If you wish to get freedom from fear or frustration …!

No one likes to have fear or frustration; but most people get entangled by very same. You do envy those, who are fearless or above frustration; however, you cannot get a grip on how they do it. What augurs well for you is that if others can live without fear or frustration, there is no reason you cannot. You need to learn – how?

What is fear and frustration?

Both are emotions, albeit negative ones!

An emotion is essentially complement or conflict of at least 2 thoughts/images in our mind, which triggers our nervous system!! Many researchers/theorists have classified emotions as physiological, neurological and cognitive. However, bottom line is that human nervous system has to get triggered for an emotion to surface! A single thought can never become an emotion. This is a new revelation from my research work.

If 2 or more thoughts are complementary, then it would result into positive emotions like joy, feeling of comfort, ecstasy, excitement etc. On other hand, if thoughts/images are conflicting, that would invariably mean negative emotions like anger, anxiety, fear, frustration, disappointment, desperation etc.

Fear is a thought/image, what you are now witnessing physically or imagining mentally, which conflicts/threatens with idea (thought) of your safety or status.

Frustration is a thought/image, which opposes/clashes with your desire or expectation (which are also thought or image only).

Making fear frail and frustration to fail!

Since man is overwhelmed with sense of safety, it may practically be difficult to eliminate fear. Likewise, man considers life as lively only when he has wants and hence frustration becomes obvious. But, these can definitely be weakened or diluted through following rules. May be that you have already read or heard about few of these; but, please view same in context of your negative emotions. You can’t imagine profound meaning and impact of these rules!

Rule # 1 – Mind tends to reproduce or reflect, what it receives repetitively

If you keep roping in a given thought, it makes roots in your mind. So, avoid thinking repetitively what gives you feeling of fear or frustration. Divert your mind immediately and discard those thoughts of fear or frustration.

It is most appropriate to fill your mind with maximum possible positive thoughts. Never feel empty, if you have nothing negative to feel.

Rule # 2 – What gets repeated in mind tends to become real

If you keep worrying, your worries would most probably actualize! Conversely, if you remain excited, exciting events would chase you.

So, if you don’t want fear, then why should you do anything which would make it a reality? Don’t allow negative vibes to come in your mind repetitively. If these do come, don’t pressurize your mind and react. If you do that, these would stay longer. Best is to ignore these and refocus mind on your work.

Rule # 3 – First reaction of mind is seldom right

This is very valid, especially if it is a negative reaction. In any case, you must believe that anything negative, however imposing or coming from most influential person in your life, it cannot be right!

Therefore, hold off mind’s 1st reaction, just practice to observe, don’t allow it to impact your nervous system and convert into an emotion. All successful people do it!

Rule # 4 – Negative state would bring more negatives

It is also true that positive state would attract more positives; but issue of human mind is that it is highly prone to negatives!

Break the vicious circle of negatives as quickly as possible. Do not doubt that you can ever lose doing that or you would be let down, if you are letting it go! Often people hold on to negative thoughts or habits, because of their ego. Shrug off thoughts of fear or frustration without any consideration further.

Rule # 5 – Believe in what is real

Often feeling of fear is flimsy or fictitious! Validate whether fear is for real and what you can do to safeguard.

Rule # 6 – What has to happen would happen

What you can’t control, be content with your composure and let the things happen! This is a very positive spirit; you have nothing to lose! You can only gain courage. It might even postpone or indefinitely delay adverse things to happen. Even if it has to happen, you would face it with ease!!

Rule # 7 – There is no perfect world

Perfect world exists only in fiction or films. Accept and not react what comes to you. Your resistance to what is real, regardless of your wishes, would only increase your frustration. Acceptance or alignment is astonishingly valuable to win over your frustration!

Rule # 8 – +/- coexist

Our world is made from 50% positives and 50% negatives. More you accept this fact; more would be the force with which you can defeat your fears and frustrations.

Rule # 9 – What you can challenge loses its clout

Best way to challenge fear or frustration is to simulate the source or scene in your mind and question yourself whether becoming weak helps or hurts. Do this exercise 2 or 3 times. It would not only give you courage to face the actual situation but dilute effect of fear or frustration.

Rule # 10 – Actual experience is excellent learning

Put your faith in this rule and you would never fail, while you face fearful or frustrating situations. When you have urge to learn, your hesitation would vanish and you would come out winner!

So, get cracking now; you have solution for setting yourself free from fear and frustration!


6 responses to “If you wish to get freedom from fear or frustration …!”

  1. kedar kulkarni Avatar
    kedar kulkarni

    Very helpful and rightly said

    1. Murli Avatar

      Many thanks for your views!

  2. Santosh Mangave Avatar
    Santosh Mangave


    Very good article to keep control on fears and frustrations. Very helpful tips.

    Thank you.

    1. Murli Avatar

      I highly appreciate your valuable views and feedback!

  3. Rudra Avatar

    May be that’s why they say “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop”!! (w.r.t rule # 1)

    Really liked the rule # 6 and 7 the most… I will definitely get cracking now!! Well, easier said than done, but then… who doesn’t want to get rid of fear and frustration… 🙂


    1. Murli Avatar

      You have stated your views very well! Thanks a lot!!

      Yes, all of us must get rid of fear, frustration or in general negative emotions. I am sure your efforts would bear fruits.

      By the way, a mind can never be empty – it is either gainfully engaged or seized with irrelevant thoughts. It is the latter, which makes it an evil shop.

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