Your Mind is the Emperor; use its power to excel!


Stark truth of nature is that nothing is more powerful in your life than your own mind!! Your understanding, knowledge, ability to recognize, to have feeling or sensation and consciousness in general is possible only because of your mind. Life and mind are 2 integral parts of one whole i.e. You!

Mind is as old as life itself; but ironically it is only in very recent years that science has understood its relevance. Science knows constitution of brain; but not of mind. General comprehension is that mind means not only brain; but much more, which is beyond any definition as of now.

What is mind

There is no unanimity as of now on what and where exactly mind is, across all sections of societies and branches of science in the world, though it has supreme spiritual and scientific significance.

There is variety of beliefs about mind, one of which is – it is integral part of the physical body; but it leaves the body when a man dies and enters new life. How and why are unclear! Another school of thoughts or even some faiths state that mind is metaphysical; physically does not reside in our body and is controlled by divine forces. Whatever we may believe, one thing is certain mind is a powerful Maya (illusion) and mirage!

Most widely acceptable idea is that mind is closely linked to the brain; it cannot be physically observed but its effect can be seen and captured through our brain and nervous system. Whatever comes to our mind – images or thoughts, gets stored in the memory of our brain. Our brain has 3 types of memories – sensory, short term and long term, the combination of which ensures encoding of incoming information, storage and retrieval like a computer.

Some of hard realities are that your mind is only linked to you and hence, it cannot be an entity which is separate from you. When you say “Me and my mind”, does it mean 2 separate entities? They are not; both are one and same. You get confused simply because you have to observe as well as assess by one and same one entity i.e. mind!

Rules of mind

  1. Power of mind of all normal human beings is the same!
    Power of mind of the wealthiest person – Bill Gates is no different than that of a poor person or that of highly intelligent person like Einstein to ace golfer Tiger Woods!! The difference lies in degree of its use or misuse.
  2. What differs from person to person is response of mind in identical situations!
    It is totally dependent on past memory of the person.
  3. State of mind is determined by your current thoughts, which is mix of present and past images or memories.
  4. What you would do next is linked to what you are thinking now.
  5. What would happen to you next is largely influenced by how are you perceiving or contemplating now.
    If you are having positive or good state of mind, positive things would happen; good news would come. If you are frustrated, unfolding events would make you more frantic! Most time, you have mixed thoughts which you seldom realize and therefore, mixed results appear, leaving you wondering why that has happened even when you were positive. Fact was that you had mixed state of mind.
  6. Once a thought or image comes in your mind, you can’t erase it!
    All you can do is to allow other thoughts to superimpose on it and that way you get a feeling that you have forgotten it. But remember, it can still surface in future.
  7. Thoughts, which your mind allows to get linked to your sensory or nervous system, become your notions or emotions!
    These would surface in your mind repetitively. This is how your traits, habits or beliefs are formed.
  8. More you try to forcefully remove or repel unwanted thoughts in your mind, more would these resist and persist!
    Only way to remove unwanted thoughts is to allow them to come but ignore!!

Efficient use of mind power

From above it is clear that mind has full role in kind of efforts you make and effects that you realize. It is your mind driving, if you experience:

  • Success or sorrow
  • Ecstasy or enmity
  • Fun or frustration
  • Happiness or hurt
  • Optimism or pessimism

Few things that you can do to make good use of your mind power are:

  1. Practice to focus on just single thoughts.
  2. Observe your thoughts; but don’t obstruct same.
  3. Ignore “conflicts of thoughts” or “unwanted ones” as much as you can.
  4. Stop to live in past.
  5. Reinforce only wanted thoughts.
  6. Repetitively emphasize in your mind that nothing negative, however tempting or justifying, would ever help. It can only hurt!
  7. Align most of your actions towards your happiness, health and goals of your life.

So, it is all about and in your mind! If you follow above, you are sure to get command on your life or destiny!


6 responses to “Your Mind is the Emperor; use its power to excel!”

  1. Priya Avatar

    Superlike !!!!!!!

    You are absolutely right sir all that depends on our mind set. If we think good we get good. Positive thinking can give us right path of life 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your commendable views and feedback!

      You are absolutely right what you have stated about thinking good and positive!! Please keep up with this and success would chase you.

  2. Rudra Avatar

    I agree!! Body is the Empire and Mind is the Emperor!! 🙂 If the Emperor knows how to gratify its Empire (and vice-versa), it becomes a perfect world!

    Nice to know what mind is and how it acts… one of the toughest things to control and one of the safest things to trust-on… that is the enigma of “The Mind”!!

    Really liked the “Efficient use of mind power” section…

    A ‘mindful’ post! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your well orchestrated thoughts! I also appreciate your valuable feedback!!

      Yes; it is not easy to control mind because you are trying to control a thing by the same very thing. Patience and practice are the answers.

  3. Venuka Deshmukh Avatar
    Venuka Deshmukh

    Absolutely right sir.. mind is very powerful.. mind drives people… a good mind will bring happiness and prosperity and a wicked mind can ruin life.. and we as human beings don’t realise this change of mind… Its very difficult to control the state of mind and by the time one realises that change, probably its late..

    So we have to try to control our mind…control our thoughts.. because whatever is in our mind gets reflected in our actions… good actions will help us while bad actions will damage us…


    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very impressed with your thoughts and understanding about Mind! What you have orchestrated is very valid!!

      Our virtues and vices, strengths and weaknesses are determined by type of thoughts in our mind. Therefore, I would strongly advocate use of 7 points listed in the post to regulate our thoughts and channeling mind power in a right way.

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