Good has limits; but bad knows none!


When going is good, we see no limit! Then, a stage comes when we start to take U turn. Good starts to become grim be it growth, success or relationship. Our belief that sky is the only limit gets grounded! To be truthful, “Sky is the limit” is only a phrase. Contrary to popular perceptions, anything that is good has limits and limits are essential for anything to be good! On the other hand, what is bad or wrong has no limits!

Turn the pages of history; small controversies within a family to international conflicts start for wrong reasons and could have irretrievable consequences. It is only when good sense prevails, that it begins to peter out. Look at World War I and II, Cuban missile crisis or Iraq conflict; these had spelt serious threat with no limits but for wisdom that eventually prevailed.

Take another example – Michael Schumacher; everything seemed to be going good for him. One fine day, while skiing may be that he tried to exceed the limit of “his confidence” or “fun that he was having” and it took a split second to put him in the lap of worst time of his life! Many would just wish away by saying it was error of judgment or part of his destiny. But, the fact remains “good” took turn for “worse” and it is not that it had befallen from sky. And, now no one knows what would be his fate!

So, what and where is the bottom for bad?

Bad has no bottom!

A word of caution – majority around us believes in brinkmanship! “If good has limits, then why not go for bad; if being right does not deliver results, then do it wrong” is what many people tend to believe, rather than trying to find to find out where are they committing mistakes. May be that very perception that they are good or right enough is not correct.

If some supervisor is manipulative or a boss is toxic, would you ever know the limits to which he or she can go to? Please take a pause and ponder – if you become angry or frustrated, do you know in that state to what extent you would go? You would not; and if you do, then your anger or frustration would start to wane!

People, who indulge in greed, manipulation, corruption or anything negative, become headless; they have no sense of proportion or direction. Many believe that dishonest or dubious people are more successful, make money and live a comfortable life. Yes, we notice when they make money but we don’t care to know or never come to know when they lose many things – happiness, sleep or credibility and eventually money too!

So, being bad on any count is a bad idea and has no bottom. It is senseless and directionless. So, be wary of what is bad or wrong!

Good is self-limiting!

If you take any attribute or parameter, it always has a scale. Look at few examples:

  1. Confidence
    Confusion –> Confidence –> Arrogance
  2. Empathy
    Apathy –> Empathy –> Emotional
  3. Agile
    Docile –> Agile –> Aggressive
  4. Innovative
    Dull –> Innovative –> Disruptive
  5. Decisive
    Dither –> Decisive –> Desperate or Deadly (paced)

Above shows that good resides in between 2 extreme ends of the scale of any parameter or characteristic. It generally starts at 20% and tapers off at 80%. It’s 80:20 rule! On left and right sides of 20 and 80% respectively, it is bad. It can go negative (below 0%) or above 100% to make it even worse.

It is precisely for above reasons that good or right is always self-limiting. If leaders or legends fail or fall, it is because they attempt to exceed these limits.

You know what is good; but then why you fail to get a grip!

If we observe ourselves without emotions, we would discover that time and again we are tempted to praise “Bad” and raise doubt on “Good”! Our faith and patience with Good is fractured. We flirt with Bad, since our ego gets boosted and emotions get satisfied.

Net result is that we flick from “under-do” to “do” to “over-do” what we believe is good for us. It throws us out from range of good to region of bad and then back! This cycle keeps repeating. In the process, we do not get grip of where we want to be and should be!

So, if you want to drive the life your way, your only choice is to adopt “Good” and abdicate “Bad”! And equally important is to learn the range of “Good” and remain within it come what may!!


8 responses to “Good has limits; but bad knows none!”

  1. Neepa Khatri Avatar
    Neepa Khatri

    It is very well articulated. I have never thought about it.

    I believe good and bad are relative term and anything in excess can lead to problems for yourself and others. It is better to focus our thinking and action which would benefit more people and cause no or least problems to others.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views and feedback!

      Your thinking is good and that’s what takes you towards what is real!!

  2. Kedar A Palshikar Avatar
    Kedar A Palshikar

    Dear Sir,
    This blog is really giving different perspective about the Good and the Bad. The examples are so convincing that they will force you to think on this line. Thanks a lot for sharing the concept for range of Good.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I can’t thank you enough for your well thought views! It reflects your wisdom.

      Please keep up with your thought process!!

  3. Raj Sakharkar Avatar
    Raj Sakharkar

    I sincerely liked this article. It is important to balanced approach in everything
    We do to ensure neither limits(Good or Bad) are exceeded.Thanks for sharing this article with us.

    1. Murli Avatar

      You are very welcome! Thanks a lot for orchestrating your valuable views!!

  4. Rudra Avatar

    Well, I (and most of us) would love a ‘limited’ good life compared to an ‘unlimited’ bad one!

    Life is all about that inevitable ‘balance’, isn’t it? Whether it is your diet, daily routine, professional/personal life, your thoughts, talks, your work and everything else…

    Good post!

    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

      You have a good wish; I am sure you would fulfill it by working well for the same. It would call for keeping self around center of the scale of each parameter or characteristic. If you want to fare better than average, you need to push self on right side of the center, while guarding against crossing the limit of good!

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