Tag: Renaissance

  • Why things show up often, when we are set to give up!

    Or things pop up, when you have already given up!! I came across a number of employees in the organizations, I have been associated with. These employees were sincere and hardworking; but like it happens in most companies, they developed feeling that they were not getting rewarded reasonably for their work and worth by the […]

  • Money – the best Mask for most Maladies!

    A man is known to have good chunk of money and participates in a marathon race for the cause of blind people, he becomes master of Universe! “Blind worship of wealth” seems to be what today’s media tends to project! On the darker side, same man also runs a cast iron foundry shop, where he […]

  • Practices give repeat/peak Performance; but Breakthroughs come only when same are broken!

    Good practices are great to give repeat and consistent performance. But these by themselves cannot enable breakthroughs or innovations to improvise further. If that was to happen, you would have already got those! If you think that laid-down “practices and processes” alone would give you best results at all times to come; it may be […]