What is your Inner Voice or Instinct?

Let me take next important step to create understanding for “Science behind Your Life”, through this well researched topic. I also wish to emphasize at this stage that nearly all topics presented on this site are applicable to people and life everywhere – west to east and north to south across the globe.

Almost all people routinely experience what they call as their inner voice or instincts. Many term it as intuition or gut feeling or hunch. Normally, people believe that it surfaces or get evoked, when you at cross roads, facing crucial test or have to make critical decision. Many also experience these even for routine matters.

So, what exactly is it?

  • Is your inner voice distinct from your normal or so called outer voice?
  • Are your instincts governed by super natural powers?
  • Is your intuition a voice of your soul?
  • Does your gut feeling have godly hands?
  • Is your hunch activated by cosmic forces?
  • Is time and space important to generate any of these?
  • Can it be invariably triggered by any particular object or environment?
  • Can it be always inspired or infused by someone, you strongly believe in?

It is none of these! There is no scientific evidence to prove any of above instances.

What people and stories say how it is experienced?

  • Some people say they get intuition or gut feeling on the spur of the moment, albeit some times.
  • Some say they get it, when they think quietly or meditate 4 or 5 a.m. in the morning.
  • Many get on the toilet seat; some strange, innovative inner call!
  • History shows that some emperors, when unable to deliver decision on crucial justice, would retire to a secluded place or pray to their Deity to get an inspiration to decide. One emperor used to sit before a “Weighing Balance” and gaze it for minutes to evoke his inner voice, for which way the balance of his decision should tilt!
  • There is also famous story that a king punished a person caught by his men, without giving any thought. That night, he heard in his dream God’s voice that you have caught an innocent person, release him; otherwise God would ruin his kingdom. Driven by fear, he released that person next morning. He was actually innocent!
  • Many famous people got intense ideas in their sleep, which, on getting up, they pursued relentlessly to go on top of their pursuits.
  • Most fortune tellers have lot of instincts; so they say or their clients believe!
  • There are popular “God men”, whose preaching is regarded as coming from their inner or godly voices most of the times.

So, what is the truth behind?

Why people believe in inner voice or instinct?

To my knowledge, people all over the world believe in it, regardless what term you want to use or how modern or young you are. This is true, though there is no scientific explanation until now on how it happens and can it be simulated at every person’s will?

Here are the reasons, why we develop faith in inner voice or instinct or intuition:

  • When you are uncertain or indecisive or struggling for a solution or are vulnerable, then you feel the need of inner voice or intuition or like.
  • Inner voice or intuition or instinct would bring in your mind just one idea, taking your confusion away, which you feel compelled to pick it up.
  • Since you believe in it, you would throw your weight behind this idea to speak or pursue or implement. This gives you instant and total ownership and confidence on that idea.
  • Now, you would find strange; but real coincidences that what you strongly believe or perceive, it becomes true most of the time. Even if does not become true, you would tend to pick and choose such instances related to that idea, by which you are able to justify and show that what you had believed was not wrong. Watch out carefully, people actually do this unconsciously!
  • As regards fortune tellers’ inner voices, language is generally such that you can prove it either way – points or counter points. Hence, these would prompt your belief, especially when you are under duress or stress.


Now, the truth behind your Inner Voice or Instinct…..




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