Tag: Courage

  • Why Worst brings the Best in us!

    Turn the pages of history from yester years to yesterday, we would find that when individuals, families, communities or countries face the worst, they take the best foot forward! Take examples of Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs. They faced a number of setbacks during their career and emerged stronger every time. After World War II, […]

  • Why most Leaders and Legends fall!

    Today, we need to ask and answer 2 questions: Is it a nature’s law that leaders and legends would fall in any case? If one has to fall in any case, is it worth going up the ladder of leadership and legendary? It is a stark reality that what goes up, comes down; excellence brings […]

  • Does this happen with you and your dear ones?

    You may find this different; but, this is 1st of several steps that I propose to take you through to create understanding about science /facts behind your life. Read through and make your judgment close to what actually happens with you and people close to you. If you receive a call from a relative early […]