Being restless for lack of rewards to your efforts?


It is good to be restless, if you don’t get rewards for your endeavors, as compared to those who like to rest on no or little rewards! At least that would shake you, encourage you to review what is wrong and possible inspire you to bring a change in your efforts or environments with a view to reap rewards for what you sweat and toil!! The latter lot of people, who shows patience or complacency for not getting what is due to them, clearly lives in comfort zones. That in any case would cause decline or degeneration of such people.

We are in a causal world. Nothing can happen without a cause. And a cause results into an effect. If the effects or results are not what you desire, there would not be heavenly hands coming to your rescue. Sometimes, effects or results may change by coincidence or fluke; but then such situation would not be repetitive. You would fall into the trap again. Probably, life of majority runs likes that – passing though phases of excitements and disappointments, successes and sorrows. Only remedy is to search and seek cause for not getting right fruits for your efforts and align your efforts accordingly.

Above is true for any type of work, business or profession.

Causes for lack of or little rewards

There is nothing like a bad luck preventing due rewards to come to you! There has to be at least one of the following reasons:

  1. Gap in your understanding of what would give you reward as opposed to that of who is supposed to give it – your boss, supervisor or customer.
    Zero down this gap through candid discussions and modify your efforts, if need be. If you are averse to such discussion, then you cannot blame anyone.
  2. You have a wrong boss or customer.
    If your attempts and analysis is genuine that you are in wrong hands, be bold to seek a change of your supervisor or customer. A caution – a customer is generally not wrong; instead you could be wrong in selecting customers.
  3. You are in a wrong company.
    Watch out culture and genes of your employer. You cannot rule out possibility of such organizations, which do not believe in motivating and rewarding their employees. If that be your well thought conclusion, then quit plan fully by searching and securing another job. If you do not do that, you are clearly in comfort zone, which in any case would pull you down.
  4. Your efforts are not good enough or in right direction.
    Watch out on this. Very often, you hold wrong perceptions or rigid notions on how you should work. For example – you do hard work without paying due attention to end results. May be that it is resulting in poor quality or more time due to wrong or inefficient approach. What is the use of such hard work and expectation of awards for same?
    You need to continuously correct the direction and degree of your efforts to ensure that required results are yielded in minimum energy i.e. least time and work!
  5. You are obsessed with effects.
    I have come across many people, who are too focused or obsessed for end results or effects. There are cases, where people confuse their ideas or imagination for end results as their inspiration. That is self-defeating!
    Top management of many corporations ruthlessly drives for results; but do not show direction to their folks how to get there. This is retrograde.
    It is a must to convert obsession for effects to focus on efforts.
  6. There is gap between your desire and doings.
    Aspirations of several people are high but corresponding actions are low. How can that work?
    So, your expectations and efforts must match each other; these should be complementary!
  7. You know what is good; but don’t go after it!
    This is a stigma, many people suffer from. Most people know what is good and would deliver results. But, that remains only part of their intentions and never translates into implementation!

So, it is entirely your hands to reap rewards from your efforts by establishing first the cause and then securing effects by suitably changing degree and direction of your endeavors!


8 responses to “Being restless for lack of rewards to your efforts?”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Nice one… “Causes for lack of or little rewards” section is boisterous, especially point # 2 and 3. 😀 I think it’s an agreeable and true assortment of reasons…

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time though (FY beginning) 😉


    1. Murli Avatar

      I am indeed thankful to you for your valuable feedback and also views!

      I would be happy if timing of this post is going to help my colleagues!!

  2. Venuka Deshmukh Avatar
    Venuka Deshmukh

    I also think that sometimes it happens that one is taken for granted. You put in your best efforts in everything you do for the organisation, you dont want to quit, you want to work for the organisation, but does this lead to exploitation and finally no returns to the efforts.

    Your supervisor may think..oh this person is not going to leave me even if I dont reward him or her.
    Such thoughts do come to mind when your efforts don’t bear fruit. What is the solution to this sir.
    Is quitting the only option.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your illustrious points and a query.

      It is clearly case of category 1 under the causes listed in the post. If one is putting in his/her best efforts; but the supervisor does not recognizes same and take employee as granted, the 1st option should be to initiate a discussion with his/her supervisor and if necessary with next level or even top level of the organization with a view to explain how employee is giving the best shot; but get a feeling that he/she is being taken as granted. Ask question like – is this company’s policy, is this the way to motivate employee and due to lack of commensurate rewards, would employee not get demoralized? It is very important that the employee remains open minded to understand seniors’ view points and he/she must push for a satisfactory answer without fear.

      If employee is satisfied with the outcome, he/she may continue; otherwise should decide to take the next step. One thing, we should be clear that employees must not live with a situation, in which they feel that injustice is being done to them!

  3. Venuka Deshmukh Avatar
    Venuka Deshmukh

    Thank you sir for your reply. I also agree with you that initiating a dialogue is the best way. May be its how we put our thoughts forward to our supervisor matters.

    It should be the stronger side of you.. not in terms of physical strength but in terms of your work, your credibility that should be shown.

    Thanks Again Sir 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      You have understood and stated it very well! Please keep it up!!

      You have great way of thinking right. Please implement it, where you need to.

  4. Kamlesh Khatwad Avatar
    Kamlesh Khatwad

    A quote from Bhagawat Gita “karma kiye ja fal ki chinta mat kar” in other words, always gives your best and live rest to destiny.
    As always relevance of above quote is much debatable but fact remain that WE as all in great world are just a small character and playing our own role planned in much advance by almighty.
    My personal opinion if someone has capability, potential and desire to be successfully then it’s just matter of time to be there.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your valuable views and sharing a very relevant quote!

      To my knowledge and experience, debating this quote is a falsehood, since it is valid in every case!! If one is worried over results, he/she can’t make right efforts (the Karma). If someone has capability and desire, he/she must necessarily convert into efforts; then, rewards are bound to chase him/her.

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