“Being in rush” is being in reverse gear!

When you are running short of time, you want to make up by rushing up. If you believe that you can really make up that way, you need to rethink! Research shows that you actually lose more time; the perception that you have saved time is only an illusion!! Factually speaking, you go in reverse gear, when you do rush work.

So, what’s the deal?

State of your mind, when you are in rush

When you chose to rush, one thought pops up in your mind “I need to do it faster”, “I need to save time”, “Watch the time again and again” or “If I get late, then it would mean…” or something like that. Any one of such thought is in direct conflict with what you need, to do the work in hand.

It is this conflict of thought, which unfolds events that would actually create obstructions for you and consequently, slow you down. Seldom people realize this fact!

In urban life especially, people are in rush all the time. In rush, they don’t notice how they are putting lot of things at risk – health, happiness, blood pressure, digestion, productivity, safety and lot more, and end up doing things far less efficiently!

Being in rush triggers right side of Murphy’s Law!

All of you probably are familiar with Murphy’s Law – “if anything can go wrong, it will”. Please refer to one of the articles previously published on this site, which shows that this law is only 50% right. Under such situation of rush, this 50% plays at its peak, as you can see below:

  1. You would miss some steps or make more mistakes in work you have to complete. Most likely, you would feel irritated.
  2. Above would make you more conscious.
    Moment that happens; you would start to observe what you generally ignore or you can afford to ignore. This only adds to your irritation and further slows your progress!
  3. If you are on dining table, you would most probably create a mess or while walking, stumble on an object.
  4. If you are leaving for work, you would forget to take with you something important – car or house keys, medicine, essential document or else.
  5. On the way, more traffic or red signals would add to your frustration.
  6. You may not extend your usual courtesies to people like smile or hello. If you do it however, it would be superficial!
  7. If you are conducting or addressing a meeting, you would get stuck with some issue or it would be ineffective.

There are several other hiccups, you would face while in rush and then, you tend to be rash. Often people don’t treat these as consequences of being in rush and hence they end up repeating same mistake over and over again.

In short, whether you are engaged in dialog, discussion, duties or any other work, hastiness would hit your dedication, diligence, productivity, fairness and focus!

Your options, if you have to rush

You have 2 options:

  • Focus fully just on one task at a time in hand.
    You would save maximum possible time and be most efficient.
  • Decide before hand, what you can skip to save time and do the balance.

Key takeaways

  1. To rush is regressive and would make you rash!
  2. When time is shorter than what is needed, it is a very normal tendency of humans to rush.
  3. Biggest source of your troubles and trauma is “Conflicts of your thoughts”, when you rush!
  4. Working in haste is actually multi-tasking, since you are working on the task; at the same time, you are worrying that you are losing time.
    Most do believe in multi-tasking; but it is actually mutilating!
  5. If you can practice “doing one task at a time with no conflict of thoughts”, you would rarely have to be in rush!

By-product of practice vide point 5 is – you would become supremely sharp and suave, confident and charismatic!


2 responses to ““Being in rush” is being in reverse gear!”

  1. Rudra Avatar

    Quite an amusing post… completely agree! I actually enjoyed reading it through, can relate it so much! 🙂

    WOW!! As I read forward, you just mentioned what exactly I follow in such ‘rush’ situations, that is – “Decide before hand, what you can skip to save time and do the balance” – I do this very often and it pays off more often than not!

    Good read!

    1. Murli Avatar

      Thanks a lot for your valued feedback and views!

      My compliments to you for doing it right, while in rush!!

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