Two third cancer cases on a/c of luck – a chance, coincidence or command of heaven?

Scientists from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have recently concluded that 2/3rd of world’s cancer cases are a direct result of bad luck rather than faulty life style or defective DNA! They have found that 22 types of cancer could be largely explained by bad luck factor of random DNA mutations during cell division and other 9 types of cancer with higher incidences are a combination of bad luck and environmental/inherited factors!!

So, luck looms on everyone but no one knows, including most brilliant scientists what luck is!

One popular medical practitioner confided in me that medical fraternity terms those ailments, which cannot be diagnosed, as allergy or IBS! Likewise, it looks like that what scientists or common man cannot comprehend would defer it to heavenly hands or luck!!

Since scientists are talking of most types of cancer as matter of luck, it becomes crucial that we make logical sense out of it. After all, it is a question of millions of lives!

There are 3 possible scenarios:

  1. Luck is controlled by commands from heavenly hands!
    This is the most popular belief and for many, it is taboo to discuss or challenge it.
    Let us ponder following aspects:

    1. No one knows where heaven is located in our Universe!
    2. Even if we assume that it is somewhere, no signal from heaven has ever been detected.
    3. How do 1 or 2 pairs of hands in heaven control luck of billions of people on earth? What is the motivation behind such control?
      If there are aliens living on other planets, what happens to their luck? Then, is their heaven same as that for humans on earth?
    4. By assuming heaven is located elsewhere in our Universe, we are separating God from ourselves. This is completely contrary to popular belief that God is everywhere and therefore, God resides in us also!
    5. So, if we believe God is within us, then control of luck is also within us!!
  2. Luck is logical!
    No one would agree it.
    If luck was to be straight forward and logical, rules governing it would have been discovered long time back.
    In some preaching and holy books, luck is assumed as direct consequence of karmas from previous your life and hence considered logical. But, this is just a conjecture, since there is no proof that previous life and reincarnation exist! Even if we assume that previous life had existed, there is nothing whatsoever found how karmas over lifelong span are recorded, stored and carried forward to the next birth!!
    However, there are some real life examples, which everyone experiences and are worth to evaluate. In majority of cases, things happen, when you don’t want them to. This is also a corollary of Murphy’s Law! Reverse is also true that things don’t happen when you want them to. Both cases are contingent to how genuine is your want, which is generally gray. Most people go back and forth on their wants. But, if you are really anxious or obsessed for things to happen like you have to win a lottery, then reverse would generally be a reality! And then you would call it a bad luck. There are lot of people, who are least bothered about a win and then they win. We term that as good luck!
    Further, there are practices like Feng Shui, Vaastu and others, which are believed to bring luck. Then, there are lot of superstitious beliefs to avoid bad luck. Protagonists of these practices staunchly believe that these work, which is not whole truth. It has been observed by me time and again that it works for the people, who develop beliefs but back it up with their sincere efforts.
    Above suggests that there is a kind of systematic pattern of luck, which is actually linked to state of our mind!
  3. Luck is random!
    It is most widely experienced that luck has random pattern! Since luck seems to follow no rule, no one is able to regulate it!
    Randomness means uncertainty and uncertainty plays a very vital role in how nature functions. Current electronic revolution, which has brought in internet to mobile phones, note pads and computers, has emanated from uncertainty principle! What it means in layman’s language is “in much less than billionth of a second, everything is possible – biggest explosion to deepest hole; but that can never be directly observed by us, nor does it affect our routine life”.
    Why such uncertainty? Science is totally blank about it. Though it has exploited it for amazing technological advancements, it has no idea how uncertainty principle works on our mind or in our life! After all, our brain constitutes of same sub-atomic particles as an electronic chip!!
    My research has so far revealed that there is certainty within boundaries of uncertainty principle. Nevertheless, randomness of luck directly implies randomness of effects that our mind experiences!

Reining in Luck

We can now conclude that:

  1. If luck is in heavenly hands, then it is also in your hands!
    When you are happy, blissful or fully focused, you get godly feeling! You feel you have experienced what you perceive as God. This is when luck loses its meaning to you!
  2. If luck is logical, then it falls within reign of your mind!
    Positive state of your mind is the best mean to rein in luck.
  3. If luck is random or uncertain, then you need to rein in uncertainties in your mind!
    You can best do it by focusing on single thoughts.
  4. Factually, anything that happens or does not happen relates to luck!
    So, chose what you want as luck. Everything? No, then wealth and health? Make these 2 as your goal and run after it; possibility are then high for even cancer to run away from you.
  5. To align luck to your like, click and look at how to do it…!

So all in all, luck is game of your mind! You can learn to play as above to be lucky!!


12 responses to “Two third cancer cases on a/c of luck – a chance, coincidence or command of heaven?”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Well, this entire post and probably our entire lifespan can be summarized into that one sentence – “God is within us, and control of luck is also within us!!”

    In-fact I tend to agree with every ‘bolded’ sentence of yours. And again, we are talking about that epic “State of mind”, aren’t we?… It is the ultimate truth after-all!!

    Lucky Post!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate you extracting a great summary, which is very valid! But books after books, pages after pages, authors after authors have not been able to drive home what it means for God to be within us!!Also, I am not sure how many of us really understand the power or weakness that state of mind brings to us.

      I would be extremely happy, if you have understood the same. It would go a long way to uplift you!!!

  2. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Murli,
    I have been confronted into explaining what I mean by God by my visiting prodigious Son.
    He does not like my using terms for which his logic finds no causal explanation.

    The elementary explanation I have does seem so far removed from conventional understanding of God that most people might not agree.

    For me the properties and presence exist in everything we perceive and experience.

    For my son I explained that those that seek perfection will meet the outer boundaries of understanding the process they are involved in. At that point (when only a blank canvass without direction stares at you) the thirst for exceeding paradigm will reveal God or his properties not apparent to those who stay within paradigms.

    So simply : If you seek God seek perfection. In this pursuit you will find humility, futility and yes even success and realization. Seek and work to exceeding paradigms to Realize.

    When one exhausts the standard causal explanations the search will take one to the `What if speculations’ This will lead to probabilistic considerations. Luck is but a particular case of it.

    Your belief that we have total control on outcomes does not consider the particular case of luck.



    1. Murli Avatar

      I admire your thoughts and elaborations on your points!

      Way we perceive luck or God, that falls outside the boundaries of logic, cause and effect, which we believe we know. In other words it is indeterminate! Only when we stop to seek logic, rationale or control, we can experience something very different and new. This state is possible only by focusing on single thoughts.

      1. ravi athalye Avatar
        ravi athalye

        I wonder if meditating on a single thought, the thought being a composition of the entire universe construct creates methodical madness. When infinite elements are being addressed simultaneously a phenomenon like duality occurs. Much like wave and matter approach to light. Logic and non logic (meditation) merges into a dance of opposites. The yin and yang being white light: Realization.

        Can one exist with the brain and psyche orchestrating realization?

        1. Murli Avatar

          Many thanks for your additional thoughts!

          A single thought does not mean a thought composed of entire or even small part of universe. Please look at the following example:

          If your single thought is about say sky, it means just focusing on what you can term as photographic image of sky in 2 dimensions. It would not mean thinking about color of sky; clouds present; no thought about how far or deep it is; searching location of sun, moon or stars. It just to observe what it is!

          In above, there is no duality, yin and yang or brain and psyche. There is not even attempt for realization! It comes on its own.

          1. ravi athalye Avatar
            ravi athalye

            Does this exercise lead to building an ability to focus without any interpretation or realization? There has to be a purpose to doing this. What would that be?

          2. Murli Avatar

            Yes, it does build ability to focus. Purpose is to achieve your pursuits/goals in most efficient manner and enhance your consciousness!

  3. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    I am curious so apologize if I appear frivolous.

    If one has to view the sky in two dimensions which would those be? Sky to me is above and is endless in expanse. To observe clouds ,color and intensity is outside the scope of dimensions as specified by you.


    1. Murli Avatar

      I very much welcome your comments and queries! It gives me occasion to learn more!!

      Humans can view anything including sky in 2 dimensions, which is just like how a photograph can be taken by a camera. If you don’t think or analyze “z” dimension, you would view any scene like a photograph on a sheet of paper by your eyes. I used the analogy of 2 dimensions only to emphasize that a thought should be single. If you try to figure out “z” dimension, it would necessarily be a 2nd thought!

      I hope I have satisfactorily answered your query.

  4. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Murli,
    Fragmenting an entity till only singularity remains is essential to identify the single dimension for focus.

    Humans when they think of ` I’ as a singularity is in fact not a singularity. I is a composition of a complex multitude of `personalities’. When we ponder on issues depending on which personality is being used a different inference and varied behavior will result. In social terms we refer to this phenomenon as `Mood’.

    The simplicity of exercise of focusing on a single or two dimension has a complex requirement of identifying the single attribute for conducting the exercise.

    Thus focusing on a single thought will in most instances will cause multiple thoughts to occur in the exercise of identifying the single attribute.

    I wonder if the KISS principle (keep it simple) is a compromise to the complexity and harmony of the attributes that is the mystery of Gods creation.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your thoughts!

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