We live life searching Truths; but end up struggling with Myths! Why?

Our mind is most of the time preoccupied with “Why”, “What”, “When” or “How”, searching answers or seeking truths to solve our problems. Are truths hard to find or our approach makes it hard to fathom?

Fact is that most truths are right under our nose; but we fail to see. We experience them routinely; but we fail to elicit, comprehend or collate! Instead, we fall prey to the myths!

Look at the most common questions, through which most seek answers or truths:

Why things go wrong for me?

This is a hot question, which does haunt a lot!

Failing to get an answer or solution, if you go to a god man, he would defer it to desire of God. If you approach fortune teller, he would prove it on account of the position of your stars and may prescribe wearing of precious stone rings. Someone may recommend rituals and so on. Some would counsel you to accept it as matter of fate! This is all myths.

But, there is small truth, which surfaces, when you follow any of above advises. It gives you a sudden kick of confidence or conviction and that’s when the wrong thing starts to change to right for you! However, you tend to believe it is happening because you are following the said advice. When things go wrong again, you would go through same cycle again, only to get deeper into myths!

What is if you get the same kick of confidence or conviction in the face of wrong or problematic situations on your own strength rather than going through route of myths? The result would be exactly same – wrong turning to right! I have been testing and getting results for years! And if you keep that confidence and conviction most of the time, you would delay or dilute wrong things to happen!!

Another issue is that we don’t ask or want to figure out why things go right for us! The factors, which come in play for things go right, would also be the factors to drive things to go wrong!!

Hence, the truth is

We focus more and keep a count of things which go wrong; but not of what go right. Nature’s secret is that left to itself, number of things that go wrong would be the same as what go right!

There are things that you can control. If such things go wrong, they are purely because your intentions, efforts or execution are wrong or not good enough. These would become worse, if you lay blame elsewhere. Solution purely lies with you by observing your shortcomings and correcting same.

But, there are things, which you cannot control. These are the ones, which can go right or wrong. Your state of mind has a lot to do with the timing and occurrences of right or wrong. If you keep it positive, you certainly would avoid or delay the wrong things to happen or dilute their impact! This is how positive qualities like confidence, conviction, courage and hopes help!

What can change my luck for better?

This strikes you, when you are not happy with what you have or get. More you brood, more you get bogged down. When nothing works for you, you narrow down to your luck! You begin to think that your luck is pre-defined, which unforeseen or divine forces alone can alter it or it is fixed through say the lines on your palm or forehead. You then develop your faith in a variety of myths.

The facts – there is nothing like luck or fortune predefined or written for you somewhere in universe and no one has interest in it except you! If you are not contended with your state or possessions, it is you and only you, who have to trigger a change through ideas and efforts to change the perceived luck for better.

How to create ideal conditions at Work and Life?

You crave to have ideal or great boss, team, job, business, compensation package and on the top of all an ideal spouse! Why not? But, then you would live a life with great instability, changing place to place, partner to partner. You would confuse your obsession as passion, mistake your greed as your goal and interpret your confusion as vision!

The truth – There is no absolute or universal definition of what is Ideal. Ideal things exist in your imagination and you feel eager and ecstatic to get the same! But, when you get it, you would discover disappointment! Ideal conditions mean 2 aspects – nothing would go wrong and it would satisfy all your needs. First thing is not allowed by nature, as mentioned before. In second thing lies a big illusion – ideals needs alone can bring ideal satisfaction to you! And Ideals needs cannot be anything in fact but Nil needs!!

So, if you chase ideal things, insanity would chase you! Just chase what is good, then good work and life would automatically get carved out for you!!

What can drive me to the top?

It is perfectly in order to aspire and aim to go the top. Often, you believe it can be done by you leading but leaving others behind like in athletic race. Or you think it can be done by dictating and dominating, discrediting and disregarding others. Many would do it by seeking favoritism or playing games. People do go to the top through these methods; but come down much more miserably! The sole reason is they sit on top of a hierarchy; but not on the top of mind and heart of their people and customers!!

The facts – Myths are always based on one or other material or physical activity and that is what is in the above. Material gains look magical; but can never be magnificent. And what is not magnificent is nothing but a mistake!

It is your moral character and mental characteristics/abilities (positive ones), which not only lift you to the top of anything that you can imagine – organization, society or country, but more importantly help you to sustain and shine there!

So, truth always comes right in front of you; but you don’t see it, because it is behind the curtain of your (mis)conceptions and myths!


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  1. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    On 07/22/13 2:05 AM, Harshal Mahalle wrote:
    Hello Sir,

    Thanks for accepting request otherwise I would have missed such wonderful thoughts.


    Harshal Mahalle

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks for your kind words! It is my pleasure to get connected with you.

  2. Rudra Avatar

    It all comes down to that same very thing “State of Mind”, isn’t it??

    Agree with your “What can change my luck for better?” section. And the section “What can drive me to the top?” is actually the cherry on the top of your post… so true!! 🙂

    Thanks for this ever so rousing write-up!!

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback, which is well orchestrated! Yes, State of Mind matters most; but at the same time, it is least understood. Most people are unable to relate it and therefore, different facets of life need to be cited and co-related.

      I am grateful for your keen observations!

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