Nothing can be sustained in steady state; so what’s in your hands!

When going is good, everyone would like it to keep going! But, then soon, you would get tired, bored or jittery, much as you would not like it happen and your rendezvous with gala time comes to an end.

You are happy that most of your customers are highly satisfied with you and believe that you can now breathe it easy. And, suddenly comes a communication from a very angry customer. This is followed by more disturbing news from other customers or your bosses or buddies.

When you thank your stars that for days, your spouse has been lovely in treating you is the time something lousy crops-up, derailing your dreamy run! When you feel proud that you have not fallen sick for months is what seems to attract a sickening month. When you think that your trouble are finally over is actually the onset of new troubles.

There are top notch organizations like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens or Dell. They have rarely been able to stabilize for long and always face risk of getting toppled by rivals or internal issues!

USA has gone strength to strength from its policies and principles of peace, democracy, secularism, civil and economic freedom; but despite foolproof security, advance warning and mock exercises, it got hit by unprecedented terror strike on 9/11, 2001; encountered great economic meltdown in 2008; it is facing threats from increasing number of religious outfits and rise of its real economic rival – China with no democracy and free market!

From above, it is clear that much as we would like it to be, nature does not allow steady state, continuous run or growth for too long! It allows all other possible alternatives to creep in and create chaos or disturbance!!

Signs that steady state can’t last long!

There are several footprints of nature that corroborate this:

  1. 2nd Law of thermodynamics
    This is highly celebrated law, which states that entropy i.e. heat energy of any body can’t remain constant. It would always increase with time. It applies to molecules of our body at micro level to universe at macro level.
  2. Our Universe is ever expanding
    Experimental observations till date suggest that universe in which we live has been expanding ever since its birth 13.8 billion years ago. We would face full scale calamities, if it ever contracts.
  3. Every particle or planet is in dynamic state
    Nothing in universe is steady or static! Idea of a steady state is only an illusion and desire for the same an impossible dream!!
    Atoms or sub-atomic particles, of which every substance or scenario is made, are constantly spinning and moving.
  4. Time is constantly moving forward
    If time was to be static, there would not be any life anywhere! It is constantly moving forward at speed of light. If arrow of time ever reverses even in a laboratory, there would utter chaos and things would go upside down.
  5. Continuous biological changes in our body
    Because of above, our body is constantly subject to changes and that leads to our aging with time.

Despite above dynamics, the only thing, which remains constant is our Mind!!! Never mistake mind as your brain. Are you surprised? But, it is true. What actually change in our mind are our observations and thoughts!

Hence, nothing holds out a higher promise or potential than your mind!

So, what in our hands?

A lot!

From foregoing, we can conclude nature loves to disturb or change, whereas we like to continue with what we love!!

How do we manage this contradiction – probably one of the biggest?

Here is the key – if you manage the opposite, you shall master the main! It is like – if you manage your weaknesses, you would automatically become strong!!

This reinforces a well-known message – “Manage Change”, but it actually comes with a master stroke of “Mastering the Steady State”! 

Disturbances, chaos or changes are of 2 types – one, which is beyond your control and second, which is within your control.

Here below are two top secrets, on which most humans flounder and blunder:

  1. Chaos or change, which is beyond your control
    Accept and appreciate!
    But never resist or react!!
    Yes; it is as simple as that to manage, yet you find it hard to do. You can break your head over what has become real; but reality remains!
    Chaos is local as well as at large. Consider local chaos as a circle with radius r. If you embrace it, r would either remain same or reduce; if you don’t, r would enlarge!
    Take an example – your dear one got hurt. If you lose your head, you would be anxious or angry and would fail to think in time the next step to alleviate her/his hurt. However, if you keep your head cool, you would swing into right action to address it.
    Nevertheless, by 2nd law of thermodynamics, if you contain or collapse local chaos, it must correspondingly increase it at large. But, that is not your headache.
  2. Chaos or change that in under your control
    Drive it right away and right way!
    But never put it away!!
    Everyone knows it; but seldom does it. Common chore is to allow it to descend and then drive into action. By then, it is generally too late. It is not that all changes are good. If random changes run down to become realities, you run the risk of facing wrong changes.

Key conclusion is – it is in your hands to shrink local circle of wrong chaos/change and swell that of right one! If you do that, it would give you steady run and stable growth!!


4 responses to “Nothing can be sustained in steady state; so what’s in your hands!”

  1. ravi athalye Avatar
    ravi athalye

    Dear Mr Lohia,
    You have aptly described the reality of life. Change is inevitable.

    Yet all the qualities that enable us to understand this fact requires a steady state approach to human thought. It is as if one launches from a stable platform to realize a wider understanding of the external world.

    In each of your management nuggets of dealing with the world : business or otherwise requires we create a yogic equivalence of steady state : a stable mind that does not distort self assessment and realization and does not distort the perception of life and what it delivers to you. Only with true facts can come reasonable appropriate solutions.

    When we engage in change we have to learn the art and science of steadiness of self. Even in this there is change. Our abilities to increase thought and behavior steadiness is change. Yes change is inevitable. But the momentary pockets of time interval where momentariy one experiences steadiness are the golden platforms where one gets a momentary perception of undistorted change.

    I am sure the greatest achievers of steady state : Budha, Auro Bindo, Ravindranate Tagore, Abdul Kalam were able to move paradigm of existentialism by their undiluted perception of external motion or life entropy.

    Equilibirium is never steady state. It is a dynamic balance.

    It is paradoxical that to understand Ying you must be Yang and vice versa.

    The quantum aspect of light being packet assumes that there is nothing between the packets. Without nothingness there cannot be somethingness.

    So steady state is a temporary state of changel

    As humans if we can recognize the phase where steady state has occurred and launch our search for truth on this muharat we can all become mini budhas.

    Thanks for again bringing to attention to the less thought aspect of life .




    1. Murli Avatar

      I admire your intellectual thoughts and depth of understanding! All what you have written make sense and are relevant to all of us!!

      Yes; steady state has not been properly defined, to my knowledge, by science, faith or philosophy. Flowing with change with no turbulence is what a steady state is! There is nothing like being stand still in this universe. You can visualize the blind spots, science has and scientists world over would not admit it.

      Thanks; your views are indeed enriching.

  2. Rudra Avatar

    Very good suggestions and ideas indeed. Managing the opposite and managing it well is the key part.

    One heartening post!! Thanks…

    1. Murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your encouraging view and feedback!

      I am sure you would do very well, by always managing the opposite first!!

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