Want to free-up your time by 50%? Follow just 5 tips fiercely!

“I have no time to relax!”, “Work is too taxing!!”, “I wish I had time for what I always wanted to do most!!!” and lot more things to lament for lack of time.

This is usual chore of current time. People, who work responsibly, get more responsibilities making it harder for them to get spare time. However those, who do not have responsibilities, also don’t have time!

Then, we are saddled with lopsided notions in corporate life to conserve time – multi-tasking improves productivity; dynamism means doing work faster; it is good to load employees so much that they have no time to digress!

Computerization and IT advancements have provided terrific means to save time in every field; yet all of us seem to be running short on time. Consistent with Parkinson’s Law, we have stretched ourselves to utilize time freed up by new tools and techniques for doing what we should, as also what we should not! Despite all modern means to rejig the way we do our work, we have not rejigged the most powerful tool we possess – our mind!

Here are 5 tips, which can shake your life, simplify your engagement and save you 50% or more time:

  1. Don’t struggle with self!
    This is a vicious virus, which eats most into your energy and time.
    When you don’t get what you want, rather than targeting causes and their effects or your efforts, you target yourself. You feel dejected and disappointed, and blame yourself. It derails your focus and damages your confidence.
    “Struggle with self” is essentially “Conflict of your thoughts”, more than 80% of which comes from your ego, envy and biases! If you would dilute or drop these 3 parameters, not only that you would stop struggling with self, you would also rediscover your energy, efficiency and speed. It would make your time far more purposeful and peaceful! It would also encourage you to trust others and delegate part of your responsibilities.
  2. Accept what it is
    We often waste lot of time by not accepting what has happened or what has become a reality. By not coming to terms with what is real, we simply get stuck, engage ourselves to challenge, argue and hence, find it hard to move forward.
    It is foolhardy to react against, remorse and recount a reality. There are several side effects of non-acceptance of “what it is” – we develop habit of guessing, grumping and gossiping. We would spend lot of time just to narrate, explain or defend things.
    Only when we accept what it is, we promptly move forward, be able to select a right response and seek a solution, if required. It saves us from frustration and fighting for what is frivolous!
  3. Don’t spend too much time on your spouse and dear ones
    Surprised at this advice? Please notice “too much…”!
    Your spouse and dear ones deserve your quality time. Quantity and quality do not go hand in hand! Real relationship requires balance between quality and quantity!
    However irony is that when you like someone, you start to give more time than desired. When you come closer than a respectable distance, your relationship develops cracks and consequently, it comes on rocks. Time spent that far goes for a toss and it would cost you a bomb of time to salvage!
    Your loved ones merit freedom, space and time! If you give that, you not only save your relationship but also time!
  4. Don’t get addicted to anything!
    You cannot imagine how your addiction to anything takes toll on your time!
    Addiction to what bad is bad; but, addiction to what is good is also bad. When you get addicted to work, you lose balance of life; when you get addicted to successes, you start to grapple with setbacks; if you become addicted to helping people, you are bound to hurt self. I am amazed to see how people confuse obsession as passion or inspiration, misunderstand addiction to work as dedication and misinterpret blind faith as facts of life! Remember, addiction brings compulsion!!
    If you start doing things as a matter of choice and not as compulsion, do what you should and not what you have to, it would rejuvenate your approach, energy and enthusiasm. You would be far more efficient and effective!
  5. Allow things to go wrong!
    It is not possible that you can control everything. What has to go wrong would go wrong in any case! Be aware that control freaks spend or smoke much more time than who are control-free!
    If you know something is going wrong but is beyond your control, then let it go wrong. I have seen people often breaking their head, without applying their head first. Where you believe your intervention or efforts would help things from going bad, make maximum of 3 attempts sincerely. If it improves, fine; otherwise let it fail.
    Do you know, sometimes things going wrong is a necessity? Look at many leaders, neighbors or peers. When they come at loggerheads, no wise counsel gets into their heads, except of a crisis! But, before such a crisis crops up, colossal amount of time and money is wasted!!
    So, it is good to go down at times, to get a better grip on you do.

Then, you can use some cherries on top of above tips – put in place things that prick you most without losing time, avoid arguments and give good time and thoughts to plan your work.

Why not try above tips, which I can assure you would work better than any modern time management tool and give you enormous freedom and free time?


6 responses to “Want to free-up your time by 50%? Follow just 5 tips fiercely!”

  1. Tushar Kulkarni Avatar
    Tushar Kulkarni

    Hello Sir,

    I more than 100% agree with your thoughts. I am convinced and will surely try to follow. Thanks for sharing such a nice facts.

    Best Regards,


    1. Murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your valuable views and thoughtful resolution!

      It is always my pleasure to share!!

  2. Rudra Avatar

    I was just trying to manage time in my mind and found myself on this very post 🙂 and the 5 tips have surely abetted. Just a bit afraid about the last tip though – how many things can we afford to go wrong… how many wrongs are acceptable… how much is enough…

    May be finish the things first you are good at and keep those tasks at the end that require more brainstorming – to save time?

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot! I am happy to know that you found the post handy and helpful!!

      Post states that what you cannot control, allow it to go wrong! Would you like to waste time, break your head for what in any case is going to go wrong? You can’t imagine how much time, people spend or rather waste having fear for things going wrong!To gain, you have to give up; so why not give up such fear?

  3. Santosh Whatkar Avatar
    Santosh Whatkar

    Dear Sir,

    Extremely precise and spot on. I believe this is applicable for 99% of people. Reflection on such clarity in thoughts can guide many to think right and get going.

    Thanks a lot Sir !

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am very thankful to you for your encouraging words and feedback! I also admire your belief and thoughtful views!!

      With above approach, you could be very efficient.

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