Is there any alternative to being fair and good?

If a sub-ordinate commits a mistake, supervisor is up in arms, gets angry, reprimands, issues a warning and develops adverse opinion against him/her. On other hand, sub-ordinate reacts and regrets working under such boss. Both think that they are right in what they perceive and do! Issue escalates until a flash point, when the sub-ordinate gets transferred or resigns. If the supervisor is toxic, more of employees meet the same fate. When sub-ordinates become supervisors, they replicate behavior of their previous bosses, since that’s the legacy they have learnt!

If a child is mischievous or disobedient, most parents believe that only way to make him/her disciplined is to hand over punishment or time-out. Eventually, such children turn out to be tough nuts to crack, since they hardly learnt from their parents how to be patient and polite.

If it is governance of corporates or countries, it is more of identifying guilty and going after them, taking credit by discrediting others, tit for tat and not giving freedom for fear of losing it. Majority of management believes commands and reprimands are the best means to manage.

Do above traits and techniques yield results? The perpetrators obviously believe it does; but that is bunk!

Approaches and attempts that never fructify; but everyone keeps faith, albeit false!

You would be amazed to know that more than 80% of man’s actions world over are initiated by his reactions and additional at least 15% are after thoughts; but based on wrong notions and hence, all of these go awry! Some of the most commonly practiced or perceived are:

  1. Punctuality can be improved by punishing employees or helping hands.
  2. By rushing or being rash, you can recover lost time or glory.
  3. Mistakes can be corrected by critical of the one who committed.
  4. You can bring harmony by hating and detesting dissent or discontent.
  5. Grilling and drilling of a guilty would guarantee non-reoccurrence of guilt.
  6. Winning an argument is a sign of wisdom, rather than avoiding it!
  7. Slamming and shaming a shameless can make him sober!
  8. Saying sorry can soothe sore feelings.
  9. Through penalties, one can promote compliances.
  10. Effect of bad karma can be eliminated by good karma.
  11. By assuring jobs, regardless of merit or competence, you can bring social justice.
  12. It is a sign of strength to hold hands of strong and shrug off the weak.
  13. You can impress public by implicating your rivals.
  14. You can spread faith by force or fear.
  15. Democracy and freedom can flourish by winning wars.
  16. Terrorism and fundamentalism can be fought and finished by force.

Irony is doers of above are staunch believers that these work. What really works is something entirely different.

Short cuts sway humans!

Take example of stand-off between husband and wife, supervisor and sub-ordinate, political rivals, neighboring countries, they would be ever ready raise the pitch until a peak, when wiser counsel prevails on one of them and then they sit, talk and resolve. If they don’t do that, they can go to any extent to inflict damage and suffer.

Each party starts to believe that because it raised the pitch, the other one came to its senses. This is hogwash! Wiser counsel does exist in minds of both. It surfaces in one earlier than another because of several factors working in background. But, ego of each one gives credence to controversies rather than mutual communications and consent!

Most of us are slave to short cuts – first reaction, spontaneous emotions, showing off physical or political power. When we are overtaken by emotions, we don’t mind to pay a plum price; but when we are overwhelmed by rationale, we refuse to make a small sacrifice and buy in peace. Bitter but true that human race survives on brinkmanship – first get into crisis or controversy and when comes to knot, then resolve.

What works!

Bad has an alternative; but good has none! 

Regardless, who you are, how good or great you are, being bad or unfair by thoughts, taste or deeds can nothing but be bad for you. Someone else being bad does not qualify you to become bad. If you still so wish, you can be and make futile efforts and costly mistakes. God or divine force is not going to stop you and they would also not intervene when you pay a price; heavy at times!

It is ludicrous to try tryst with what is bad, because you can only lose!

So, do you agree that what pays is unstinted faith in being good and fair?

Also, please never get confused with plethora of definitions, terms or jargons for good and fair. It is as simple as:

  • Good is what makes you conscious and composed!
  • Fair is what frees you from fear and favors!!


2 responses to “Is there any alternative to being fair and good?”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Well a good alternative could be “being confident” maybe??

    Just-about agree with all of those 16 points – very true!!

    You defined “Good” and “Fair” pretty well at the end. So then, how would you define “Bad” in the same sense, if you need to? 😉

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very grateful for your views!

      As stated in the post, till date and to my knowledge, there is no alternative to Good! When you are good (it does imply 100%), you are bound to be confident. So, being confident is not an alternative to good, but its sub-set!!

      Thanks; definition of bad can be as simple as “what is not good”!

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