsters as long timers. It has been observed that majority of long timers find it difficult (many do not realize the importance) to get there, since they did not pay attention to such things in their younger hood! Several aspects have been brought out, which need to be followed; visibility is an automatic consequence.

  6. Rudra Avatar

    Correct, one really needs to understand well “what” and “what can’t” bring him into Limelight. After-all, we all love being in it, don’t we? 😉

    Your all 10 myths really compliment each other very well, especially the last one!!… And the 10 resolutions are icing on the cake.

    I remember one of my childhood teachers used to say – “try to be ‘vikhyaat’ in your life, rather than being ‘kukhyaat’…” (if I got my Hindi correct!) :D… And that’s exactly what you described as well!!

    Having said that, I do believe it really needs some skills, courage, ability and attitude for someone to be in limelight. It’s never easy to handle that pressure and the “paparazzi” around you… 🙂 but then, your “10 points to come (and remain) in Limelight” does resolve my concern!!

    One more article at its very best!!
    Keep them flying-in!
    Cheers!! 🙂

    1. murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your well thought and considered comments!

      Please refer to resolution no. 1, if you make efforts to come in limelight truly for a purpose, things would be very very different. When you adopt 3×10 scheme (it can time take time to do so; but make a start), you would get a new found attitude and courage. When you make this scheme part of your journey and not rush for results, what you need would fall in place step by step!!

  7. Anu Avatar

    Excellent post. I completely agree with points 5 through 8 on the 10 point resolution. More often than not the Peter M.’s of the corporate world become too obsessed with gaining the comparative limelight and stop points 5 – 8.

    1. murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your comments and views!

      It is correct that Peter M.’s of corporate world have opportunistic tendencies, as mentioned by you. I believe their downward journey would restart, once they give up what gave them the height or light!!

  8. Pankaj Gaonkar Avatar
    Pankaj Gaonkar

    Dear Mr. Lohia,

    Excellent article & especially relevent to all those who want to really climb up the Corporate ladder. Very true that unless you show Value in whatever you do, the world will not notice you.
    As the saying goes “Deserve before you Desire”

    Also very nice points by Ajay Nichit.

    One suggestion: If Possible please change the color of the font (For comments) from Orange to some dark color, which is easy to read especially on the grey background.

    Many Thanks.

    1. murli Avatar

      I am indeed thankful for your comments and views. It is very correct that corporate people should find it very relevant. However, 3×10 scheme is also very valid for every other walk of life.

      I would check with our admin. support team whether font color of comments can be changed to a darker shade. Thanks for your input.

  9. Sandeep Saindane Avatar
    Sandeep Saindane

    I am following all you posts & completely agreed.
    I personally believe that post will help to understand the basics of development & understanding.
    I feel ,
    Most of the professionals ( A ) wants to be in limelight/develop with their Type of work , Talent , Communication , support business..etc
    But the ultimate analyzer or decision maker (who support to bring (A) in limelight) is the Boss ( X), Boss (X) is the person who further connect with Management. (Y)
    I feel all the value & matrix described are finally depend on Boss ( X ) & (X) factor either take the person on HIGH – AS-IS – LOWER
    Management ( Y ) = Boss ( X ) + ( A) …Supportive
    Boss (X) = (A)…. Supportive
    Management ( Y )= ( A ) + ( A ).. Ultimate
    Management need to choose right factor ( X ) in multiple business structure.

    1. murli Avatar

      I greatly appreciate your feedback, very lucid way of analyzing and putting it so aptly in equations. Many thanks!

      Let me share my thoughts on where is the real challenge – the attitude/behavior of professional, bosses and management to understand truly and objectively one’s skills and talent without any bias. Many believe that they have it; but actually it is just in part. Once they do this in whole, they would be driven to be supportive and appreciative. Many also do not understand that by helping someone deserving to come in limelight would also bring them in limelight!! This is what this post and others on CYI site are driving at.

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