Greatest Equation of Nature: You get = What you give

Science and mathematics have given us innumerable equations, which have immense impact on our life; but nothing is more influential and imposing than nature’s own equation: You get = What you give! The relevance and ramifications of this equation are colossal. It is so deeply ingrained in our day to day life; yet research shows that very few have realized the rationale and realities, it presents.

It works across whole cross-section of societies, age groups, professions, faiths and fraternities, irrespective of time and space in the world. Effect of what you give can be seen in real time or in due course of time, depending upon the situation or parameter involved in “giving”. It is necessary that you understand what exactly you are giving. It is also critical for you to know that what you get back, comes in the form or manner that you are prompted or encouraged to give more of what you gave!!

Real examples in real time

  1. You give smile by heart to someone, she/he would smile back and you would feel like giving more smiles to same person or in general to everyone.
    It is possible that she/he does not have habit of smiling often or has stern face. Watch her/his face carefully; your smile would bring change in facial expressions equivalent to the effect of your smile!
    Also note, if you try this with plastic smile on your face, it would not work, because you are actually not giving anything. Giving has to be something in real and not false or fake.
  2. You give a dirty look, the person would give you back similar look.
  3. You give respect to others, you would get respect back.
  4. You show arrogance. Now, note the difference here. What you are giving is disrespect and ignoring others. Hence, in return, people would not have respect or ignore/avoid you! This would only prompt you to hit back, unless you choose to correct yourself.
  5. Be kind; people would shower on you kindness. And if you are nasty, you can well expect similar behavior back.
  6. Give happiness and helping hands to others; hundred hands would rise to help you and you would be the happiest!
  7. You communicate with heart; people would lend their ear and heart. You feel like doing more.
    You communicate to show your power; you would get an impression that people are not liking or listening to you. You would be triggered to communicate more forcefully!

Real examples of what you get in due time

  1. You pray to God with inaction –>  giving/showing your dependence
    = get dependence through no-results –> more prayers.
  2. You pray to God with action –> giving/showing confidence and karma
    = get more confidence and sense of doings through resounding results –> prayers but with more rigorous actions.
  3. You work long and hard –> increases company earnings
    = your earning increases through reward/rising salary (though you may vie for promotion).
  4. You work smart –> you create opportunities for company
    = you would be encouraged to work smarter by giving more opportunities.
  5. You inspire and initiate –> company grows or becomes more valuable
    = you get a role (leadership) to inspire and grow more!
  6. Catch a colleague committing mistake to point finger; you would be caught by same or other colleague in similar situation.
    Catch an erring colleague to help and correct; he/she would come forward to help you at time of need.
  7. If you share your wisdom and knowledge; you would get more of these in multiples!

Moral of the Equation

Nature has awarded to you a tool through this equation to design your own destiny; not by date and time of your birth! It is entirely in your hands what you want to do and get!!

If you do it right, you can only get right results! Unfortunately, most of us have not realized magical power of this equation. We swing between right and wrong, good and bad. Paradox and problem is that if you do it wrong, this equation would always prompt you to do more of it and you would not realize what you are into. Therefore:

  • Always analyze what you are giving through your thoughts and actions to self or others.
  • You can very well judge from the results on sustained basis whether you are on right or wrong track. If you are right, you are bound to get success and satisfaction.
  • If you are wrong or erring in what you are giving, change the track; otherwise you run the risk of multiplying it.
  • If you are right, be on the same track and double up!


16 responses to “Greatest Equation of Nature: You get = What you give”

  1. Amrita Rode Avatar
    Amrita Rode

    Dear Sir,

    The moral of the post is absolutely true. This reminds me of one lesson we had in 10th std wherein it conveyed the message that smile is contagious and smile given by one person can indirectly transfer to thousands of people and the same reciprocates to the person spreading it unknowingly and makes his day positive. This is just one point I recollected. But as rightly given in this post there are equations which if balanced correctly, can become tool to happiness and success.

    Thank you Sir for sharing such a nice post.


    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very thankful to you for your encouraging feedback and conforming comments. Example cited by is superb and apt. True; it is indeed in our hands to secure success and have happiness.

  2. Murli Lohia Avatar
    Murli Lohia

    From: Pankaj Mehta
    Sent: Friday, September 21, 2012 1:58 PM
    To: Murli Lohia
    Subject: Re: Greatest Equation of Nature: You get = What you give

    Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing. Pankaj

    This email was intended for Pankaj Rai Mehta (Director, Metamagix Pty Ltd).

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your feedback and view are very illustrious! I indeed appreciate.

  3. Murli Avatar

    Transferred from LinkedIn
    Kedar Kulkarni has sent you a message.
    Date: 9/21/2012
    Subject: RE: Greatest Equation of Nature: You get = What you give
    Hi Murali,

    This was an amazing article. Though sometimes, it feels philosophical, but thats truth !

    Happy to read your blogs.



    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very impressed and feel thankful by your views and observations.

      Thanks a lot for your interest!

  4. Maria Avatar

    so absolutely true, couldnt agree more with what has been said by you 🙂 you always always get what u give 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your assertion and confirmation. Your views are valuable.

  5. Murli Avatar

    From: Ravi Athalye []
    Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2012 7:15 PM
    To: Murli Lohia
    Subject: Change Your Ideas | A fresh perspective on common thoughts

    Dear Mr Lohia,

    The equation has metaphysical criteria. In the causal world most people develop their NPTs around their experience with material goods.

    What you get and what you give depends a lot on the society , it’s values , ethics , family upbringing and the enlightened self.

    The NPTs are often a result of the equation apparent failures. What you give may not check out on what you get. In the process the learning may make up the deficit or may not.


    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your views!

      My extensive observations and study show that “equation of giving and getting back applied to an individual” by itself does not depend upon society, ethics or another background. Yes, what 2 individuals would give in a given situation would differ depending upon what they are or their background; but each one would get back as per the equation.

      NPTs develop and undergo a change from the effects of this equation; not because it fails. You would agree that it is important that people perceive or view effects of equation correctly; if not, they would tend to believe it does not work!

      1. Ashwinikumar Aher Avatar
        Ashwinikumar Aher

        Dear Sir,
        With due respect to your views & observation above I would like to express my views/observation about “you get what you give” rule. It may be a fact that my studies are not so deep & could be superfacial. I would love to get guidance in case I need it.

        I personally do not agree to it as a rule. I can accept it as a one of the observation found common in a bunch of people (like it applies in astrology).

        I have seen many peple putting more than 100% efforts in their work but they do not get full returns in thier jobs/ businesses. I have seen many good people getting worst diseases & then fighting with it for rest of their life.
        Indeed, these people do not give pains to anybody but they get pains in return.

        I have seen many businessmen applying unethical ways to get money. I have seen agents, politicians & many more using unethical ways to earn lot of money & enjoying their life with it.
        These people give real pains to many but they do not get it in return.

        I am eager to understand, how do you look at these facts.

        At the same time I admit that I have seen many people whose life fall under above said equation, but it does not apply to everyone’s life.


        1. Murli Avatar

          I appreciate that you do not agree with this equation of nature as a rule and this has given me opportunity to go deeper to explain to you!

          Let first understand that nature does not and can not discriminate against any individual or thing. It applies its rule uniformly. Problem is with us that we are unable to see it correctly; because we may be biased, our info may be only part, we may have wrong perceptions and so on. Other major problem is that we tend to combine a no. of “gives” and “gets” and looking at overall scenario! You would get a completely distorted picture, because some “gives” may be positive and some may be negative. How would you then figure out the reality?

          All examples that you have given above are apparently for 3rd persons or parties. Are you sure that you really have full knowledge of what exactly has happened in process of giving and getting? You have stated that many people putting their more than 100% efforts in work. How have you determined this 100% – by longer working hours? Please see the examples in the post. If it is just long hours, what you would get is more money; but if you expect promotion or opportunities, to my knowledge, companies won’t give that because person is not demonstrating required qualities while performing his duties. Good people suffering from diseases – goodness of people has nothing to do with how they are taking care of health. You may do the best of charity; but ignore health. Then, you would get appreciation and recognition for charity; but bad health!

          Let me give you one last example – there have been famous underworld people, who would extort money from rich and distribute to poor. What they give to rich is fear and hence they get fear from law or police and remain underground. Poor people may not know this; they believe such people as sacred and would question this equation! Likewise, rich people would also say equation does not work with poor people adoring such persons; may be that they do not know fully what do such underworld people do with money extorted! The day such criminals are caught and their acts become public, both poor and rich may then understand that equation has been working for respective acts of theirs!!

          I hope this would help you to now appreciate the power of this equation.

          1. Ashwinikumar Aher Avatar
            Ashwinikumar Aher

            Thanks a lot for such a beatiful elaboration & examples on subject for better understanding.
            Now I agree to the concept when it comes to the each each minute action & its effect. I read some thing like making choices by our actions. It is similar concept to it.

            This theory is not answer to all questions in life but it solves many other confusions in mind.

            Thanks for sharing it.

            Ashwin Aher

          2. Murli Avatar

            I highly appreciate your views and conclusion. It makes me happy to know that you have now a good understanding of the equation. It would help you a lot and to do right things every time. And that would lead you through great strides.

  6. Rudra Avatar

    Yepp… life IS a game of carom-board… everything rebounds to you, isn’t it!!… not sure though if giving a ‘dirty’ look to somebody helps you (in getting one) 😉

    Your point “Real examples of what you get in due time” is encouraging. But I don’t think this “transaction” can be person specific. I mean you can’t expect the same things in-return from a particular person, what you give to him/her – that’s a bit difficult. But yes, en-masse, in a broader sense, you can expect things from the “world” what you give to the “world”, correct??

    Another good one!!

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your comments!

      The tragedy is that people do give dirty look to others, not realizing at that point of time that they would get back! Most people are not conscious that this equation applies all the time!!

      On your 3rd para, the transaction or validity of equation is very much person specific, who is giving. As mentioned in the post, it is important to understand what exactly are you giving (please see examples in the post) and then you can well see what are you getting back.

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