Now, the truth behind your Inner Voice or Instinct…..

Consider the following to unravel the truth.
Unveiling the Truth

  1. When you are indecisive
    One of the most common situation is when you are indecisive, confused, directionless, at cross roads or not sure what to do in case of a given matter or issue.
    Not being able to decide, you resign to the fate and decide to accept whatever has to happen would happen. You do not want to care a damn and just sit pretty. It is also possible that at this stage, some people retire to their favorite place, where they believe they are able to think better or different. This is the most probable time, when an idea would click in your mind, what you term as your inner voice or intuition.
    Notice the state of your mind – you went past the phase of indecision and became unmindful of results. This is when an Idea surfaced!
  2. When you are frustrated or troubled
    You are doing hard work, giving your best; but you do not get results or rewards. On and on, you keep trying and then, it leads to your frustration. Or, you are playing in stock market and loosing. You are baffled and troubled. In such cases, if you decide to take a pause, forget your frustration or failure, restore your courage and plan to make a fresh start, then possibilities are high that you would get one or more ideas, which could click. You may call these ideas coming from blue or your gut feeling; but these do work.
    Note – new idea/s got triggered, when you buried the past and restarted with no conflict of thoughts to drag you back.
  3. When you have to decide in split seconds
    Take example of variety of sports – you are at the last stage of the game, with ball with you which can make you a winner or loser. Most players fumble at such juncture and hence loose. If, at this stage, you forget winning or losing, nervousness or hesitation and just focus on hitting the ball, probability is very high that at split second your mind would drive you to hit at the right place!
    Point to note – you were unmindful of result and had no conflict of interests in the sense of “your desire to win as opposed to concentrating to hit the ball”; you had only one interest – hit the ball right!
  4. When you have taken an action; but not sure of its efficacy
    There are times, when you have initiated action; but start to wonder whether you did it right. You struggle a lot to get an answer; but you can’t. Finally, you start to divert your mind or sleep over. Probabilities are high that you would suddenly get a clear thought whether it was wrong or right.
    Watch it – one clear idea pops up, when you do not have conflict of thoughts!
  5. When you defer it to your Guru or God man
    There are occasions, you are in dilemma or facing contradictions or set back and cannot figure out what should be further course. If there is someone in whom you have strong faith like Guru or God man or friend, you refer matter to him/her. If that person is above self-interests, his/her idea would work like a godly advice or voice for you.
    Once again – winning ideas surface from a second person, when he has no self-interests, which actually mean no conflict of interests.

What it really means?

Above examples lead to a clear conclusion –

When you are truly unmindful (it means that you are not worrying or keep thinking) of results and do not have conflict of interests and thoughts, then the idea or thought, which you get in your mind at that instance is actually your Inner Voice or Instinct or Intuition or Hunch or Gut Feeling or Godly Voice!

For most people, such state of mind is triggered by their way of thinking, character, certain environments or objects. It happens occasionally, but not consistently. However, successful people like Warren Buffet have such state of their mind most of time and hence, their ideas/decisions hit bull’s eye nearly all time.

What is the best You can do?

  • Change your perception. There are no external forces or objects responsible for your Instincts or Intuition or so. It is just a state of your mind.
  • Continue practice to be unmindful of results, free from conflict of interests and thoughts, especially when you have to take important decisions. Gradually, you would observe your mind does reach such state momentarily.
  • Catch the thought or idea, which pops up at that time. That’s the one, which would work for you.
  • Concentrate to learn what your triggers for above state of mind are. Use them often. But eventually, your need to do away with these triggers and use own thinking process to get this state of mind.

Finally, if you want to be a great decision maker, very important aspect of your professional or personal life, make above way of thinking or state of your mind a routine habit! Not easy; but not impossible!! Start making little efforts; results would start to yield.


14 responses to “Now, the truth behind your Inner Voice or Instinct…..”

  1. Sudhir Jain Avatar
    Sudhir Jain


    I could not agree more with this article. Your posts are excellent and inspiring.

    1. murli Avatar

      I feel grateful to you for your great feedback!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    True!! Inner Voice and Instinct… but how bigger a role a superstitious mind plays here? Many times we have seen people believing their credulous thinking in crunch situations (that sometimes comes good) and name it as their “Instinct”. At-times, you feel people should not behave stubbornly and should take the best decision, even if that requires thinking for a couple of minutes.

    Having said that, I am a firm believer of “making decisions in a split second”. That makes life so interesting sometimes… 🙂


    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks for your thoughts! Fact remains that the most people believe and follow their inner voice or instinct or intuition and this is o.k.; nothing wrong as long as things work. Very important now is to understand the correct definition of these, as given in the post. And that can give you tremendous benefits!!

  3. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    I guess the so called inner voice is surrendering to once experience, beliefs, values when the pro’s and con’s are balanced. When the probability of being right and wrong are equal and you want to do the right thing and not making a decision is not an option…..surrender and hope. (What if the inner voice remains silent?)

    A tennis player is a simple example of having to play the ball when hitting it right seems impossible.

    Thanks for dwelling on the imponderable.

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks for your time.

  4. Shankar Avatar

    Beautiful article. Topic is very relevant and was very well articulated

    1. murli Avatar

      I really appreciate your comment and feedback!

  5. Laxmikant Mishra (LCM) Avatar
    Laxmikant Mishra (LCM)

    Lohia sahab..

    Anoter good article. I want to submit that “GUT” is not about decision – every time. It is about “sensing intuitively” .. right v/s wrong; good v/s bad; victory v/s defeat .. etc.
    And this comes a lot from experience. The more “OPEN” is the experience, the better the “GUT”.

    Isn’t it like the trying to Establish a formula for AMICABLE pairs. Howsoever and to whatever extent a “Scientific” mind wants to analyse and get one single “Formula” for these numbers .. none exists. However, Amicable pairs are a reality.

    Isn’t “Gut” similar?

    Thanks again for the insightful article.



    1. murli Avatar

      Different people would have different perceptions and this is a reality. Hence, many may think that inner voice is different than intuition and intuition is different than gut and so on. When you go deeper, differences among all these definitions or perceptions would start to collapse. Why? All of these essentially bring a thought or idea in your mind, which may or may not be based on your usual rationale. And then, you decide to act.

      Therefore, it is true that gut is not about decision; nor this article is suggesting so. Gut or whatever gives you only an idea, which leads you to a decision! Scientific or analytical mind or experience themselves are none of these (inner voice etc); these only help to get an idea closer and closer to realities.

  6. Mandar Thosar Avatar

    Wonderful and very helpful post, essentially for period we are in NOW. Today our decisions don’t have just one dimension of being right or wrong but it also involves time dimension. And when this time is short we have to rely on our gut feel, because the amount of energy we consume for brain functioning is very small for calculating all aspects of a problem. And this gut feel isn’t just the random thought but the quick method of brain to analyze all the past problems, actions performed to get out of those problems and results. All these actions are performed magically at blazing fast speed to give the best result. That’s the reason best players (who have practiced more) have high probability of hitting the ball because their brain is able to find out the best angle, height, pressure and speed to hit a ball quickly through large database of try and hit a ball records. And may be that is why one of the leading sports company has their punch line as ‘Just Do It’

    1. murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot! You have analyzed it perfectly.

  7. Kirti Vaidya Avatar
    Kirti Vaidya

    Very well written. You have paraphrased the Bhagvad Geeta principle of “Karmanye vadhikaraste, ma phaleshu kadachana”in this.

    1. murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your encouraging feedback and drawing an intellectual parallel!

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