Why Worst brings the Best in us!

Turn the pages of history from yester years to yesterday, we would find that when individuals, families, communities or countries face the worst, they take the best foot forward! Take examples of Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs. They faced a number of setbacks during their career and emerged stronger every time. After World War II, Germany (West) was in ruins and that united its people to put in exemplary efforts and turned the country into a major economic power house at a speed no one imagined.

It is strange but true that crisis brings courage, ideas, focus and unity. It creates a purpose, which has power to drive one and all!

Does that mean we need worst to become best, setbacks in order to shine or crisis to create common vision?

If we look at statistics, the answer would come out as Yes! It would only prove that in every aspect of our life, without going through pain, we cannot get pleasure!!

In reality, nearly all of nature’s rules apply both ways. In other words, if worst brings the best, then best would bring the worst, success would bring the failure and good would bring the bad. It appears scary; is not it? Would it not demotivate people to be better, be accomplished and strive to be successful? Research and experience show that we, most of times, go through cycles of up and down, rise and fall, comfort and constraint.

The silver lining

Cycle of “positive and negative” is a reality; but not a nature’s rule!

It is actually man’s making!! If we have a closer look, we would find that length and intensity of positive and negative parts are not exactly same. It varies case by case. Sometimes positive part of cycle lasts longer and stronger than the negative one or vice versa. People with right and disciplined approach face lesser troubles than those who lack that. This applies to all societies and countries as well!

How we goof, when going is good!

There are very common mistakes, people commit, when situations are favorable, time is opportune, results are showing up and success is on horizon:

  1. We become complacent or arrogant.
  2. We become over-confident and over-enthusiastic.
  3. With better possibilities and resources at disposal, we go high on consumption and low on conservation.
  4. We get addicted to power, position and/or popularity.
  5. We focus more on what gives success and less on what causes failure.
  6. We turn our passion into obsession, ambition into greed and virtues into vices!
  7. We ignore small issues, forgetting that big ones were small to start with.
  8. We tend to be less respectful and grateful.
  9. We start to neglect lessons learnt and rules, which have made current going as good!

These are the gaffes, which attract Worst to take over from Best!

How we act differently, when we face worst and stage a comeback!

When crisis, setback or worst overtakes us, there are 2 possibilities. We may keep going down or we are able to halt it, reverse the trend and stage a comeback. When we start doing the following, we do take a U turn and comeback:

  1. We gather courage and discover a purpose to restore or regain what we have lost!
  2. We are far more focused.
  3. Having gone down or lost, we shade fear of losing.
  4. Our ego ebbs.
  5. We start to put our strong faith in value system.
  6. We feel compelled to implement all what we knew as good and prudent, which were earlier mere intentions.
  7. Sobriety descends on us.
  8. Wiser counsel overtakes our weak or vicious thoughts.
  9. Since fear of losing has disappeared, we are willing to take on challenges and risks.

Look at above 9 points. There is nothing that we cannot do when going is good or we can do these only when we counter crisis. If we keep going through cycles of good and bad, it is because crisis drives us to do what is right and we do what we should not, when going is good.

So, do not wait for worst to inspire you to do what you know as good; do it even otherwise and most of the times. You can then retain and sustain the Best in your professional and personal life!


10 responses to “Why Worst brings the Best in us!”

  1. Vinayak Kadam Avatar
    Vinayak Kadam

    Very well said Sir! Often when the going is good our Ego is inflated and we knowingly or unknowingly commit the mistakes that you’ve pointed out. May be that’s why wise men always advise to be “Down-to-earth”. Thanks for keeping us posted with your virtuous thoughts.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views and kind words!

      What you have stated is very true!!

  2. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    On 06/28/13 5:07 PM, Deelip Amolic wrote:

    Thanks indeed Mr. Lohia,
    for sharing a wonderful, encouraging and real thought.

    Please keep sharing such links in future as well, with me.

    Thanks again and wishing you a wonderful week end ahead !


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your kind words and encouraging feedback. I would be very happy to continue sharing my thoughts and research work.

  3. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    On 06/29/13 12:47 AM, Anoop S wrote:

    It was a motivating stuff for me sir,thanks a lot for sharing that..expecting further stuffs

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am happy to know that you liked the article. I would be happy to continue sharing my research work and thoughts.

  4. Rudra Avatar

    May be because people feel good and tend to give their best when they find themselves back at ground-zero!! It’s a nothing to lose sort of feeling and everything to gain from there-on…

    But correct, it’s only idiotic to wait for the worst to happen and inspire you. Instead, let’s assume that we’ve nothing to lose and be enthused always!!

    One more stirring post!! 🙂


    1. Murli Avatar

      Yes, at the brink, people tend to think like that! I appreciate what you have stated and echoing what is elaborated in the post!!

  5. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    Transferred from LinkedIn

    On 07/04/13 6:45 AM, Jayateerth Kulkarni wrote:

    You are very right sir, most of us hesitate to unleash hidden potentials till we are put into that situation, to be able to do that , coaching would be still required.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot! What you have stated is very appropriate!!

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