Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!

Look at western hemisphere of the globe; you would find that most of it is more developed, in terms of being modern and advanced, than eastern hemisphere (leave Japan and Australia out of the discussions for the time being). Go down to Continental level say Europe. Western European countries are more developed than East European countries. Now, move down to country levels. Take United States – western states like California, Washington etc. have been the first to bring scientific and technological advancements not only in USA; but also in the world. West of Russia is far more advanced than its eastern side. Western India is much more developed than its eastern counterpart.

Now, I want you to take you through amazing coincidence – western side of Mumbai Local railways had been strikingly richer, more advanced and developed than east side! It is only because of saturation and rising costs in western suburbs in Mumbai, that attention now is getting focused to develop east side.

A caution in this analysis – please do not split the hairs. Look at the overall scenario and trends at levels of masses and major areas, to understand the synthesis of this article. The notion of east relative to west just comes from the direction of rotation of earth and how “zero or starting time line (arbitrary) for a new calendar day was fixed somewhere on right side of New Zealand on 2-Nov-1868”. By that token, New Zealand (NZ) becomes the first eastern country; but if the same zero time line was to be fixed on left side of NZ, then NZ would have become last western country on earth! So, these notions of east and west are just human made; not absolute in any sense.

In short, every place, which we call as “eastern” could be west of “western” in one rotation of earth. So, please do not be surprised that at many places, east part is more developed than west!

Now, you would also notice a diagonally opposite feature of east. Eastern side is generally richer in culture, art, literature, traditions and spirituality. It beholds old values. On the other hand, west is more modern, materialistic, rationalist, propagator of new values, which may not have linkage to traditions, culture or spiritual values!

What is beneath such a great contrast between two hemispheres of globe to two opposite sides of a railway track – East & West? Is it a mere coincidence or a causal phenomenon?

It is not a coincidence!

Did you watch spectacular millennium celebrations in NZ and at Sydney Harbor in Australia at 12 midnight of 31-Dec-1999? They were among first to celebrate! Now, authorities or group of individuals watching these in San Francisco, USA could have improved upon and done even better, as they had nearly 24 hours in hands for their millennium night to come!

Moral of the story is West has got at least more than 52,000 opportunity days per person till date since year 1868, compared to East to improve upon ideas and develop more in relative terms. But, it is not that East was completely blind to what West was doing during that period. So, we can say West had better possibilities to develop on net-net basis.

What is the Secret?

Have weather, geography and natural resources i.e. natural factors in general helped West as opposed to East? It does not seem to be the case. Moreover, these would be frivolous, when we consider this phenomenon for the same city or state!

Evaluate the following:

Note – we are talking below of overall behavior of large section of population at a given place and not individuals yet!

  1. Psychologically, when we start a new calendar day, we tend to focus fresh on new or older ideas/thoughts.
  2. As the calendar day progresses, our focus shifts to things, issues or events, that have occurred in immediate past or just before.
  3. Towards end of the calendar day, we usually get time to brood over things of previous day and prior time! But, by then most people run out of time or energy or both. Even if new information or events occur at that time, on an average, people tend to lie low, as the day is getting over.
  4. What has been happening in East –
    1. Behavior pattern in East has been predominantly centered on point 1 above, as it sees and is subject to calendar day first. It is like a fresh start with less recourse to prior info!
    2. Above, over decades and centuries, has led to development of new and consolidation of old culture, art, traditions, spirituality etc.
    3. Modernization and rationalization took a relative back seat, because of split focus on point 3 above. Point 2 has kept East engaged with current and on-going problems.
  5. What has been going on with West –
    1. West has a unique opportunity of knowing longer history of a calendar day during their part of the day! For example, USA is able to see and evaluate events of the whole day in East as well as witness their own on the same very date; Europe and U.K. do it partly.
      It is like a start with substantial prior info!
    2. Therefore, actions of West shifts more to point 2 as compared to 1 and towards end of its day, West has the possibility of knowing new and early events in East for the next Calendar day!!
    3. Above has enabled West to learn better lessons from what had happened in East, better prepared to make improvements, innovations and add new values. This also resulted in their shunning older order, seeking new and making them more rationalists.
      This is one single biggest factor for scientific and technological advancements coming from West!

Note – One could always counter argue against above by saying in East, one or several individuals can or actually do work very long and in night to beat the effect of a calendar day. But, we are talking of behavioral pattern and efforts of several million people over decades and centuries, which have impacted development of countries and regions!

What needs to be recognized is how an Arbitrary Line for start of a calendar day on right side of NZ and effect of day’s cycle on human psychology has made all the difference in different regions of our planet!!

Now, coming to why above secret has not applied to Japan and to some extent to Australia/NZ. Do not be surprised, if I say the Secret does apply to them also. Look at closely the behavior and work culture of Japanese people. They have been functioning as West side of West, even if it has meant to be one day’s cycle latter. They have stuck to it; working harder, longer and disciplined to reach 2nd top position, even after ruins of World War II. Australia and NZ have followed Japanese example; but only partly.

So, what is the Message?

Contrast between West and East clearly proves that if you can learn from the past in every day’s cycle and then, make efforts to improve and innovate, you would bring terrific technological and scientific advancements. If you like to look fresh at new or older ideas at the start of every day cycle, you may not discover new or get stuck with old ones.

And, this becomes a precursor to redoubtable and reassuring revelation of a new subject of the next post on CYI!


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  1. Murli Avatar

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    mukul upreti has sent you a message.
    Date: 10/03/2012
    Subject: Re: Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!

    wonderful article sir!

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable feedback!

  2. Murli Avatar

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    Sachin M. Karanjekar commented on your link.

    Sachin wrote: “the reason what I think behind this is, Eastern always considered them blessed (by nature or GOD) and forgot the action. Relatively westerns were always at difficult situation; they took actions and emerge as winners. So its right action at right time that makes difference

  3. Murli Avatar

    Thanks for yr views; but I am not sure whether these apply! In East, there has been a large population, which believes in communism (not in God or Nature!). It is also not that Westerners were always in difficult situation. Their difficulties were no way different than others n mostly were man made!! To search the impact on masses over large areas n long durations, v need to look at phenomena at very core or fundamental level. Please let me know, does it help for better understanding of the post?

  4. Murli Avatar

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    Rajendra Babtiwale has sent you a message.
    Date: 10/04/2012
    Subject: RE: Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!

    Wonderful analysis Sir! Appreciate it!


  5. Murli Avatar

    Many thanks for your views and feedback! These are valuable to me.

  6. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

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    Girish Deshpande has sent you a message.
    Date: 10/04/2012
    Subject: RE: Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!

    Dear Sir,

    This is a very nice article. You have correctly analysed the cause of advancement of the west as compared to the east.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valuable views and feedback! I indeed appreciate these.

  7. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

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    Rajendra Babtiwale has sent you a message.
    Date: 10/08/2012
    Subject: RE: Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!
    Dear Sir,

    I could understand the logic behind eastern part of the earth and western part. Bit curious why on both side of railway line this difference exists. There is no time difference. Or is it because land cost on western side is higher than other and only rich can afford it. Just curious.


    1. Murli Avatar

      This is a very intelligent question! Thanks a lot!!

      In my this week’s upcoming post, I would be covering more ground how split seconds’ behavior of human beings can make phenomenal difference. I am not sure how many might be conscious of the same.

      Let me give you some gist – arbitrary lines have been drawn across the globe, where time zones are supposed to change by 1 hr. (Only in India, we had opted for 1/2 hr time zone). If we go from one time line to another, there is a step change by 1 hour. In real terms, it changes linearly with Earth’s rotation, as we go from East to West. In other words, time on east side of Mumbai or any other railway line is ahead by fraction of or few seconds compared to the west side. These few seconds have made a difference over a long period on the psychology and attitude of the people, as much as it has done over longer distances between eastern and western hemispheres of the globe. Once a small change happens in development or in-habitation of a small area, it would only multiply by a chain reaction!

      Above seems to be the cause of west side of most places being more developed than east, even over smaller distances/areas. There is no other cause, which justifies such a difference!! This is what my research shows. Land cost being higher in West is only a consequence that came much later!

      Please do let me know, whether above is a convincing logic? Your feedback is very important to me.

      1. Vincent K.Napier Avatar
        Vincent K.Napier

        Sir,this is very informative article and could this also explain Israel advancement in Middle East,and being the ‘West most part’ of middle East,am interested knowing

  8. Murli Avatar

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    Rajendra Babtiwale has sent you a message.
    Date: 10/09/2012
    Subject: RE: Nature’s untold secret – Why West of most places is more developed than East!

    Thank you Sir! I think this explains. We need to consider the span of time over which this split seconds difference has made this impact.

    Thanks! Eager to read your next blog.


  9. Rudra Avatar

    That’s an incredibly enormous observation you made. I think we can blame it on the Sun though 🙂 or the way universe operates, yeah?? But yes, as you pointed-out, since East is almost 24 hrs ahead from West, so they tend do everything first and then probably West learns and inspires (it happens absolutely opposite in our Bollywood though :P)

    And yes, learning from the past always helps… your future should always be at-least one step (24 hrs :)) ahead than your past.

    You managed to elucidate this in a nice “East-West” theory!! Accredited!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your very valuable views and comments! I profusely appreciate the same!!

      The fine prints of this secret of nature are available in the Post, I have released last night.

      I am pleased with your deep interest and time.

  10. Tacito Avatar


    Very nice post. Interesting.
    I think Latin America deserves a deeper look into the model. Probably you can help me understand why it is different.
    Brazil is the most advanced country in the region and it is on the east side. East side of Brazil is far more developed than the west even considering they are 2 hours behind. The same can be observed when you go down to cities level, east side is more developed than west.
    Any idea ??


    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very thankful to you for your valuable views and encouraging feedback!

      You have raised very intelligent point and interesting observations! I appreciate the opportunity given by you to go deeper to share my thoughts why Latin America and Brazil in particular show a different pattern!

      I have mentioned in the post that notion of East and West has come purely from how time lines/zones have been arbitrarily considered since Nov-1868. Japan as a far eastern country is a classical example, where people’s attitude and behavior have been like west side of west, even though it happens after a day’s cycle. Firstly, Brazil and for that reason whole of Latin America (LA) is located in Western Hemisphere; but could not develop as much as North America. Please trace back the history of LA and refer to my latest post, released on 11-Oct-12. People in LA were looking more backward (a great opportunity for being in west); but then, they did not look forward as much as they should have or what NA people had done in the past! That is where, LA has lagged behind in development compared to NA. Now, for past several years, trend has changed particularly in Brazil. Its people (business, Government…) have become more balanced on looking back and then forward. That has brought in foreign investments, people from more developed nations to further drive this change of looking back and then forward. And that has driven Brazil to exploit natural resources, geographical advantages etc.

      Now, coming to eastern parts of Brazil as a country or its cities, I need your help for some inputs. Please tell me whether people in western parts are stuck with paradigm of culture, difficult terrains or any such natural limitations. Am I right that eastern parts of Brazil have advantages of ports, beaches etc. If yes, people wanting to look back and then forward would have moved over recent years towards east and its development pattern would undergo a change. Then, it would be a case of functioning like west side of west! Point, which I want to make is that there are several countries and cities is east of LA or else where, having rich natural resources or other geographical advantages; but the development would only trigger, when people living there – local or alien – start to look back and forward in balanced manner (not more of backward or more of forward) and then, it simply multiplies on its own!!

      I request your feedback, whether above is convincing and tell me more above culture and geography of western Brazil.

  11. Arun Avatar

    Wonderful and mind – blowing article Sir. I have always been wondering that why West have developed much better compared to its eastern counterparts. This article manages to give me a whole new dimensional level of satiation for my curiosity.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valuable comments and complimentary words.

      I am happy that you got an answer to your significant query.

  12. Vincent K.Napier Avatar
    Vincent K.Napier

    We had East and West Germany,West developed faster and more than East Germany during the cold war

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