Wake up call – halfway life, most of us live, brings more woes than we believe!

To be very frank, most of us do not even live halfway; whereas life is our own – very personal and we should be living it full! Who stops us; what prevents us? Paradox is most of us believe that a full life means experiencing a bit of everything! No; full life means doing things, even if these are fewer, with full heart and mind, understanding and knowledge, consciousness and conviction!

Most of us think we know enough, what we are doing is correct; but when we do not get what we want, we waver to ask ourselves why and where we are going wrong. We somehow explain or satisfy ourselves that this can happen, have patience, it would come; but we do not try to fathom whether it has something to do with our own understanding. In the bargain, we do not get even 50% return on our efforts and end up muddling through our life.

We would read, listen and participate in motivational topics, enjoy exciting quotes, attend personality, character or leadership building programs; but do we drop our preconceived notions or allow our paradigm to shift in the right direction? No, we do not! Then, how can we believe that we have better understanding now, simply because we have attended such programs? More than 90% of people feel that having attended or read something better has made them better!!!

Our real problem is we lack tenacity to reach full understanding, develop full conviction and validate it by results we get. We stop midway, believing that we have got it or it is not worth going further.

Living with half definitions and half convictions!

It would be difficult to believe but true that it is more common all over the world to live with incomplete definitions and fractured convictions! To do the opposite i.e. living with full understanding is an exception! To cite some examples:

  1. Honesty is the best policy; but most don’t even know that promising but not delivering is serious act of dishonesty.
  2. Happiness is a state of mind and hence within us; but we would go all over from places of worship to places of wooing to seek it.
  3. We know ego is our worst enemy; yet we would embrace it most!
  4. We want to make money and slog for it; but don’t pay attention to how much we are losing by keeping a sum dormant in bank account or not saving and investing.
  5. We know health is real wealth; but we waste it by unhealthy eating and living habits! Why we do that, if we really have put our conviction in good health?
  6. We know importance of focus at work; we no doubt do the work but with mind full of frivolous thoughts and worries.
  7. We are aware that negative frame of mind brings negative events; yet when we become angry, anxious, disenchanted or distressed; we get swayed and swarmed by same rather than dropping those.
  8. We believe greed is not good; yet we put it above God!
  9. We are convinced that making efforts is in our hands; but not result. Yet our mind is infested with preconceived ideas for results.
  10. We clamor for Change; but last one to care about it!

Do a reality check on your conclusions and convictions

Your conclusions and convictions are fractured or false, if:

  • You don’t practice those in cozy or comfortable time.
    But, you would put your faith on those only during trying or troubled time.
  • You practice those during good time; but question or throw those away during bad time.
  • Those do not deliver to you good results!
    It is impossible that a full and right conclusion or conviction can ever fail you!!

In short, your definitions, knowledge, understanding, conclusions and convictions are real and complete, only if you live by those regardless you get successes or setbacks!

Living a full Life!

It is better to be ignorant than to be ill or partially informed! But, your information is complete, only if you are implementing or using it!! It is bunk to say that oh, I know it but don’t feel like using it. Fact may be that you do not know it fully. It is impossible that your information or conclusions are nearly complete and your mind would not compel you to use it.

You take cycles of good and bad, high and low as granted. But, one of main factors for such cycles is you draw upon your right conviction, which brings good and then you drop it only to face bad. Reason why you draw upon and drop, your convictions are actually fractured; otherwise there is no reason why you would not always stay with those! To add to your woes, you develop illusion that you have the right knowledge; but it is not helping.

As mentioned before, put your full faith in living a full life and you can only do that when you go an extra mile to get your information, knowledge, learning, conclusions and convictions as complete as you can and then do the above reality check. Never worry about too many things or too much information. When you do few things right and complete, you would automatically get opportunity and time to do more!

So, live a full life by aforesaid definition, you would surely reap rich fruits forever!


6 responses to “Wake up call – halfway life, most of us live, brings more woes than we believe!”

  1. shriniwas Avatar

    Your thoughts and views really helps us to understand the happy living…

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your gracious view!

  2. Madhav Avatar

    Dear Murli Lohia, This is one of the best articles I have read in long time. Every line is precious and eye opener. Yes Our Big ideas (perceptions) influence our behavior and performance in general. Thank you for sharing and is a great learning. Best Regards

    1. Murli Avatar

      I can’t thank you enough for your very thoughtful and encouraging views! These reflect your grace and focus!!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    Hmmm… a good eye-opener! You have outlined the points that we certainly need to implement in our lives. That reality check is unquestionably needed!!

    “Living a full Life” section is encouraging!! 🙂


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your precious views and feedback!

      I am sure that by living a full life as defined, you would accomplish a lot!!

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