How to align so-called Luck to your Like!

You like to win a lottery or lot of money from slot machine in a casino by a stroke of luck! You see someone speeding up in latest model of Porsche car and blame your luck for not having that luxury. You like high flying career, beautiful spouse, and palatial house! If you got that easily, you consider yourself lucky; but if you get same by working very hard, then you give credit to your efforts!!

So, luck is all pervading in everyone’s mind all over world. What is it all about? Luck is something, in which we put our faith that would make our thoughts, desires or dreams come true by accident or coincidence; however, without making sustained efforts! Luck is assumed to follow no rule and hence, beyond our control!!

Where luck resides and who controls it – it is undefined and hence left either in realm of God or super natural forces.

It is futile to rationalize luck. Belief in luck has existed since the advent of human race and would always continue on account of a simple fact “We have imperfect knowledge of how things happen”!

The best you can do is to align your Luck with your Like!

Expecting luck, where you are not involved, is ludicrous

As a first step, don’t set your expectations or build your like for what you are not involved even. Some of the wild ideas, people usually assign to luck are:

  1. Having affair with Hollywood or Bollywood stars without any interaction with them so far!
  2. Winning a lottery while you have not even bought a ticket or making lot of money in stock market without playing with your stocks.
  3. Imagining unknown wealthy woman writing her will in your favor before death.
  4. Your 1st unborn child to bring you luck and make your career flying high, even while you struggle with your performance or bosses!
  5. Restoring relationship with your spouse despite serious differences, just by changing position on or of your sleeping bed!!

Understand limits of luck

So, it is ignorance, which alone can make you believe that luck can come from blue. Here are the limits; we need to understand for luck:

  • Luck would descend only in areas you are involved or indulging.
    If you want windfall of money, go and play in a casino or stock market. But, then be prepared to fall or fly!
  • Average chances or probabilities of luck befalling on you in a given situation would not be more than what has occurred in past under similar situations.
    Learn from experiences made by others in past.
  • Luck is linked to quality of your efforts and more importantly thoughts and not quantum of the same!
  • There are lot of practices, areas or rituals in various regions of world, claimed to bring you luck. Only such parts, which are proven by physical laws, can be practiced for good results. However, the impact of rest is purely limited by degree of your confidence and conviction in the efforts, which you make!

What can make luck to follow you!

Here is the set of keys:

  1. Luck is indeterminate!
    So, never try to determine or decide luck in advance. If you do, chances of luck becoming a reality would necessarily reduce.
  2. Just align your efforts to aim at what you want to gain; but never assume or guess the result.
    More you involve or indulge in efforts and ignore idea of luck, luck would chase you! You need to try this sincerely to tame your luck.
  3. Do not give up, as long as you are naturally positive in your mind. Luck is attracted, when you have this attitude!
    But, relinquish if you cannot help but cross over to negativity! This is critical!!
  4. Be genuinely prepared for any eventuality, once you have put your stakes.
    Often, we start to worry about the outcome, once we have done it! Ask yourself, why should you? What is given or done, in any case, is gone!
    This is actually called courage. You can watch successful people; this is what they imbibe and that is one reason why luck smiles on them.
  5. The last secret is what I call as “Being positive on spur of the moment”.
    If you are positive right at the moment, things have to happen, they would happen your way!
    Theoretically, you could be negative or positive in the prior period. It would not matter so much. What matters is what you are (+ive or –ive), when the deal is about to be clinched!
    Remember, in practical life, if you are mostly negative, it would be very difficult for you to suddenly become positive when things are about to happen. Once in a while people do and they believe that as luck or divine!

So, “Being positive on spur of the moment” is your killer instinct and it infatuates so-called Luck. That is how; your Luck can get aligned to your Like!


5 responses to “How to align so-called Luck to your Like!”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Not sure about anything else but I would definitely like to have a beautiful spouse!! 😀

    Well, add to your definition of luck, I think “Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity”.

    I am not a firm believer of “Luck”. For me, it’s only like another ‘good thing’ or a ‘bad thing’ that just happens. If it is good, people call it luck… if it is bad, they consider themselves hapless (State of Mind??).

    Be faithful to your efforts and it will be all LUCK that you are gonna get! And if you actually happen to get something BIG by fluke, it tends to go away too – by fluke!!

    Good read! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your views and feedback!

      Let me supplement a bit here – if bad thing/s happen, people at large relate it to bad luck. There are various channels to believe luck – horoscopy to numerology e.g. 13th Friday does not go away from minds on most! By the way, Post throws light on lot of secrets of nature.

  2. Priya Avatar

    Really nice article sir 🙂 Luck only favour’s if we are ready to do hard work and try to achieve yours dreams in any sense. “Being positive on spur of the moment” is very well supporting me nowadays 🙂 I wont give up at any stage of my life thank you my cape of good hope 😀

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am thankful for your feedback! What is very promising are your positive thoughts!!

      Yes, “being positive on spur of the moment” (remember it most of the moments) and “will to never give-up” would sail you successfully, even if you face rough weather now.

      1. Priya Avatar

        Thank you 🙂

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