Your environments closely track your thoughts – how and why

One fine morning, you meet your difficult boss and find him very decent, contrary to your previous experiences. On analysis, you discover that on this day somehow you had a good feeling for the boss. Another day, you decide to consciously keep positive feeling and meet the boss but you are shocked to find that he was damn difficult. You wonder why?

A deliberately developed positive feeling has, at its back, negative perception about the boss; that is why you had to intentionally create that positive feeling and hence it is actually negative in nature; so, you got negative result.

You would have often observed medicine prescribed by a doctor, on whom you have faith, works well; but same medicine for same ailment does not work on another patient, who does not have faith on same doctor.

Surf innumerable articles on power of positive thinking. These invariably talk of practical experiences of people that good thoughts bring good results. Good news come in bunches, so do bad news. If you get into trouble, more are staring at you unless you have turned around to take that trouble in a spirited manner. You do become what you believe.

Difficult to fathom but fact is your environments are shaped by your thoughts.

How your environments are shaped by your thoughts

Your thoughts instantly impact your body language and behavior, which in turn would influence the atmosphere you are locally in – if you are participating in a meeting or communicating to someone, your thoughts dictate what you talk or do. This is called as primary influence. The way your audience would respond and how you perceive it would trigger what is called as secondary influence. It is quite possible that primary influence is positive but secondary one is negative, if response of your audience evoked negative reaction in you.

It is very important that you make a correct judgement about types of your thoughts. There are active thoughts, which everyone can make out – being kind, candid, optimistic or pessimistic, stressed etc. But real challenge is to understand your passive thoughts that are at the back of your mind – beliefs, biases, suspicion or like, which are far greater in number. It is combination of active and passive thoughts, which determines whether you are positive, negative or mixed and influence your environments accordingly.

Why your environments are entangled with your thoughts

All points or particles in space of our universe are interconnected. Therefore, we see local reality and instant remote connections, regardless of distances. This is one of the tenets of quantum theory on which all modern advancements are based. Einstein could not come to terms with this weird reality and unsuccessfully struggled to demystify it in the latter part of his life. However, scientists have been finding increasing evidence of same without any clue on how it works.

Therefore, your mind, in other words its thoughts are connected with all points locally and remotely and hence able to influence the same.

So it is you, who possess the power to influence your environments and incoming events!


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  1. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    There are certain precepts in the design of the universe. The nuclear construct seems to have a common thread with the planetary and universe construct. In order for the universe to propagate and evolve, it must be essential to relay link the entire package of philosophy and blue print between systems, akin to the bio propagation assured through DNA in species. But your concept of linked universe seems to expand on this. The glue between systems must have the same concept as a “Om”DNA. (My fictional DNA). A different kind of DNA. Light wavelets easily pass on the original property of light in secondary wavelets. The conformance to the original philosophy of design in every system has a unique thumbprint as in humans. This conformance to the concept is perhaps the thumbprint of the creator. In order for universe to expand without loss of this uniqueness must have a mechanism to link the universal knowledge to individual elements in systems…..yes the human mind. Two way communication between the universal knowledge and individual consciousness appears logical, in keeping with propagation of the universe. In other words the environment and individual are constantly exchanging information. If humans are the experiment in propagation of universe then the universe must debrief individuals and assimilate the information in a universal consciousness as perhaps a vibration . There is an extremely low frequency sound measured that pervades the universe. Who knows if it captures the information and modulates its base vibration. What we can hear is perhaps a minuscule of the entire spectrum in which this information is deposited.

    Assuming the universal consciousness has a wave nature than the human mind in step with this must exchange and link itself provided it is in step with it. Yoga and spirituality is the technique to create this resonance.

    It follows that the environment and the human mind may have ability to tunnel through these exchanges to access other minds and in turn influence actions.

    Granted lot of what I have written is like sci fi and is unsupported by our notions of proof. But intuitively I am in agreement with your statement that environment tracks ones thoughts.

    Thanks for your simplified statement on environment and the human mind. It opens a mystical Pandora’s box. A ‘samudra manthan’ of sorts.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your valuable views are very significant, logical and scientific! I am full of admiration.

      There are fundamental aspects of our life and universe, for which to my knowledge no direct proof would ever be feasible. One such example is an observer making experiments or seeking direct evidence on how he functions. He can never find a direct result or the truth. It is like our mind wanting to know in what exact way it is entangled with all points of universe. You can only decipher and discern on the basis of secondary effects or evidences. The fundamental flaw of modern science is to treat most aspects like this mechanically and make a model of same.

      I can’t thank you enough for your very complementary and intellectual thoughts.

  2. Ravi Athalye Avatar
    Ravi Athalye

    We believe and in fact are convinced the foot print of a human is measurable in the size of its physical parameters. But humans are linked and capable of modifying the overall population thoughts and actions. ( Continuation of your thought of this article). Therefore the individual presence is also non physical. The physical presence is time bound and flickers through time with varying physicality. The non physical presence like the waves probably exist for a period before being assimilated into the Whole and then provided with a new assignment to by taking birth. Like a spaceship returning to earth the passenger on emerging gets debriefed or downloads the experience and then continues on a new assignment.
    The Universe of Knowledge expands and propagates forward.
    Our Hindu concept of birth and death says the non physical part, the spirit, retains its `individuality’ and thus the continuum of creation remains intact. This further affirms your hypothesis of human mind and environment link up.

    Given this insight do I modify my behavior to ensure a growth in my non physical presence? No . This would be like a self fulfilling prophecy. I would let the innate randomness that exist as part of the experiment to prevail.

    Nice to have a forum to verbalize notions that we invariably form through the course of living.

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your additional thoughts are very philosophical and intellectually correct!

      Yes; a whole human can’t be described by physical parameters or a mathematical model.

      I am not sure about a religious concept of human spirit or soul retaining individuality after death and before birth. If such a concept is a truth, then it has be universal and hence secular and has to be sacrosanct for all religions. Second aspect is – who knows whether people in ancient or present time, who promote or promulgate such a concept are not doing so out of self-fulfilling prophecy? As I stated in my earlier comments, how a human mind can predict correctly its own fate. My own take is such concept can at the most be individual perception, which we now witness thru medium of religion.

  3. Rudra Avatar

    Yep, that’s true! As you aptly stated, we can summarise this post in that one sentence – “You do become what you believe” and eventually… You do, what you believe!!


    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot! You have orchestrated it very well.

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