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  • Most casual but serious mistake we commit – confusing Seriousness as Sincerity!

    Most casual but serious mistake we commit – confusing Seriousness as Sincerity!

    It is normally difficult to comprehend colossal difference it can make, when one is serious as opposed to being sincere, though dividing line between the two is very fine even by dictionary meaning! I had a colleague in a German multinational company in which I had worked, who specialized in X-ray spectrometry. He was too […]

  • How good is to serve same employer life time?

    How good is to serve same employer life time?

    Those, who serve an employer for long time, hesitate to ask this question to self or others! And those, who keep hopping from one to another employer, obviously don’t want to ask this question. Irony is that all of us want to be under the illusion of belief that what we are doing is good!! […]

  • Burden of being beautiful!

    Burden of being beautiful!

    Is it not true that “Beauty is bliss”, “Beauty is blast” and “Beauty signifies the good”? Being beautiful is undoubtedly fascinating and a positive aspect – be it beautiful personality, physique, product, place to visit, phenomena of nature, characteristic or any other body/being! Look at advertisements of any product or service in print or social […]

  • Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!

    A man is known to have good chunk of money and participates in a marathon race for the cause of blind people, he becomes master of Universe! “Blind worship of wealth” seems to be what today’s media tends to project! On the darker side, same man also runs a cast iron foundry shop, where he […]

  • You need right recipe to get great results; but getting addicted to it is regressing!

    Recipe of Bill Clinton was right during his 1st term as US President and therefore, he got success in getting elected for 2nd term, during which he apparently got addicted to it. Therefore, he failed to notice which ingredient of that recipe was going wrong and got into serious troubles in his relationships! Michael Dell […]

  • Color of one’s Blood does not change to Blue, simply because he/she comes from Famous Family, Company or College!

    Look at the people of Companies, Communities or Countries; one common thing that one would notice is lot of hype and awe for those, who come from well-known families, companies or campuses! Is that justified? Is there any rationale behind? Answer is big “No”, if we talk of 100% of cases; probably valid only in […]

  • Presence of Paradoxes – A Bane or Blessing?

    In previous Post of 28-June-2012, we have seen how glaring paradoxes in our life are. Let us look at some more to gain deeper insight. Everything that we observe, including ourselves, has been created by nature out of Nothing! Science has developed devices to receive and relate signals from billions of miles away; but has […]