How to change and make your Leadership style more effective

Let us first get our definition of Leadership clear, since a host of definitions floating on internet and other media do not seem to give clarity.

Leadership is essentially “Driving one or more persons to achieve the intended goal/s”.

This drive may come in variety of forms – by encouragement, inspiration, choice, coaching, and compulsion and in negative case by fear. The person/s concerned need not be part of leader’s organization; they and the leader are mutually connected in the context of achieving the intended goal. Kind or form of drive, as mentioned above, that the leader exhibits is labeled as his/her Style.

With the definition being clear now, it is also clear that each one of you do have to play role of a leader at various stages of your life. No one likes failure; so to be successful; you need to ensure that you have a right style and right is the one, which proves to be effective on a sustained basis. If it is not, then change it.

Several theories have emerged on Leadership. Some of these, particularly Trait theory would suggest that your style cannot change. Psychologists and Psychiatrists may also concur with this.

But, is that the truth? Probably not!

Process of Leadership style development

It is straight forward –

Your ideas/thoughts drive – your behavior/response drives – your leadership style

This is a reversible process! It is also clear that if you could Change Your Ideas, your behavior and in turn your Style has to change! You have to have will and flexibility to change your thoughts or ideas and then, there is no reason, why everything else would not fall in place like a jigsaw puzzle.

So, you can change your leadership style and make it more effective!

Behavioral Patterns

As I had stated in my 1st post of this series, humans exhibit in context of leadership, 6 behavior patterns and each pattern has a range (+100%) to (0) to (-100%). Each of these leads to a particular type of leadership style. Apart from this, combination of two patterns also gives rise to a different style all together.

Recommended mix of behavioral patterns for Most Effective Leadership

  1. Action              +60%
  2. Emotion          +40%
  3. Mission           +80%
  4. Vision              +80%
  5. Analytical        +30%
  6. Conventional  +10%

Total sum of 6 above is not supposed to be 100%, as you can operate at +/- 100% point for any of the behaviors.

The so called complex panorama of leadership and its styles stands demystified and simplified.

Choose what kind of leader you want to be; it is solely in your hands and enjoy your success!!


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