Wish to make 2016 awe-inspiring? Make reverse resolutions!

When “what we are going through” approaches the end, we feel relieved and look forward to the turning point! Suddenly, we feel nostalgic, euphoric with burning desires and renewed hopes!! We like to bundle up the past and begin a new journey in the New Year. Casually or seriously, we resolve to do something that we could not do earlier.

It has become a ritual to make new or renewed resolution/s on New Year. With that comes a challenge – what we are able or like to do, we would have started doing it earlier; hence, our resolution/s invariably come for what we were unable to do, hoping that we would be able to do it this time, even though we don’t bring any change to make it happen!

Therefore, history repeats – we fail to make our resolutions real again, since nothing usually changes except for our excitement over digits of year increasing by 1! 

So, why not look at 2016 through a different lens?

What you have not been able to do in past, you would not be able to do it in present, unless you change your approach and increase will-power. But then, it is not easy for everyone. However, what you have been doing, it is conceivable that you can resolve not to do it! This is what I call “Reverse resolution/s”.

Think over – can you move forward, unless you control or crush what takes you backward? Can you hope to become dynamic, without dropping what makes you dull or docile? So, secret of life is in scrapping the showstoppers for show to start and succeed!

How about considering reverse resolution/s for one or more of the following:

  1. I shall not live in the past!
    This resolution can be the most significant and rewarding.
    Our past comprises of knowledge and emotions. When we say living in the past, it essentially means living by past emotions, which is a single source of all of our banes, limitations or weaknesses! Contrary to popular beliefs, past emotions always bring pains, although we perceive these give pleasure!
    Get rid of your past emotions; it would rekindle and revolutionize your life!
  2. I shall not give up what I choose to do!
    Choose consciously what you want to do; but once you decide, giving up is a worst idea, unless it turns out to be a wrong choice. Your determination to not to give up opens numerous doors of new opportunities.
  3. I shall not expect others to be what I can’t be!
    When above is not done, conflict unleashes for supervisors and subordinates, politicians and public, friends in relationship or spouses in marriage!!
  4. I shall not live in doubts!
    Living in doubts is like living in dark cell; leading a double standard life!! When you entertain doubts, you can never be genuine and truthful. You can never qualify to be a leader!
  5. I shall never neglect my health and happiness!
    Maintaining good health and happiness is primary duty of all; but most consider it secondary, which is a shame!!
  6. I shall not live in my comfort zones!
    Humans have natural tendency to build and live in comfort zones, which actually make them laggards and impede progress.
  7. I shall not move with crowd!
    If you want to make a difference and come in lime light, you must do things differently than what the crowd does.
  8. I shall not put down anyone nor please everyone!
    We have strange liking for 2 extremes e.g. either we want to put down or please others! We can create a much better work place or a world to live, if we give space and respect to everyone. None other than we are the chief beneficiary from same!!
  9. I shall not allow my ego and biases to overwhelm me!
    Most people feel high on their ego and biases; whereas these actually create lows for their character and charisma!!
  10. I shall not pass on the buck for my troubles to others but own up!
    If you take responsibility for what you are and what you face, you would become supremely confident and courageous to attain new heights!

So, how about adopting some of above to make 2016 a game changer for you?


8 responses to “Wish to make 2016 awe-inspiring? Make reverse resolutions!”

  1. deelip amolic Avatar
    deelip amolic

    As always, such a wonderful piece of sharing, towards the beginning of new year, Mr Lohia.
    Wishing you and all at home an eventful 2016 !!!
    Warm regards,

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am grateful to you for your very precious view!

      I can’t thank you enough for your kind wishes, which I heartily reciprocate for you and your family!!

  2. Sunil Khanna Avatar
    Sunil Khanna

    Mr Lohia

    Very well written, very practice approach. Thanks for sharing.

    Wish you a very healthy and happy Twenty Sixteen – Think like 20 and look like 16

    1. Murli Avatar

      Your very valuable views and feedback are highly inspiring! It reflects your thoughtfulness!!

      Many thanks for your kind wishes, which I heartily reciprocate for you and your family. I like the last part – think –> 20 n look –> 16.

  3. chand Malhan Avatar
    chand Malhan

    Dear Murli,
    I have read about 10 commandments, but the ones described by you are more practical and should be practiced in a sincere manner. One should keep them on the desktop and go through them at least once a day. That will take the life in a regularly smooth spline.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I am highly grateful to you for your very precious views and sharing your experience/feedback!

      Your illustrious recommendation should indeed be helpful to all!!

  4. Rudra Avatar

    Hmm… very true post. But I have never been a firm believer of “New Year” or “New Year resolutions” for that matter. Every day is a new day for me and I celebrate every day. As they say, calendar doesn’t change your fate, but your actions do! So it’s all State of Mind.

    So I will make sure that I follow the message in this post every day.

    Wishing you a very happy and fruitful new year!! 🙂

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your admirable views!

      To celebrate every day as new is a great idea and I am pleased to know that you practice that. It is not that everyone can do it.

      10 messages of the post is actually valid for all events and days.

      Wish you the best for the New Year!!

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