Our Life is full of Paradoxes! Why is that?

Look at your life closely and you would be amazed to find plethora of paradoxes and clusters of contradictions, which you might have come across. But, wonder how much you have noticed; so please ponder the following:

  1. Nature has given right things in the wrong hands or places and wrong things in the right hands or places.
    There are innumerable examples – Roses among thorns, Lotus in muddy waters, Energy resources – oil, gas & coal and rich minerals in difficult terrains and territories. Usually, very intelligent people have family and/or health issues and very healthy people are short of head. Look at your own body anatomy; you may discover weird combinations, which you may wish could have been different!
  2. In our drive of Pollution control, we have completely lost our way of Population control. No one has clue or clear data, how much this is painting black on green (initiatives).
  3. Governments and Industries lay emphasis and empathy on consumption for growth; but apathy on conservation.
  4. Balancing act of nature is through bestowing Fury n Favor; seldom does it through fair deal to the most!
  5. In pursuit of promoting Freedom and Democracies, some have promoted only Frightened and Fearful.
  6. The Worst tends to take grip, when people are at their Best.
    In 1923, eight of the wealthiest people in the world met. Their combined estimated wealth exceeded wealth of US Government at that time.
    25 years later:
    1. President of the largest steel company, Charles Schwab, died bankrupt.
    2. President of the largest gas company, Howard Hubson, went insane.
    3. One of the greatest commodity traders, Arthur Cutton, died insolvent.
    4. President of the New York Stock Exchange, Richard Whitney, was sent to jail.
    5. A member of the President’s Cabinet, Albert Fall, was pardoned from jail.
    6. The greatest “bear” on Wall Street, Jessie Livermore, committed suicide.
    7. President of the world’s greatest monopoly, Ivar Krueger, committed suicide.
    8. President, Bank of International Settlement, Leon Fraser, committed suicide.
      People make either a living (money) or life; rarely both!
  7. In IT era, illustrious idiom like “Ignorance is Bliss” has lost meaning to “Information is Blast”.
  8.  With unlimited info a click away, people are confused what to do with it.
  9. Social media receives so much of our time that we are left with no time for who cares and cries for us.
  10. Two gifts of our great time – “Say Sorry” and “Make Excuses”! People keep giving these so graciously that they go for third one “Why deliver what they promised”.
  11. When you have energy (young age), you do not know to channel it and when you know to channel it (matured age), you are left with little.
  12. When you like someone, you get closer and closer, only to find cracks and then, you repel farther and farther.
  13. When you want to get rid of assets, their values often rise!
  14. You do not realize relevance and value of what you have or virtues of others, until these start to diminish or vanish.
  15. When you are hollow, shallow or new (to a function), you tend to shout; but sober down, when you become solid and can afford to shout!

So much is for now; more in my next post and so also, why our life is that way?


22 responses to “Our Life is full of Paradoxes! Why is that?”

  1. SunilC Avatar

    Good One & Practical !

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your feedback!

  2. Mallikarjuna Rao Avatar
    Mallikarjuna Rao

    Amazing article…..Keep coming.

    1. murli Avatar

      I indeed appreciate your important comment!

  3. murli Avatar

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    Pradeep Varghese has sent you a message.
    Date: 6/29/2012
    Subject: RE: Our Life is full of Paradoxes! Why is that?

    This is a wonderful article. Life is full of pradoxes and also ironies!!!


  4. murli Avatar

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    Prafulla Mukkawar has sent you a message.
    Date: 6/29/2012
    Subject: RE: Our Life is full of Paradoxes! Why is that?
    Hello Sir,

    These thoughts are really nice.



  5. Aniruddha Karmarkar Avatar
    Aniruddha Karmarkar

    Excellent Practical Thoughts

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your important feedback!

  6. Jawahar Avatar

    Excellent post, Murli … and how true a revelation?!
    Will do my best to spread the message content ..

    1. murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your valuable feedback and illustrious efforts to take the contents further! Thanks a lot!!

  7. Rudra Avatar

    That’s the mockery of life I say!! “Good” exists because of “Bad”. If everything was possible, logical or consistent in life, it wouldn’t have been worth living!! Paradoxes will always be there, it’s all upon us how we deal with it!!

    Your 15 points are meticulous… a grand salute to the 6th one, points from 7-12 are gratifying and the following phrase was the cream of the post – “People make either a living (money) or life; rarely both!”

    I would definitely try to make BOTH!! 🙂

    1. murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your feedback, views and analysis!

      Yes, as the Post suggests, Paradoxes are inherent part of normal life, most live. My best wishes are with you to make a living as well as life. You need to build strong will and character; I am sure you can!

  8. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury Avatar
    Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

    Dear Mr Lohia,

    How true are your comments! The truth of this I see in everywhere in my life too. I think you should now put up a column on how to cope with these paradoxes or manage them in our daily lives.

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks for your valued comments and telling what you experience everywhere! Yes, in my next post, I plan to share my thoughts on why paradoxes and how to manage oneself in a situation of paradox.

  9. Maria Avatar

    Very very true 🙂 life is full of paradoxes, but i guess thr is a deeper meaning to the way things happen… nice article, liked the phrase you can either make a living or a life, depends on what u define as “living” and life 🙂

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks for your well thought comments and views! Yes, there is a deeper meaning behind why paradoxes exist in our life.

      I also appreciate your like!!

  10. Sunil Khanna Avatar
    Sunil Khanna

    Very well said. Thanks for sharing.

    1. murli Avatar

      I indeed appreciate your views!

  11. Rupesh Jaju Avatar
    Rupesh Jaju

    Good one Mr. Lohia,
    Really thoughtful article. Highly appreciate your work.

    1. murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your feedback and kind words. I appreciate these.

  12. Amrita Rode Avatar
    Amrita Rode

    Correctly said in this article. Point no 9 and 11 are very true for almost everyone.
    Thank you Sir for sharing such an excellent post!

    1. murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your views and valuable feedback! I appreciate that you have picked up the points, which you believe as more universal!!

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