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  • One master key that can open many doors of opportunities!

    One master key that can open many doors of opportunities!

    Most of us would like host of opportunities to come our way. We would like have highly remunerative job in hand, be able to change to better employer when needed, dream home to live in, fabulous vacation at bargain price and so on. However, sometimes we get those and other times, we have to be […]

  • “How I Hire” – Mantra & Messages of many!

    Recently a social media has invited articles on “How I Hire” from eminent leaders and authors. So, a spate of articles surfaced on this platform. Lot of good ideas and counsel has been shared on how to hire best in class or best fit. Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of GE sees the best […]

  • Learning has no limits; either you live by it or it leaves you!

    All of us know what is “Learning” and would say – oh, that’s very simple! Irony is that there are not many, who have a right understanding or do a right job!! It is because of that, most of us don’t have real taste of learning! Learning is one of few things, which has very […]

  • We are killing our Innovative & Creative character by living in silos!

    Everyone has or can develop creative and innovative elements in her/his character; but these come to surface depending upon how strongly or loosely she/he is shackled in her/his paradigm. To be creative or innovative is fundamental to our success; we seldom realize this! From housewives to heads of corporates and countries need these, if they […]

  • Your Notions, Perceptions & Traits could be Crippling, unless….

    13th day of a month falling on Friday or 13 as a number is ominous and sends shrills and shivers to many across the world. Many aircrafts do not have 13th row of seats! But, 13th Friday or 13th number has often worked for me and many more! People, who believe that does not work […]

  • What makes you to Excel in Adversity!

    After World War 2, economic and living conditions in Germany and Japan were in shambles. People and some leaders of these 2 countries excelled in the face of extreme challenges and achieved what is labeled as mystical and miraculous recovery. That catapulted both countries to be among top 5 economic power houses of world then. […]

  • Look at Leadership style of those, who are predominantly driven by experience

    Many leaders count on past experience and knowledge more than anything else to respond to current or emerging situations. They rely upon established norms and proven practices to drive their decisions. This gives rise to 2 behavioral patterns – Analytical and Conventional. Analytical You do not rush to response, conclusion and decision for a given […]

  • How to click with your Boss!

    Bosses are all around; even at home! Very often, one may tend to think why I should care or what I can do about the boss. Especially, in so called modern societies or cultures or generation, it is common to think why I shall bother, it is his/her (boss’) job to be nice and treat […]