What simple and sincere employees or people can do to prevent being manipulated!

To be simple and sincere are invaluable qualities; but irony is employees or people in general, possessing these, are often at the receiving end! I have witnessed and I am sure, several or most of you have experienced how simple and sincere people suffer and complex personalities succeed. The latter walks over the former and thrive.

Bitter pill of our life is that it has become complex, more so in corporate life. One, who is able to talk others out, is considered an effective communicator; those, who are able to play games and put peers into trouble, are perceived as smart and strategists; those with dual faces are recognized as robust! Simple and sincere people are considered as holy cows and harmless creatures, who can be taken as granted. They can be shaken, juggled around and made scapegoat in event of your own failure, without any fear of reaction or rebellion from them.

Is not it unfortunate that instead of rare qualities of being simple and sincere be revered and rewarded, those are constantly subjected to repression, be it a company, society or family? Holy homilies in face of complex world goes for a toss! Seeing such a scenario, those, who by their nature or genes cannot be anything but simple, end up cursing their noble qualities and charter, to their chagrin, a course to become complex and callous!

You can notice what is in vogue in corporate and public life – take pride to talk about simplicity and sincerity but walk out, when it comes to practicing it.

Does it mean to be simple and sincere is a sordid saga?

Weaknesses, simple and sincere (S&S) people unknowingly associate to!

S&S people need to understand that if they go through sufferings, it is their own making. Like it or not, fact is that every problem starts and stops with you.

Here below are cruxes of the problem:

  1. S&S people gain lot of satisfaction and success to start with. As a result, they put more faith in simplicity and sincerity. They start to exercise these qualities blindly and fail to notice when their ownership (on these qualities) crosses over to obsession! Once that happens, they would be willing to make undue sacrifices, retreat and relent often in order that they may not be seen as complex; dividing line between sincerity and over-sincerity or in-sincerity becomes hazy to them!
  2. Consequently, they become meek and mellowed.
  3. For fear of being caught in controversies or complexities, they start to tread safe. They lose appetite for risk taking and avoid taking initiatives.
  4. They become poor in conflict management – a highly sought after quality!
  5. They become averse to assert and hold ground, when they are right.
  6. They dislike to be decisive and firm.
  7. Their self-esteem ebbs and that is a starting point for loss of their confidence!

You can now imagine with so much going wrong as above with S&S people, why difficult and dishonest ones would not have a cake walk over them. That is what you can witness all over the world!

Making Simplicity and Sincerity as your super strength!

If good qualities do not give you good results, believe that you are surely going wrong somewhere. Find out what and why and address what is wrong.

Every good quality, simplicity and sincerity included, comes by thoughtfulness and consolidates through practice and planning. Watch out that wrong qualities are spontaneous and would mutate and multiply by themselves. Good qualities are self-limiting; whereas bad ones have no limits; yet ultimate winner is what is good.

To make S&S your super strength, you can do following:

  1. Make sure that your faith in S&S is complete. Then, you would become straight-forward, suave and honest! You would rise above self and would not fear about complications, controversies or conflicts.
  2. Complex, callous, toxic or temperamental people try to exhibit their courage by creating chaos; as a matter of fact, they are coward. So, never yield grounds to what they claim or choose to do.
  3. Never get perturbed, when complex people push you to the wall. Just observe them with patience. They are bound to commit mistake sooner or later, when you need to catch and tell them to retreat.
  4. Listen more –> talk less –> act more. 
  5. Make silence as your strength and smile as your sword!
  6. When faced with crisis, you may feel insinuated to seek shelter under faulty qualities or practices. But, remember, there is no situation in any walk of life, when you have to become bad to tackle bad! Bad is best tackled by being good!
  7. Be tactical, but never political, be clever/smart, but never cunning; be firm, but never ferocious!
    So, be tactical, smart and firm; otherwise you would be swallowed by sharks around you! 
  8. Link S&S to purpose or goals of your life, raise the bar and make persistent and consistent efforts to reach there. Never be afraid of difficulties, since these are milestones that direct you towards destination! 
  9. Last and most important thing – never mix good and bad qualities; it can only create a mess or make you bad. This is the fundamental mistake, masses commit!
    Goodness can only exist and evolve as a whole and never in parts! Goodness alone can bridge gap between you and God!! If this be the case, why should you ever abandon it?

So, to be simple and sincere is superlative, which in its true form can never frustrate or fail you!


12 responses to “What simple and sincere employees or people can do to prevent being manipulated!”

  1. NEEPA KHATRI Avatar

    It really address dilemma of our life and it is written beautifully. It is true to remain simple and sincere is challenging in this world. Tacticle word may be elaborated little more.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your precious comments!

      Being tactical means for a given situation, you are able to plan a strategy and work out a solution or work around, to get the results you desire. It also implies that you are able to understand moves, strategy or tactics of others and not to allow them to walk over you!

      1. neepa khatri Avatar
        neepa khatri

        Thanks Mr. Lohia,
        It is really interesting and practical problem but does tactical not over lap manipulation!

        Neepa Khatri

        1. Murli Avatar

          I highly appreciate your additional comments!

          A tactic is sacrosanct, as long your strategy or solution gives you desired results, without hurting or harming interests of other person! Tactic becomes manipulation, only when it compromises your sincerity. It may be meaningful to add here, as stated in several of earlier posts, any good quality becomes gory, when extended too far on left or right e.g. confident person becomes docile on too left and arrogant on too right!

          1. Neepa Khatri Avatar
            Neepa Khatri

            Thanks it took away lot of ambiguity.

            Neepa Khatri

          2. Murli Avatar

            You are very welcome!

  2. Kaushik Roy Chowdhury Avatar
    Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

    Dear Murli ji,

    Very well thought and expressed opinion on a very important but common facet of life. If we the S&S understand the subtle but substantial differences between such traits tactical and political, firm and ferocious, clever and cunning and adopt the right ones mentioned from the very onset of our lives, we will succeed as well despite.


    Kaushik, Auckland, New Zealand

    1. Murli Avatar

      I applaud your substantial understanding on subject!

      What you have stated is very significant!! Between success and failure stands only one resolution “Never ever allow weaknesses to get mixed with your virtues”. Only recourse to this resolution is just work to drop weaknesses in preference over developing strengths!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    So if I can conclude this enlightening post for myself, I think my type would be, “Complex and Sincere”!! Will that work – having a blend of both?

    It must have worked for me till now I suppose…

    A truly ‘simple and sincere’ post by all means!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your admirable comments!

      It is perfectly o.k. to perceive or even believe that “Being complex and sincere” has worked for you. But, what is if another option would have worked even better for you? Firstly, I have never come across any one, who has really benefited by blend of plus and minus, good or bad. Blend would always make a person weak, as stated in the post. Secondly, there is tendency in all of us to make ourselves believe that what we are doing is good enough. This tendency is nothing but creating an illusion for ourselves!

      I only know that if one understands true meaning of being simple, he/she would hate to be complex.

      1. Rudra Avatar

        Yes, it has surely worked for me so far. I believe you got to be a little complex (along with being sincere) to survive in this cruel world.

        But I think you are right – ‘another’ option may have worked even better for me!

        No harm in trying new options… 🙂

        1. Murli Avatar

          Many thanks for your additional comments!

          To me, it is a misconception that you need to be complex to deal with our cruel world. It would definitely work better, if you try being simple and sincere in real sense.

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