Why your ownership is full on what you hold in hands; but fractured for what is in your mind!

Generally, your ownership is very different for what you hold in your hands compared to image of same very object in your mind – for example, a child in your hands (or on lap) as against her picture in your mind, mobile handset in your hands as opposed to TV or Desktop computer screen showing same contents or currency notes as opposed to credit card in your hands! I know of many persons, spending hours watching news channels with utmost attention on TV; yet next morning, they can’t do without holding a newspaper in hand and reading it!! Nothing is like possessing a book on subject of your choice, rather than reading it on-line.

Out of five traditional senses of human body, smell and taste play lesser role in creating your ownership (their bigger role is in creating likes or dislikes); but sight and hearing senses play a big role towards developing ownership. Nonetheless, your ownership becomes complete only if you are able to touch; in other words, you are able possess it. It is the ability to hold it physically, in which your touch sense gets activated; you feel the real or full ownership. That is how most human minds are conditioned!

Why a handheld mobile phone has become so indispensable gadget of your life? What do you think? After all, there was life before 1973, when 1st version of this handheld device was launched. The fact is that it is our ability to see, hear and possess anywhere anytime is what has made mobile handset unavoidable part of our life!

What is very important here is to understand crucial role of our ownership, feeling of possession or likes behind such evolution. Where all of our 5 senses get satisfied, we develop ownership like a duck getting into water! Ownership becomes less and less when we are not able to use all senses and hence sense of our satisfaction or belonging goes down and down!! Not that it is very desirable; but in reality, that is the state of most human minds.

Make only optimum use of your 5 traditional senses!

Ownership is one of the most important qualities, which you need for sure in professional as well as private life. It also sows seeds for other critical qualities like sincerity, focus, enthusiasm, diligence and attention to details. It would be very interesting to know that ownership is closely linked, as mentioned above, the way you use your 5 traditional senses – sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Whereas overuse leads to obsession, under-use results in aversion! Right thing is to make only optimum use of your senses.

Take example of any activity at work place for which you develop a liking, say marketing; you would start making use of sight and hearing more. Instead, if it is software development, you would start focusing on senses like sight and touch more. Remember, your mind is always active and working in conjunction with respective senses. Now, those who become very passionate about marketing, they would start making very high use of their senses for sight and hearing.

So, excessive use of some or all 5 senses invariably makes a person narrow in his/her liking, flair or expertise! Sensory effects are far reaching, since mind stores the same in memory. Depending upon the flair, which you have developed, respective sensory feelings would keep popping up in your mind on simulated basis. That is what creates temptation in your mind to do same thing more and more, so that it results into more inputs to mind via those very senses of yours.

Higher the use of your 5 senses, higher is the material ownership and lower is mental or spiritual (it does not mean religious) ownership and vice versa!

Make maximum use of your 6th sense!

You must have heard about 6th sense. Various philosophies or faiths talk of 6th sense; but there is no clear definition.

6th sense is the sense of your mind, when it does not allow you to use any of 5 traditional senses!

It is a very powerful state of mind. Several terms have been given to such state, which confuses nearly all people. If you think that intuition, inner voice, instinct, inspiration or bliss is any different than this state of mind, it is now time to correct your perception. It is same as what you can call as your 6th sense! Everyone has it!!

Maximum use of 6th sense promotes very high degree of your ownership on your pure thoughts or ideas. Great innovators like Thomas Edison, Graham Bell or Benjamin Franklin, thinkers, scientists or thought leaders have used knowingly or unknowingly their 6th sense to the maximum and that is what had made them great! Most celebrated music composition from Beethoven came in when he was totally deaf!! It could have only come from his stronger 6th sense.

If you like to make your life awe inspiring, change your ownership by minimizing or optimizing use of 5 traditional senses and maximizing use of your 6th sense!


4 responses to “Why your ownership is full on what you hold in hands; but fractured for what is in your mind!”

  1. shreya Avatar

    Quite informative post Sir! Detailed insight of owership.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valued views and feedback!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    First time I read it, didn’t quite get it… 🙁 but after construing it for the second time, I realized it’s a very well written, very well orchestrated article 🙂 It is indeed the ability to hold it physically, when you feel the real ownership!!

    But then, it again comes down to that most imperative thing – how much you “use” your senses! So it’s the use of correct senses at correct activities that matters OR the use of your decisive 6th one…

    I think I can justly say that my 6th sense has got me out of the jail quite a few times, so this theory does make a lot of sense and I can relate!! 🙂

    Nice read!


    1. Murli Avatar

      I am pleased to receive your precious views and feedback!

      It is great that you got it very well!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I am sure that you would be able to use what post defines as your 6th sense to your great advantage and success.

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