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  • Body language says it all! You want to let it speak Cosmetically or Charismatically?

    Human body language is lavishly rich; but least understood. It is the only language, which cuts across all cultures, castes, creeds and countries and is most universal; yet least developed! Everyone uses it through his/her expressions and gets an impression or comprehension for same spontaneously; but usually ignorant of its correct meaning. It is the […]

  • Like to be a real Leader? Create Contemporaries & not Followers!

    Not sure, which subject is as extensively covered worldwide as “Leadership”. There are floods of articles by acclaimed to amateur people, development programs by management gurus, spate of theories, case studies and jargons on leadership. That shows its enormous importance and emphasis of top order. However, all of these have only created euphoria and excitement; […]

  • Your Notions, Perceptions & Traits could be Crippling, unless….

    13th day of a month falling on Friday or 13 as a number is ominous and sends shrills and shivers to many across the world. Many aircrafts do not have 13th row of seats! But, 13th Friday or 13th number has often worked for me and many more! People, who believe that does not work […]

  • Now, the truth behind your Inner Voice or Instinct…..

    Consider the following to unravel the truth. Unveiling the Truth When you are indecisive One of the most common situation is when you are indecisive, confused, directionless, at cross roads or not sure what to do in case of a given matter or issue. Not being able to decide, you resign to the fate and […]