Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!

A man is known to have good chunk of money and participates in a marathon race for the cause of blind people, he becomes master of Universe! “Blind worship of wealth” seems to be what today’s media tends to project! On the darker side, same man also runs a cast iron foundry shop, where he compromises on investment for proper safety gear to protect eyes of his workers from the molten metal in plant’s furnace! This fact has remained in dark so far!! You would notice time to time that CEOs or promoters of profitable organizations are being labeled as visionaries of world, leading lights of the country and savior of industries.

I was to take a direct flight from San Francisco to JFK Airport, New York around summer of 1994 and had a confirmed seat on a US airline. When I reached airport well ahead of reporting time, I was told by airline staff that the flight is overbooked and I need to wait a little bit until he sorts out the mess; but he promised that my seat being confirmed would not be a problem. I followed up couple of times; but got similar answers from the staff, until only 30 minutes were left for the flight departure. I again walked up to him and told him angrily that now nothing doing; give me the seat. He looked into his console and told me “He is sorry, all seat have been allotted and flight is closed. He is putting me on another flight 1 hour later via Memphis and would give me additionally a free return ticket from San Francisco to JFK Airport”. I got wild and told him “This is simply not done. I care a damn for free return ticket. I am going to miss an important meeting with a customer and my company is going to lose a major contract.” He told me coldly that is what he can do, he is very sorry though! A US citizen was watching this episode. He approached me and told “Gentleman, if I were you, I would sue this airline and am sure to get couple of hundred thousands of dollars as compensation!” Later on, I learnt that airline was declared as the best US airline of the year!!

In most developed countries, I have observed that if you could not sleep through the night due to bug in the bed of your room, hotel staff would proudly buy you a free evening drink! Forget the quality of what you post on social media; you can buy likes and followers by paying a fee and make your post a super hit!! Money can put the virtues and vices in the same bracket!!!

And we call it our intellectual renaissance!

When money is the motto, maladies are bound to mingle!

Yes, money is important, indispensable; yet it must not become your motto. Unless you treat money as only one of the means, you are bound to get mired with maladies. Like it or not, one day or another, these very maladies would overtake you and make you to lose same money.

When money becomes your motive, following would surface, go under wrap; but hurt you in due course:

  1. Money brings perk of Power, Position, Popularity and/or Publicity. It can also be vice versa, when these Ps bring money.
    All of these Ps become poison, when money drives your motives!
  2. Arrogance
  3. Poor quality and/or content of your communications
  4. Paucity of empathy and plenty of envy.
  5. Malfunction of your psychology, wardrobes
    and what not!

When service and satisfaction of stakeholders become primary…

Mistake me not; you need money! Flow of money is a sign of your doing it right. But, you can only do it right, when you make service and satisfaction of stakeholders, customers included, as primary purpose of what you do. Make sure that you are sincere and focused in this purpose. It is only then that money would come to you as a by-product, come in plenty and would become your blessing!

Our main problem is lack of our belief in above, even though we may know it, poor patience and passion.

Generations have tried to earn money through fair or unfair means; but it eventually failed to fructify or fly. Money can bring prosperity and peace of mind, when it comes as a consequence of service and satisfaction of your stakeholders.

So, take a call now and if you do, please do it sincerely!


4 responses to “Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!”

  1. Neepa Avatar

    I perceive money as a mean to achieve our goals, our livelihood and happiness, But many a times we perceive money as an end or main goal. If you are able to segregate it, we may be able to become more passionate about our work family and enjoy each stage of life.

    1. Murli Avatar

      You have orchestrated your thoughts very well and these make very good sense! Please permit me to share one supplementary thought – money brings comfort; but for happiness, it is mind not money, which is the enabler!!

      Yes, when money becomes an end, that’s a beginning of several miseries.

  2. Rudra Avatar

    Yes, money is everything but not the only thing – certainly not!

    Money, without prosperity and peace of mind, is not of any worth!

    But I somewhere feel this attitude comes with age. Till certain point in your life, you’d just do anything to earn that penny and you really don’t care about any maladies and keep-on masking those. As you progress and evolve through your life, you then try to earn it through truthful services. Correct?

    Well, as they say – “Excess of everything is harmful”… and same applies to MONEY as well! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks; very well stated!

      Yes; it is true that lot of things and lessons come with age. But, then lot of damage gets done and majority go to the point of no return!! That’s where, it hurts badly. Therefore, it is best to share experience and learn from same.

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