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  • Is there any alternative to being fair and good?

    Is there any alternative to being fair and good?

    If a sub-ordinate commits a mistake, supervisor is up in arms, gets angry, reprimands, issues a warning and develops adverse opinion against him/her. On other hand, sub-ordinate reacts and regrets working under such boss. Both think that they are right in what they perceive and do! Issue escalates until a flash point, when the sub-ordinate […]

  • Where would Big Data eventually lead us to!

    Biggest buzz around the world today – Big Data! Last 15 years have seen dramatic change in the way we live and work. Today, we are leaving digital traces or signals behind for most of the things that we do and these are being captured by internet service providers, web hosting companies, search engine organizations, […]

  • How to align so-called Luck to your Like!

    You like to win a lottery or lot of money from slot machine in a casino by a stroke of luck! You see someone speeding up in latest model of Porsche car and blame your luck for not having that luxury. You like high flying career, beautiful spouse, and palatial house! If you got that […]