If you want to make impact, don’t mistake your Emotions as Inspiration!

[By the way, this is 100th article on this website and contains a new discovery with rights reserved; but please follow it since it can help you immensely!]

Emotions are always overwhelming, overpowering and captivating. These drive you to act or respond. This is what precisely inspiration also does. That brings utter confusion in the minds of most – they tend to take their emotions as their inspiration, they fail to figure-out fine dividing line between emotions and inspiration and hence fall on the wrong side!

You would have often observed that people hear hypocritical statements of politicians, slogans of activists, swear of celebrities and they get swayed by the same. Many would choose a role model out of them at that point of time and most would declare they have got inspired from what they have heard or seen. In that, what has actually triggered is not inspiration but their emotions! Emotions are tempting and therefore, many consider these as their trait or trademark!

Emotions could be positive, passive or negative. Negative emotions generally come from past memories and comprise of anger, anxiety, envy, fear, frustration, greed, obsession, temper, tantrums or other negative gestures. Positive emotions constitute passion, pleasure, excitement, enthusiasm or like. Passive emotions are silent and make you pensive! Though negative emotions are highly seductive, most are aware that these are not inspirations. Problem lies with positive or passive emotions, which majority confuses as inspiration!

Layman’s difference between Emotion and Inspiration

  1. Emotions mainly rally on your past memories; whereas inspiration rallies on past knowledge and present thought or observation.
  2. Emotions are blind; but inspiration has a vision.
  3. Emotions drive you to react; inspiration drives to act!
  4. Emotions are virtual; whereas inspiration is real, brings you nearer to the realities!
  5. Emotions polarize; but, inspirations centralize your thoughts!

One of mysteries of Mind unveiled

Here below is a profound result of profound research:

“Inspiration is a single thought in your mind. Inspiration is a unique idea! It is like a single line in space!!

On the other hand, emotion is set of thoughts or ideas. It is like a bunch of lines, which together form an image! It is the virtual geometry of such image, which actually triggers our senses and generates emotions!!

A single thought, being like a line, has no geometry or shape and therefore, can’t create any sensation in our body; whereas, emotion having a virtual shape does, which we constantly experience.

At any given moment, our mind can have only one thought at a time. Our feeling of multiple thoughts at a time is only an illusion. Since these thoughts pass in our mind at a very high speed – at the speed of light, we tend to think that these exist simultaneously. It is the multiplicity of thoughts, which make emotion to emanate from one present but all other past thoughts!

Another fact to substantiate above is worldwide, everyone knows what is good; but he/she either does not implement it or do that partly. The sole reason for this is absence of inspiration and abundance of emotions! To make the things worse, we mix presence of inspiration with emotions and therefore, inspiration loses its impact!!

This is the first time I believe, a scientific credence has been given to inspiration (and emotion). Human history has given a variety of names to one and same thing – Intuition, Instinct, Inner voice, gut feel etc. These are nothing but single unique thought, popping up in mind. Inspiration goes hand in hand with what we call as our consciousness or mindfulness.”

Inspiration as most powerful tool to impact

Man is emotional. Emotions would always come and go. What is most important is to practice:

  • Experience the emotions, feel the emotions, as these are natural and essential part of our life.
  • Don’t get driven by emotions.
  • Take a pause, when you are emotional and then choose your response.
  • But never mistake emotion as your inspiration.
  • And last thing; never ever mix inspiration with emotions.

Once you do the above, it would not be difficult for you to identify, when you get inspiration! Inspiration has immense power. It creates:

  • A vision
  • A goal
  • A purpose, which matches your natural aptitude
  • A possibility, which can convert into a reality
  • A potential, which knows no boundary

So, please understand one secret of Nature for sure – most powerful and truthful things are simple and singular. May be you find it difficult to believe; but that does not change the reality. Inspiration is one of these things and you possess it!

Please tell me, what can be a bigger gift for you this festive season than to having discovered this?


6 responses to “If you want to make impact, don’t mistake your Emotions as Inspiration!”

  1. Mohan Vadnere Avatar
    Mohan Vadnere

    Hi Murali sir,

    Thank you for this very good article.
    With appropriate and patient practice layman would be able to differentiate between emotion and inspiration. You have clearly marked differences between the two.
    Mind of any layman is always full of thoughts, and it is very common that we knowingly or unknowingly mix emotions with inspiration.
    How can I practice not to mix my inspiration with my emotions?

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your very valuable thoughts! You are also getting it very right!!

      1st key for not to mix emotions with inspiration is to know the difference between the two, which you have orchestrated it well. Please practice it strongly and with focus. I must emphasize it is very well possible but not easy. Once you start differentiating the two, keep identifying when you are really inspired. Inspiration would always make a person very calm, composed and confident! Concentration of mind on a single thought, which we call as meditation would help immensely.

      Please do not give up your efforts; I am sure you would get there and your gain would be what you can’t even imagine!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! 100th!!! BIG Congrats!!! 🙂

    You hit the nail on its head… yes; we do see people becoming “fans” of others way too quickly. This is so so absurd!! People these days seem to easily get impressed or influenced by politicians, celebrities or any other Tom, Dick and Harry, which is just wrong!! And yes, you’re correct… it’s got to be the emotion rather than inspiration – more often than not!

    I tend to differ from such people!!

    But nice discovery I must say and I genuinely hope that many and many people read this article, understand this and implement accordingly!

    Thanks and keep going… 😉

    1. Murli Avatar

      And you have hit the bull’s eye!

      I am very impressed that you are different than most. Please keep it up that way; it would pay you rich dividend!!

  3. Kaustubh Nilegaonkar Avatar
    Kaustubh Nilegaonkar

    Hi Sir,

    First of all Congratulations for valuable century which would help nurture our life with these useful articles..

    I strongly believe inspiration drives your life in a direction and if you set a goal, inspiration is great driving force and our emotionally driven behavior may lose the direction.

    Every individual has emotions, its good to have emotions but acting emotionally my tend to divert the direction.

    Many thanks for this precious gift !!!

    With Sincere regards

    Kaustubh Nilegaonkar

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your thoughtful words!

      What you believe is very appropriate. You have calibrated your views well!!

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